Fall Door Decor

Well once again it's raining here so I can't show you my front stoop all decked out for fall, but I can show you the wreath that I made for the door.
A door that's lovingly covered with toddlers fingerprints.
I've given up on it ever being clean!

I bought this metal door hanger on clearance at Target a couple of years ago.
But when it's hanging on the door and it gets a little windy it bang, bang, bangs against the door driving me mad! Cute, but not functional doesn't work for me. But it makes it a great candidate for re-purposing.

I bought this adorable flower trim at the fabric store.
It was a bit too white to go with the antique look of the rooster, so I dyed it using tea.
The gray background is giving the tea dyed flowers a bit of a weird coloring in this photo, but you'll see how well they match in the next picture.

See how pretty the flowers and rooster look together!

I used some burlap looking ribbon to make some leaves for the flowers. Everything was hot glued onto a grapevine wreath. The wreath hangs from a suction cup hook on the glass door, but I like the look of a wreath hanging from a ribbon. So the ribbon is just for show.

I do like the rain, but I hope the sun comes out this weekend so I can load up on pumpkins and show you the front of the house. :)

freckled laundry

A Fall Mantel (except it's not a mantel)

For the first time in my married life I am living in a house without a fireplace.
It's ok though because with a toddler in the house we wouldn't be lighting many fires anyway.
I decided a cabinet in the entry way would be a good spot to change out displays with the seasons.

My original plan was to use wonderful gold wildflowers and brown grasses
 that are growing wild all around us right now.
However, it is pouring buckets outside today, so I used some snapdragons I had in the house instead.
Maybe I'll change out the display later.
We'll see......

I do love pinks, purples and plums so it's kind of fun to change up the colors of fall.
Although I'm sure I'll use orange and such in other parts of the house.

I haven't bought any pumpkins yet, because our town is having a harvest festival next weekend
 and I want the boys to pick them out there.

So I searched through my holiday stash and dug up these wonderful textural pumpkins in soft tan tones.
I always love how lush and full fall decorating is so I put in little bunches of mums to fill in the display.

I found this large raffia type pumpkin at a thrift store years ago.
It might actually be an apple. I'm not sure.
Let's pretend it's a pumpkin. ;)

The gorgeous plate and the vintage rosette I found last week at a estate sale I went to with
 my new friend Heidi.
 She has the blog Dreams Intertwined.
Heidi is such a doll and we have been having so much fun together!
I'm going to tell you all about our shopping adventures in another post soon.

Years ago I bought this faux bough vase from Ballard Designs.
I adore faux bough, but for some reason I never found a place to put this vase in my last house and it sat in a cabinet in the garage. Sad isn't it.
So when I was thinking about my fall decorating this year I knew I had to use this vase.
The wood grain is perfect for fall.

Art in my entry way is a little tricky because there is a stairway behind it.
With hardly any wall space I decided to just prop my "herbs" sign up against the stair rail.
I think it's a fun touch.

So here you have it.
Tans, creams, fuchsia and plum.
A girly take on fall.
I hope you like it.

The Lettered Cottage

My Patio......again

You may be asking yourselves....didn't you just show us your patio, like a few minutes ago.
Yes, it's true. I've already shown my patio this summer.
It was something I put together quickly to have a pleasant spot in which to watch my boys play outside.
But a few things were buggin' me......

Like this table.
I liked the style and the size but, the wood was a little to "orangey".

So I painted her with Old White chalk paint.
Sanded the heck out of her and applied wax.
So much more cottage style now.
So much more "me".

When we moved into the house there was this one lone plant next to the patio.
See me in the window?
I'm not wearing any pants.
(I totally stole that joke from Amie!)

I've now dug out a little bed and planted some flowers.

The other side of the patio looked even worse.

I dug out another little bed and put in hydrangea and butterfly bush and some other plants.
I hope to be surrounded by flowers next summer.
I also placed my thrift store wine rack turned potting bench on the patio.

I found this cute pillow at TJ Maxx and it picks up on the other aqua accent pieces I've placed
 around the patio.
I also finally got around to planting my fern in my hypertufa pot.

When I was digging up my flower beds I saved some of the moss and placed in on the soil in the planter.
I just love the fern with the moss with the stone!

Here's a closer look at some of the distressing on the table.

Unfortunately I never found the right indoor/outdoor rug for the space.
That's just something I'll have to add next summer.

The other side of the patio is the same as my last patio post, but I'm going to show you a
 bunch of pictures anyway. :)

The other thing I hope to find is the perfect little side tables to place on each side of my settee.
Oh the joy of the hunt!

Summer......do you really have to leave????

Joining: Furniture Feature Friday @ Miss Mustard Seeds

A Mini Tour of My Home

Our family moved into this home in June and I have soooooo much more to do in terms of decorating.
But sometimes it's good to celebrate the little things you've accomplished and not get caught up in all the
"I wanna do this" "I wanna do that's"
So here is a mini, quicky, un-edited tour of a few rooms in my home.

One of the first things I did when we moved was purchase the Ektorp sofa from Ikea.
It then took me two months to get around to putting the slip cover on (pathetic!).
It still needs some tweaking as you can see.
The Frenchy looking end tables and coffee table are a recent craigslist purchase.
I will probably paint and sell the coffee table, but may keep the end tables.

If you have questions about anything you see in this post just ask in the comments and I will answer you in the comment section as well.

I took literally months of searching but I finally found Restoration Hardware style chairs at TJ Maxx.
 I found them at different stores, but within a week of each other.
Even though they are a lot better priced than RH, it still was a splurge for me.
But I had set aside some money from selling some of my furniture on craigslist before we moved.
So I paid cash for these beauties and I love them!

My entry way as you walk in the front door.
I'm cooking up some ideas for how to decorate it for Fall.
This house doesn't have a fireplace so this will be my "go to" holiday decorating spot.
The cabinet is from Kirkland Home.

Lantern and plaque are from Hobby Lobby.
Cloche was a Christmas gift from my son.
He got it from Steinmart. He's a good boy!

There is still a lot to do in the dining room, but I like the direction in which it's headed.

I think it has a French Country look to it.

The curtains are Waverly from Ebay.
I need to add fabric and trim to the bottom to lengthen them, but I don't enjoy this type of project so don't hold your breath on it happening anytime soon.
The art work is framed vintage book pages of ferns I bought from Etsy.
The metal piece is from JoAnne fabric.

I bought this gi-normous buffet off of craigslist.
It was made by Fancher.
I like the finish it is now, but would love a dark walnut top and a painted white bottom.
We'll see.....

This art work will get moved to another room and something farm inspired will go into it's place.
I adore the lamps.
They are from TJ Maxx. The shades are burlap.
I am a sucker for mixing rustic and elegance together and these fit the bill.
I'd love to put them in my family room, but they'd get broken in about two minutes.
So up high on the buffet, in the room we don't use seemed to be the better choice. ;)

Check out the hardware!

I'm crazy about the arch in the dining room entry.
I hope to paint this winter to emphasize it more.
(very messy butlers pantry in background-don't look at it)
Hey, I said don't look!!

There's a little niche in the wall next to the dining room, that you can see from the front door.
I've placed a metal urn inside filled with silk hydrangea's in different shades of lavender and plum.
Next to it is a cherub candle stick.

I found the candlestick at an antique mall in Las Vegas.
I loved it, but it didn't come home with me at first.
I kept dreaming about it.
When I went back it was gone, or so I thought.
The next time I shopped there I stumbled upon it.
It had just been moved to another spot. Yay!

                                                                    Feathered Nest Friday