My Entry way

My favorite vignette is the simple one I have in my entry way.
I started this vignette out of necessity.
Because there is a staircase behind the cabinet I can't hang a picture, I have to lean them up.
My little guy always ends up knocking over the picture while going up the stairs and I live in fear of the glass breaking and flying everywhere.
So I decided to prop up this piece of subway art from Marshalls because it's on canvas.
So I don't have to worry about it shattering.
I propped things partway in front of it as well to help anchor it in place.

Last year I imagined what my dream lantern would look like and I was so thrilled when it materialized before my eyes at Hobby Lobby.
It was really cheap too; around $20.00 for a large lantern.
I just love the color and texture of this lantern!
The little pot coordinates so perfectly with the lantern so I usually put them together.
The little faux fern never needs water ;) so I love it too.

On the other side of the artwork is this fabulous finial.
I saw some finials on some blogs and went crazy for them.
I started searching online for a finial of my own, but with the cost of shipping
they were always too much moola.
I was jumping for joy when I found this one at Homegoods.
But, there was no price on it and it was the only one.
 I was so scared they wouldn't sell it to me!
But luckily a nice lady knew the price (around $16) and she was a able to print up a new sticker for me.
(I live in fear of my kids breaking it, but I'll enjoy it while I can)

The cabinet I've had quite a few years now.
I found it at Kirkland Home. I adore the Frenchy style of the piece.
They large pot is really old. It's from Pier 1.
I love it because it's a woven piece, rather than terra cotta, so my kids can't break it.
Do you notice a theme in my decorating?
Yes, everything is through the eyes of......will my kids damage/break this????
They don't mean to be destructive. They are the sweetest, best, boys in the world.
But they are wild and crazy boys. That's my life and I love them w/ all my heart!!

Speaking of boys.....
Whenever I want to take Levi's picture, he wants nothing to do with looking at the camera.
But when I try to take a picture of something else he keeps posing for me! LOL!
He also was repeatedly kicking his ball, so I had to quickly snap pictures between balls
 shooting through the room.
If you look really carefully you'll see one of my hair clips on the top of Levi's head.
This little guy cracks me up!
Today he insisted on walking around the house naked, but with his winter hat on!


  1. Love your gorgeous chest and your vignette. So beautiful. You little guys just steals the show thought, how cute and precious. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a lovely vignette you created on that gorgeous chest and your little guy is adorable! I have three grandsons, 5 year old twins and a 3 year old and let me tell you they wear this Grandma out!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  3. Love your sign and the lantern is gorgeous! What a great price. I seem to have the same decorating thoughts as you, playing cars can sometimes get out of control. :)
    Beautiful entry my dear.

  4. Ha ha, I laugh because my home is full of boys too. Which means my decor is also always being jepordized. Your vignette looks great. Love the canvas.

    take it from me a grandma to 11.

  6. Great entry I love it. That sign is awesome. I totally know about the boys too I have three little boys of my own and they are always saying...."what is this or what is that" as they run through the house with it.. :)

  7. Your boys sound precious. Mine were just wild, too, but I think they finally learned not to play ball in the house by the time they were in their teens! ;-D

    I love your chest and subway sign! It looks just perfect there. And the lantern and finial are beautiful. I just love Homegoods!


  8. Lisa
    Your little is so adorable I love the walking around with the hat LOL Love your entry way. No fair my Marshalls does not have a cute sign like that. beautiful photos


  9. Hey, that's how I decorate too - could my kids destroy it? LOL Have you thought about wiring the subway print to the bannister?

  10. I like everything in this grouping. But that urn is amazing!

  11. Love your entry vignette. I just posted about my entry today too. Small world - we even have a similar set up with the stairs! Thanks for sharing, liz

  12. I love the woven urn, such a cutie posing for you!

  13. I can see why it's a favorite - it's lovely.

  14. This is a great vignette and idea to use the canvas! My "baby" (who used to walk around naked with hats on, too ~ Oh, my wouldn't he love knowing I told that!) ~ is 17, so it is the kitties that I have to worry about knocking things off (they love stepping off the stairs,and onto whatever piece of furniture I have by them ~ Lovely blog; I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  15. I love your subway art sign and your arrangement. I want one, but can't decide where to put one. I love lanterns, too. You're right, Hobby Lobby has some great lanterns and great prices. I love a finial, too. Something about them just makes me happy.

  16. I just adore it! I love everything you do! Your color scheme is so very soothing! have a fabulous fist of March and your son is adorable!

  17. So this lovely decorating is secretly practical, too! What a clever lady you are!

    Stopping by from The Polohouse link.

  18. love your vignette! come visit anytime.


  19. I love your vignette! The sign is awesome! And your little helper is just too cute! Hair clip and all! LOL

  20. What a pretty entry!! Your vignette is just lovely!!

  21. Love your entryway vignette! It would be great to have you join Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Love the sign from Marshalls. Your son is so cute!

  23. Your entry way is very inviting. Cute little guy!

  24. Your entry way is really gorgeous! I love the chest... and that lantern is so fabulous! I think I need to find a fern like yours! I keep killing all mine! LOL...Your little guy is so cute :o)

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)

  25. Beautiful entry way! Love the gorgeous chest. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  26. How my gosh how cute is he?? Love that he won't pose for his pic but is front and centre when you don't ask him to be :)
    Love the vignette and great piece of subway art - your finial is pretty too and a great price.
    Btw: I've tagged you in my post today if you'd like to play along :)

  27. miss those sweet cheeks!

  28. I just popped over from a designer obsessed with pretty things... and the first image I see is that beautiful entry image. I am hooked - I am your newest follower - Hope you have a great weekend! - Jalon

  29. Oh Lisa, I am loving your sideboard chest of storage and the beautiful placement for it letting everyone who enters your home enjoy it as much as you do :)
    I so wish I had the space to do just as you have, perhaps my chest may end up on the main wall of my front great room this way I can show it off to even the UPS man when he is at the door :)

    The subway sign charms me as well, I am inspired with what you have done with what you created inspiring us all.

    Have a beautiful weekend and week to follow :)

  30. Lisa !

    Such a pretty vignette!

    That sweet little guy is so damn adorable!
    I can see he is oozing with personality!
    I remember those days, putting things out and wondering when it might get broken!

    Now I am doing the same thing.... with my rambunctiius dogs in mind!


  31. Such a cute little guy!!!!