Copycat Spring Basket

I love this spring basket by Martha Stewart.
The bark basket is really cool.
The moss and mini daffodils look pretty too.
And the little chicks are adorable!

I decided to try and copy it.
Not surprisingly I don't like it nearly as well as Martha Stewart's.
But Martha is perfect so what do you expect? ;)

I found the birch bark basket at the thrift store.
I bought it thinking it will look really cute at Christmas time filled with evergreens and red berries.
I'm glad I've found a way to use it more than once a year.

The mini daffodils are from Michael's crafts store.
I think real flowers would be so much prettier.
I saw some mini daffodils at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago,
 but I wasn't sure if they were still carrying them and
 I didn't want to run all over town with my 2 year old looking for them, so fake will have to do.

I already had the moss rocks.
I got them several years ago from Z Gallery.

The little chickies are from Michael's.
You had to buy a package of six, so I will have to find some other places in my home to place them.

It's fun to bring a little spring into my home.
Especially since we are getting beautiful spring weather here in Illinois!
Bulbs are starting to come up in the yard.
We haven't lived in this house in the spring so I have no idea what's been planted.
It's going to be a fun surprise to see what flowers come up!


  1. Your birch basket is wonderful and I love your flowers and chicks. You did a great job with your copy cat. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your basket is fab!

  3. I think you did a great job copying Martha! I love that basket!!!

  4. You did a great job of channeling Martha. I wouldn't dare as it would not have been presentable, but yours is great.

  5. That is just way too cute. Really you did a great job! Thanks so much for sharing with the springtacular party. Enjoy!

  6. Looks great! I like your basket just as well as Martha's.

    Have a nice week.

  7. Lisa, I think it looks fab! And you are SO much sweeter than Martha! ;) Good call on the fake daffodils. I bought some at Jewel last week and they stink to high heaven! They were making us all sneeze! :)

  8. Love the basket! Great job with your copy!! Who needs Martha anyway!!

  9. Cah-UTE! I didn't know those weren't real daffodils until you said something. I need some pretty yellow around here too!

  10. I love what you did with your basket! So cute!

  11. Martha who? I'm sorry... that is SO stinking sweet. It could not BE any cuter. Wonderful copy cat. LOVE it. Happy Spring =)

  12. Great job with the basket.
    Who is Martha??

  13. Oh, it is so beautiful! I like yours even better! Amazing copy cat!

  14. Personally I like yours better because I like the light color of your basket better! You nailed it, my dear!

    I am linking from Debbiedoos.
    Ricki Jill

  15. I like the basket. It's better than Martha's.

  16. Love did a great copy cat! Those little yellow chicks are adorable! Thanx for sharing. Visit me sometimes over at my blog palace!

  17. Lisa yours turned out super cute! I love your table too!

  18. It looks great! I love the birch basket! And the flowers look real!

  19. I really love your version better than Martha's! Too cute! We are having great weather here in IL! ~Marcy

  20. This is so sweet and I love your little basket much more.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Hi Lisa! Your copy cat is TOO CUTE. You did a great job with the chicks and bark springy. I'm sure your 2-year old loves it too. I saw your post over at Debbie Doos Copy Cat Challenge.

  22. I love it! I actually like your basket better - love the lighter birch colour and your chicks are adorable! I love the anticipation of seeing what emerges in the spring. We've moved so often in the summertime that I've had that anticipation often - sometimes a good surprise, sometimes not so much :)

  23. your basket looks beautiful!! I love the cute little chicks.


  24. I love your basket, so pretty and the little chicks are adorable! You did well my dear.
    Enjoy your week, it is supposed to be nice.

  25. Very cute! It's perfect for spring :)

  26. Maybe if you had Martha's money it would be easy to come up with her basket, but I think yours is great and I'm sure much more thrifty!Very attractive.

  27. So cute! I love the little chicks~great copy!

  28. You did a great job, just as good as Martha!

  29. That is a great copy-cat! your little basket looks cute and the mini daffies look real and will last longer! What fun!
    Happy Spring!

  30. love it. very cute! it is fun when you move, to find out what comes up each season