Container Herb Gardens

I've always had an herb garden where ever we live.
Sometimes it's in pots and other times it's been in the ground.
When we moved to this house in June I decided to put my herbs in woven baskets that hang
 off our deck rail.

I love pansy's so I mixed them in with the herbs.
If you grow them organically you can eat pansy petals, but we didn't do that.

These pictures were all taken last summer.
I just never got around to posting them on my blog.

Ruffled Pansy and Tri-Color Sage

One thing I loved about having my herbs growing on the deck is it's only steps away from the kitchen, so it encouraged me to use them in my cooking.
One of my favorite dinners last summer was Grilled Rosemary Ranch Chicken.

Opal basil flowers

The disadvantage of growing the herbs on the deck rails is they got a lot of direct sun which means they dried out a lot.
I had to water them constantly.
I'm kind of a lazy gardener, so I don't like my plants to demand to much upkeep.

I haven't decided if I'm going to use these same baskets for my herbs this year or try something else.
BTW: These hanging baskets are from Lowe's.

Pansy with Rosemary

The above photos were all taken shortly after I planted the herbs.
They filled in a lot more as the summer progressed and the pansy's eventually died out.

I never took any more close ups of the baskets, but you can see how much they filled in.
These photos were taken in September.
Levi was doing a silly dance. :)

Levi is smelling some marjoram flowers.
You can see how the thyme has filled in and is flowing over the side of the basket.

The tall plant in the back with white flowers is garlic chives.
My basil was attacked by aphids and I had to get rid of it.
The rosemary, thyme and sage all did great!


  1. Lisa, what a great idea. I can't wait to plant herbs this year! I've added the Rosemary Chicken recipe to my list of things to make! yum...

  2. Herbs are so pretty it only makes sense to show them off on the patio. I keep my basil in pots because it takes a beating in our summer heat but the rosemary and thyme thrive in the summer sun much like yours. Such pretty baskets, too.

  3. I love your herb baskets! So pretty with the pansies mixed in. We have three 1/2 wine barrel containers just off our front porch and I've thought numerous times to plant herbs in them because my herb garden is so far from the kitchen that I don't take full advantage of it when cooking. I'm feeling some inspiration to plant more herbs this week! Thank you.

  4. those are some good looking container baskets. Haven't seen anything like it. Very nice!!

  5. I love the containers, they are so cool. I always wanted an herb garden but I am a lazy gardener as well and most often than not, things don't make it around here. :)

  6. I totally thought of you today while I was shopping because I saw a pretty vintage basket and remembered those photos you pinned of vintage baskets that were full of herbs...I almost got it for you. Didn't know if it was quite right.

  7. I really need to start planting herbs for the beauty rather than becoming obsessed with the function. Gorgeous!

  8. I love those baskets! I usually buy chives and rosemary and then leave them on my front step. I'd love to have a vegetable garden, but I don't know if it's going to happen.

  9. Your flower boxes are beautiful and your yard looks great! I need to get some flower boxes of my own! I also adored your Easter would have flipped over the Easter decorations here in Europe!

  10. I love this idea! I was planning on doing baskets on my deck rails as well, but I was just thinking about getting some plain plastic ones. These woven ones are so much prettier - I'm going to try to find some!

  11. Very pretty, I too, love to mix herbs and flowers ...

  12. Love your herb baskets and I still can't get over your beautiful backyard :)