Happy Earth Day!

With Earth day coming up this Sunday I thought I would show you a fun way to decorate using trash.

My family loves Cracker Barrel, but it's 25 minutes away so we don't get there very often.
During my older son's spring break we made the trip for some good eats! ;)
What's this have to do with Earth Day you may be asking?
When my little guys pancakes arrived the syrup came in this very pretty little glass bottle.
I am SO taking this home, I announced to the table.
I just soaked it in hot water to remove the tag and then used a little Goo Gone to take the rest off.
Now I have a cute little etched glass vase.
Perfect for holding some of the first blooms of spring.

This isn't the first time I've shown vases made from garbage on my blog.
This is one I made covering an empty tomato paste can with newsprint
 and adding a little stamped tag.

I added a tag and tied a ribbon on this empty chili sauce jar.

Once again another tomato paste can.
This time I wrapped it in brown paper that I had stamped.
If you'd like to see this old post along with even more "trash vases" click here.

In another old post of mine I used Mod Podge to adhere labels from The Graphics Fairy.
I made this one using an empty chili sauce bottle.

This was a rice vinegar bottle made to look like an old apothecary bottle.

An empty maple syrup jar is made "oh so pretty" with a purple floral label.

And finally an empty boysenberry syrup bottle.
If you'd like to see more the original post is here.

Try making some with your kids, grand kids, or grab a neighbor kid!

Happy Earth Day!


  1. What great ideas!! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  2. Love your "green" ideas...wish more people would think this way! Tiffany

  3. Happy Earth Day to you too.
    All of your bottles look so pretty. I have that syrup one in my fridge now, thinking I need to make some pancakes this weekend so that I can have the bottle.

  4. What great ideas. I'm going to be looking at bottles with new eyes now! X Sharon

  5. They are all fab!!! They look vintage and elegant.

  6. Love these!! You are so clever. I have some beautiful olive oil bottles I couldn't throw out but I have not done anything with them.

  7. Pretty. pretty bottles! You have inspired me again! I LOVE Cracker Barrel...love the shop!!