If only I had a magic carpet......

When I got the new Pottery Barn catalog and saw the fabulous Ellsworth Entertaining Buffet,
It was love at first sight!
I am madly in love with the fabulous chippy paint!
But, at $999 it's not coming over to my house.

Then I found this piece on craigslist for only $10.
Ten dollars people!!!
But it would have been a two hour round trip for me to get it....so I didn't. :(
But look how similar in shape the two pieces are!
I would love to use chalk paint on it and then go to town with some sandpaper.
Wouldn't it be pretty painted Duck Egg Blue?

If only I had a magic carpet I'd zoom right over and pick up this bad boy and get to paintin'

Speaking of Pottery Barn.....
Are you as in love with this room as I am?
I just keep looking at it over and over again.
It is so dreamy! 


  1. Ok for some reason Pottery Barn has stopped sending my catalogs!!!! I need to get on that! LOL

    You're right that room is dreamy!

  2. I'm in love with all of it. Every. Single. Bit!!!

  3. That is one chippy cabinet from PB! It looks lie the REAL thing! The one from Craig's List is awesome, I can see it painted and distressed just like you described!

    Love that room, I think I considered that sofa {but not a sectional}. It's beautiful!


  4. Are you sure the trip wouldn't it be worth it? Unbelievable how similar they look.

  5. Awww, bummer, maybe a road trip would be fun. :)
    I LOVE that room, that is one of my favorites and that I just sit and drool over. :)

  6. That is going to be awesome when you get it done and what a bargain for $10. I just joined your blog and hope you will join me to read about my life as a Missouri Farm Girl.

  7. Thanks for the Inspiration! I own a cabinet just like the one on Craigslist and it is sitting outside on the carport, looking for a use of some kind! May just be my next project! I think you should make the trip for the $10 one, just say'n:)

  8. I love that distressed piece too! Ah, the money I could spend if I just had it!

  9. I'm thinkin' if you really love that piece, $10 and a four hour round trip is pretty "cheap" to get it.

    Just sayin' - - -

  10. I think I would be making a trip! Love that piece from pottery barn!!!

  11. that really does look like the PB piece! wow and what a deal on it!! i feel your pain...i passed up a good estate sale today because it was about 45 min away. i just knew i couldn't afford to spend the time to get there when i had lots of other errands to run close to home. you know how it goes...
    you win some, you lose some i guess :(
    i love the PB piece...i am kinda surprised to see such a distressed item their catalog! PB just taunts all us bloggers!! ;)

  12. wow, that is a crazy good craislist deal! almost a perfect match to the inspiration piece.oh well, you'll get the next one! thanks for sharing, liz

  13. Girl, you NEED to go get that cabinet! It's going to haunt you if you don't. Take a friend with you, put on some good music and time will fly. The money you save and the joy you receive when you finish the piece will outweigh the gas $ you spend. Robyn

    P.S. I hope to see it soon on your blog. hint hint.

  14. We can always dream. But I think I would have made the two hour trip for that beauty.


  15. the weekend is coming - maybe if you hit some yard sales you'll be lucky! But yeah - that would have been a great buy.

  16. Yes it is absolutely dreamy!!!!!
    And that cabinet would be perfect. You should go and get it...that isn't too far to drive.

  17. Gorgeous table! Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx

  18. Great post and re-do on the table! I'm adding myself as your newest follower....Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston!

  19. Hi! I found you through the recent comment you posted to MMS Feature Friday about my daughter's table/cabinet redo. Anna has really enjoyed the kind comments.
    I also say that overpriced Pottery Barn table thingy. I hope you find a cheap craigslist item to redo and put PB to shame for the high price! Just kidding abou that but seriously? I'm looking forward to following you. Thanks!