Painted Frames

I love those chunky cottage style frames I've seen on blogs, but I never seem to find any in the stores.
And the ones that I've seen online have been really expensive.

Then I came across these cheap frames at Hobby Lobby.
They are unfinished and don't even come with glass in them, but I liked the width of the frame.
I decided I coud transform them into cottage style frames with some paint.

The first step was painting the frames black.

Next I brushed on white paint making sure there were still areas where the black paint shows.
Finally I waxed and buffed them.
Luckily I have extra glass that fits the frames.
Although I left it out for these photos because I didn't want to deal with the glare.

These prints are going to go in my bathroom and I was trying to mimic the finish on a sign I have in there.
 (I'll be showing it to you in a future post.)

I'm not quite finished with the bathroom yet, so I thought I'd show you the completed frames in a vignette in my dining room.
I found both of the botanical lavender prints on Ebay.
I look forward to showing you you my completed bathroom soon!

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  1. Great job on the frames and I love the prints too! They make a beautiful addition to your vignette!

  2. Both the botanicals and the updated frames are very pretty!

  3. Nice Lisa, and love that lamp Have a great Sunday


  4. Your frames look great, I like the chunky ones too. I really love your botanical print also ~ so pretty. I have actually been looking for some so I will have to check ebay. Have a great day Lisa!

  5. Yes Lisa! You did great w/ these. Adorable botanicals you chose for inside. Very resourceful of you.

  6. I love the frames and I love the prints! You did a great job. I have been working on some old frames, too. Ran out of sandpaper! I am looking at that window in the background, lovely!


  7. Oh those came out fabulous~you have me thinking about getting these for some rose botanicals I bought!

  8. Lovely job! And they go so well with the botanical prints. Looking forward to seeing you bathroom! X Sharon

  9. Beautiful frames. Love your lamp as well. I am still looking for an armoire like yours....I will never give up until I find one :)

    ~ Lisa ~

  10. Great frames. They turned out really well and I love your print selection. Looking forward to the bathroom reveal. Thanks for sharing, liz

  11. Your frames turned out so great!

  12. Great frames and I really love the prints. You always have the best little vignettes :)

  13. Love the frames and the vignette with the old window is great! Thanks for your kind comment on my mantel!

  14. I, too, have a hard time finding frames I like... But I love how you painted yours. I have to try that!

  15. Love it! You did such a great job painting those new frames.

    thanks and hugs

  16. I am so glad I saw this. I am planning on hanging a series of botanical prints in my dining room, but frames are EXPENSIVE. This is exactly what I have been looking for! I don't even care if they have glass. Looks like I will be making a trip to Hobby Lobby soon.