Crafting Fail!

Is this the most pathetic thing you've ever seen?
Such a sad, sad, lil' topiary.

Image from The Sweet Survival
My intention was to make a beautiful crepe paper topiary like this one from The Sweet Survival.
But for some reason I thought I needed tissue paper not crepe paper.
I went to a bunch of different stores to find the perfect lavender tissue paper only to find out I  had bought the wrong thing. Ugh!

I had planned to make a lavender rose topiary for my Easter vignette.
Hmmm, maybe next year.....

I didn't want to waste the tissue paper so decided I would try to make little "cherry blossom" flowers and glue them onto a dead topiary that I had.
 I ended up with this pathetic sight.
 I hope y'all enjoyed a good laugh today. :)


  1. Awe...they don't always turn out like we'd like huh? I have gotten several bright ideas and experimented on a craft and then trashed it several times. It's part of the fun though! Hey what if you made a small tissue paper flower/ball (like people make for parties to hang from the ceiling) with your leftover lavender tissue and plopped that with some hot glue on a top of potted sturdy stick similar to the inspiration picture instead of making all the individual rosettes? Do you know what I mean?

  2. I hate when you have a great vision in your head and it just don't transfer into reality. I have had a lot of those! Thanks for sharing and keeping it real! liz

  3. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off...remember that song? If you only knew all the things that I toss in the garbage! And the wee little things that I post about are so small in comparison to people painting furniture and making shutters out of twigs! lol! But as long as we keep trying! :)


  4. welcome to real life huh? You have so many successes - what's a minor set back?

  5. It was a great idea and at least you tried! I never even get off the starting blocks with my ideas! x Sharon

  6. It was a really good idea! there's always next Easter!! I'm so glad you posted this - sometimes I feel like I'm the only one whose things go wonky!! :)


  7. Ah - Yah! - pin overload! =) Loved the whole tour! Thank you.