Eggs-Butter-Milk Sign

 When I'm at Home Depot I always like to look at their wood that is 85% off.
One day I found a piece of wood that was the perfect length for a sign.
When I went to check out it, the wood hadn't been priced so the cashier gave it to me for free.
The wood was in VERY rough shape, but I decided to try and make that work with my project.
I would make a sign that said "eggs-butter-milk" that looked like you found it by the side of a country road for a little farm stand.
I painted the sign using pure white chalk paint, but purposely left some of the wood showing.
I then stenciled on my letters using duck egg blue chalk paint.
It looked a little too sloppy at this point. (stenciling is not a strong suit of mine)

I then used a small brush to clean up the letters a bit and then lined them using gray acrylic paint.

Finally I used Annie Sloan clear wax on the whole sign.
I then used the A.S. dark wax just around the edges, really rubbing it into the raw wood.
I wanted the sign to have a slightly dirty look to it.
Just like you would find on a sign that's been left outside.

Here is the completed sign.
Unfortunately my letters aren't spaced perfectly, but hopefully that just adds to its charm. ;)
It is hanging above the sliding glass doors in my breakfast room.
(and now I notice it is hanging crooked)

Finally a lil' sneak peak of the breakfast room.
I took more photos and will show them to you in another post.

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  1. This is just lovely .......wonderful colors.

  2. Your sign turned out great! I have been wanting to try making one of these myself. I love the colors you used too! Great project!

  3. Lisa what a cute sign, I love it and I also love your burlap light shade!

  4. Terrific! I love this!! I am also working on some signs at my place as uplifting affirmations.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love that lamp shade too... :)

  5. What a great job. I know I spotted an old piece of wood in the garage that my hubby won't notice is missing. I see a sign in my future.

  6. Lisa
    What a beautiful job you did on this sign It is a perfect fit for your room. Have a wonderful week


  7. Great job Lisa. I think the desired effect has been met. I looks vintage to me.

  8. So cute! Looks perfect to me! Great idea about tracing the letters with a darker color. Can't wait to see the rest of the room. Liking the blue chairs.

  9. This looks so great!!It really adds a lot to the wall. You did a wonderful job on it!

  10. Great job! I used to have a sign above my doors as well - the perfect spot to add some personality. I'm spying some pretty robin's egg chairs....

  11. Love your sign Lisa and I love your burlap shade!

  12. Love Love Love the sign!! Wish I could have a bit of that creative insight you have:)

  13. Love your sign...beautiful and unique!

  14. Your sign is wonderful. The fact that the letters arent't perfectly spaced makes it look vintage!!
    Mary Alice

  15. LOVE your sign!!! Great job and the colors are perfect!

  16. This is wonderful! I love this!! You are so talented!

  17. I love your sign.

  18. Amazing, photos make me smile :)
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  19. great sign! Your breakfast room looks so bright and pretty =)

  20. I love this sign -- such a great idea and fun that you can use this in any room depending on the words you choose. Pinning this!