Happy Labor day!!

This is one of my favorite rooms ever, via.
I know I haven't been around that much this summer.
This move has been so overwhelming.
I just have lists and lists of stuff to get done.
Registering my son Grant at his new school was a real bear with lots of problems.
He started on Monday and is doing very well and has already made friends.
Thank you Lord for watching over him!
I also have been working on lots of DIY, but haven't finished one project yet.
I'm all over the place and that's just the way I roll.
Almost finished with my farmhouse table and I am ex-cit-ed to show you!
I also have a bunch of projects I finished in Illinois, but never got a chance to show you yet.
So in September I should have a lot of goodies to share here on the ol' blog.
Stay tuned.
Have a fan-tabulous weekend friends!!!


  1. What a beautiful room! Have a great weekend Lisa!

  2. Oh my dream living room! :)
    Have a great long weekend too!!

    P.S. Glad to read you won Maria's giveaway.

  3. I pinned this room..you're right...it is beautiful...I love those jars on the one side with the basket on the other..I'm a fool for a good basket! They add such great texture.

    Have a great weekend....

  4. Can't wait to see your completed projects. Happy days ahead!

  5. Oh wonderful! Can't wait to see! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

  6. I wondered how school was going. Glad to hear that it's good. That's really the most important thing to a mom, isn't it?

    After our emails I was telling my husband about your move to Houston. I'm sure that really is a shock to you! Everybody talks about the heat, humidity, and traffic. Dallas is bad too but for some reason Houston is talked about more.

    Can't wait to see what you are doing to make your house a home. We set up another bed today and fixed it up. So much left to buy though. :) It takes patience and time.

  7. I also love this room. It's the perfect mix of comfort and rusticness/rusticity (are those even words?). x Sharon

  8. Have a good Labor Day weekend to you too.


  9. Love that room - the fireplace is amazing! Glad to hear you're settling in and can't wait to see what you've been up to! :)