Segreto Secrets

I try to be good about leaving comments on my favorite blogs, but there are certain blogger's that so overwhelm me with their incredible talent that I don't comment because I feel intimidated.
Now I realize that is pretty silly, but true. Am I the only one?
One of the blogs that I LOVE is Segreto Secrets.
I was a lurker, but finally left a comment.
Well much to my surprise, Leslie e-mailed me and let me know about a book she published and wondered if I'd like a copy.
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Leslie, is the owner of Segreto Finishes a premier decorative painting and plastering company in Houston Texas.
Leslie had no idea I was about to move to the Houston area when she contacted me.
I am so excited at the prospect of getting to see some of Leslie and her teams work in person.
Segreto Finishes does decorative painting and plastering on walls, ceilings, furniture and cabinets.
Their work is amazing!

Do you remember when I showed you the Pink Ribbon House in Texas?
The one that I titled "My Dream Home".
I thought it was one of the most beautiful houses I had ever seen.
Well Leslie and her team worked on many of the rooms in that house.
No wonder I liked it so much!

If you are a fan of design books, you will love Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.
It is a huge book full of page after page of jaw dropping beautiful homes.
It even has a book mark in it so you can save your favorite page and come back to it.
Leslie has published the book herself and I love to support businesses run by women!

I visit a lot of design blogs and read a lot of design magazines.
I watch design shows on television.
But, I feel confidant in stating this bathroom is my all time favorite ever, ever, ever!!!

And the corner of this room is so beautiful it literally makes my stomach ache!
I love everything about it!
This is my ideal.
I want my whole house to look just like this!

Some people think neutrals are boring, but when they are done right they are anything but!
Look at all the fabulous texture; from the linen, the aged wood, the stone, metal, and plaster walls.
Leslie says in her book that she "aspires to create the perfect backdrop that enables fabric, art, and furniture to blend and establish a particular mood"
I think we all can agree that she successfully accomplishes this.
Everything just blends together seamlessly.
Nothing is standing out and yet the whole room is a masterpiece.

I wanted to end with this kitchen photo because I also started with a kitchen photo.
Two very different kitchens.
One very formal and elegant, this one Old World style rustic.
But both are equally fabulous.
 I think a lot of this is because of the way Leslie and her team work with designers so all the finishes work so well together.
I'm sure you are loving these beautiful photos as much as me.
If you want to see more:
You can purchase Leslie's book  HERE.
or from Amazon HERE


  1. I try to visit as many blogs as I can and leave comments. I always appreciate everyone leaving comments for me and I like to reciprocate...although I can't always get back to everyone. But I feel like no comment is more or less important or interesting as another.
    I love the kitchen table in the rustic kitchen.

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL bathroom!!!!!Every room makes me say WOW! I have a question. Can you paint a hardwood floor white? Kenneth says no.

  3. You are beautiful!! The rooms are fabulous

  4. You're moving? When did this happen? Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  5. Lisa!! thank you so much for such a wonderful review of the book and the blog!! Thank you! I would love to meet you at my new showroom and give you a personal tour!! Many thanks Leslie

  6. Welcome to Houston! I saw a comment over at LLH. I am a native Houstonian and now live in the Cypress (NW Houston) area. If you have any questions about Houston or Texas, for that matter, let me know. I am your newest follower!

  7. Oooooooh, niiiice! I love the muted colours and rustic look. Yummy!


  8. I am loving the first kitchen. Each room is fabulous!

  9. I have been such a fan of hers for a long time! I saw her work over on Cote De Texas! She is amazing!


  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I have never been to her blog but will definitely have to visit now!

  11. Thanks for sharing about Leslie's book...and her site!

    Everything is gorgeous! How awesome that you are moving to Houston, and might get to meet her.

    Have a great Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  12. I had a chance to tour the Pink Ribbon Ribbon house this year and it was gorgeous. How nice of Leslie to give you a book! Welcome to Houston!