Blogger's Home Tour: The Pineapple Room

I love being able to snoop inside of a beautiful home and I'm guessing that you do too!
So I thought you might enjoy touring some very creative blogger's beautiful homes.
The first blog I am thrilled to show you is The Pineapple Room.
Welcome to Amy's home in sunny Florida.
The beautiful front entry welcomes you inside.
But, it is so beautiful I just want to sit out here awhile with a glass of lemonade.
Well she has made that possible by placing this gorgeous bench on her porch!
It looks like it was made out of an antique headboard.
I love the giant chalkboard too.
My favorite room in Amy's house is her living room.
The stone fireplace is amazing!
I love all the white and the rustic coffee table is perfect.
Can you believe Amy found this incredible piece of furniture at the thrift store?
It is set off so nicely with the pillars.
I would like the shell prints to come home with me. ;)
I had to show you a peek inside.
The shelves are full of wonderful vignettes.
The dining room is oh so pretty with a sparkly chandelier and giant blackboard.
Gorgeous master bedroom!
She found the amazing light fixture at a thrift store for $12.95!
Say what????
Isn't the piece above the bed wonderful?
This room belongs to her elementary school age daughter.
I know plenty of "big girls" who would like to move right in!
Adorable sign above the window.
I looove the ruffled bed skirt.
Amy's daughter requested a room that was white, soft, and ruffle-ey and she got it!
Are you drooling now?
Yes, she has this amazing house of glass windows on her property.
I knew you'd want a peek inside.
It is 2.die.4!!
Her very talented husband made this checkerboard patio and the benches made of shutters.

He also made these cement mushrooms. Yes, you read that right, he made them!
They were placed around this tree to form a fairy ring.
I adore it!

I know you enjoyed the tour, if you want to see more head over to:
The Pineapple Room
Amy changes things up alot, as blogger's are known to do, so there is plenty of creativity and beauty to discover.


  1. What a pretty home. Love her solarium. I want one.

  2. I love the house of glass ! I think under a storm, it would be incredibly romantic.

  3. Oh my goodness...that glass house is incredible!! Her home is really gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Lisa - Thanks for this fabulous tour!! That glass / green house totally blew me away. I want one!!! Amy is very talented and creative. A very special home indeed!

  5. Yep - I was drooling by the time I got down to the glass house :) Thanks for the tour, what a pretty place!

  6. It's all so beautiful, but the conservatory...beyond stunning!!

  7. Clearly a very talented couple! So many great ideas in this home. And - just been catching up on your posts - fantastic job on that bread board - looks like it came from a French Brocante! Happy weekend x Sharon

  8. Wow! I can see why you fell in love with this house ... what's not to like! With each picture, I kept thinking it just couldn't get any better, but it did! Thank you so much for sharing her inspiration with us! LOVED IT!

  9. What a lovely tour of Amy's home you have shared with us. Each room is full of personality and warmth. Have to pop over and visit her blog to see more. Thanks so much for sharing.