I love the blog Vignette Design!
If you look at her header you'll see a beautiful cement suitcase planter filled with succulents.
A couple of years ago I found two of these little wicker cement planters at Tuesday Morning and they reminded me a bit of Delores gorgeous planter.
You can read about her planter here.

I have always wanted to fill mine with succulents and I finally got around to planting one of the pots.
My grocery store had some succulents for only $1.00 and that got me started.
I found two more I liked from Home Depot.


It's always fun to use the macro setting on the camera. :)


Macro lets you get those wonderful close ups where you can see all the texture.
Its the little tulip icon on your camera.
If you haven't tried it, give it a go.
Its really fun and easy.

I think it's nice when planting succulents to get a good variety of textures and colors.
Please don't ask me the name of any of these though because I don't have any idea.

My favorite right now is the one with tiny pink flowers blooming on it.

Pretty cool, huh?


I didn't use special soil or anything and so far it is thriving.
Hopefully it stays happy.
It is so hot and humid in Texas and it seems the succulents like it that way.
(me on the other hand.....not so much)
One of these days I'll get around to filling the second pot.


I haven't had time to do much with my patio, but I did get this indoor/outdoor rug from a few months ago.
It was about $30.00 with free shipping.
Our patio has a bunch of paint splatters on it (not done by us) so the rug helps cover some of them up.
I painted the table with chalk paint last summer and the rain made the top all chippy.
It's not what I planned, but I love it!
Two little updates: 
I still haven't figured out how to get the weird spam blog off of my Blogger Reading List.
I'll let you know if I ever figure it out.
Normally if you want to stop following a blog you can click the little wheel next to where it says Manage Blogs In Google Reader, then click "settings" to the right of the blogs name you want to remove and follow instructions from there.
This strange spam blogs name doesn't show up on my list!
 But I see the posting along with all the other postings of the blogs I follow.
Weird right?!
Someone left me a comment wanting to know if I was going to put  my blog roll back on my blog.
I never took it off, it just disappeared one day!
Maybe when I switched from blogspot to .com?
I do plan on putting it back when I get a chance.
I'm still feeling very overwhelmed since the move.
Trying to keep up with blogging the best that I can because I love it.
I started bible class today and it was like a breath of fresh air washing over me.
Wonderful :)
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  1. Gorgeous, relaxing space Lisa! Love the succulents too. Glad you are enjoying your Bible class. :)

  2. Hi Lisa! I love succulents too, and your little planter is so pretty.

    Yes, when you switch to a dot com you have to redo your blogroll, at least that's been my experience. Not sure about the spam blogger showing up. That's weird. Email me and we can chat about it some more.

  3. So pretty!
    Succulents are a gardener's best friend here in Texas. They love the blazin' sun, but don't over water or they'll rot.

  4. What a cute little planter and I love your succulents. Your backyard space looks so relaxing - great rug!

  5. Love your succulents. I want to try them too. Will you be able to bring them out in the winter there in Houston? Maybe.

    I am not feeling quite as overwhelmed. I think I'm accepting that it is going to take time to feel at home in the new town and the new house.

  6. How pretty! I love the one with the little pink flowers. Hope you get your blog issue figured out...things like that can be so frustrating. Did you go through Blogger to buy your dot com? I've been thinking of doing something like that.

  7. They look so pretty. I've never tried succulents before. Maybe I'm missing out.

  8. I adore succulents....they are so easy to care for. BTW, I love your two pillows on the settee. Where are they from?

  9. Love succulent!! Their texture and color are perfect, I need to try them again, thanks for the inspiration!

  10. This succulents looks so lovely with their flowers. I've seen different varieties of succulents but I didn't see the flowers that 't why this keeps me amaze.

  11. I love love love your patio!!!!!!!

  12. I kill all my plants eventually. Love your patio rug. Thanx for coming to THT Lisa. Hope your week is going well.