Autumn in my entry way

Now that October is here it's time to bring on the pumpkins!
I thought I would add some pumpkins to the areas in my entry way to give them a festive Fall look.
Besides pumpkins I  also brought out this vintage bushel basket lid I got from Tattered Tiques when I was living in Illinois.
I really miss shopping there, and seeing the sweet ladies who work there, and especially shopping there with my dear friend Heidi.
My demi john is always on this table it got to stay since it has such great Fall color and texture.


I placed a large vintage bushel basket underneath the table.

This really was used to hold apples so that really screams "fall" to me.

I wasn't quite happy with this table so I tried taking the topiary away and adding another pumpkin.
Still not quite happy so I changed it up even more which I'll show you in a minute.

After you enter my house there is a little hall with a staircase on one side and my dining room on the other side.
Luckily this furniture piece is fairly narrow so it fits perfectly here.

I never got a chance to show you what I bought from Shop the Shed last spring.
It was this gorgeous arch window covered with chippy cream paint.
It looks like it came off the top of a door.
It is a great piece and I love it on this cabinet because it is short enough that people won't knock it over when walking down the stairs.

The faux olive topiary is from Crate and Barrel, but I changed out the pot it came in.
I tried growing a real olive topiary last year with visions of the gorgeous olive topiary trees you see in
 so much Swedish decor, alas it didn't make it.

The little cement bird is also from Tattered Tiques.
It's hard to tell in the photo, but there is a lot of texture in this vignette with the cement, rustic pot,

 vintage window and the pumpkin even has little bumps on it.

I swapped out the large brown pot you saw in the first full photo of this area and tried out my

faux demi john.
Hmm, I think I like the pot better.

As much as I liked the bushel basket lid I felt it was to small for this space.
When an item isn't in scale it throws off the whole display.

I replaced it with this framed burlap piece.
The scale is better and I think the brown tones and the rustic texture of the burlap help the piece work

in my Fall vignette.

It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right!
It finally seems like it is cooling down a tiny bit here in Houston so I can finally start working on

getting my front door display ready for fall.


Have a happy week my friends!!

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  1. Your fall vignette looks great! Yes you are right it is our right to change our minds! So many times I change things then take a photo.After looking at the photo I don't like how it really looks in person.So I change it once again LOL!

  2. I will have to visit Tattered Tiques if I am ever in that area. Love your fabulous window transom, Lisa! Wonderful know me and white painted pieces. Happy October :)

  3. PS - I also tried an olive didn't make it :(

  4. I love your Fern Creek Cottage burlap print! So cute (have I seen it before, because I don't remember?)

    Love your simplicity in bring in some touches of fall.

  5. I love apple barrels...I found some but they weren't as lovely a color as yours. What a cool moon shape window you have.

  6. We miss you too Lisa! I remember when you bought that Bushel Basket...such a cool piece. Hope Texas is treating you well! Love your Fern Creek Cottage sign!


  7. Lisa, it looks so wonderfully inviting! Did you make the framed burlap? It's fantastic!

  8. Thanks Susaan! The burlap piece was custom made for me by someone at Etsy. I then framed it.

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I love all of your vingettes and yes, a girl can change her mind all she wants.
    The little window/architectural piece is so sweet. Love the arch and the way you've displayed it on the table top.

    It's all very pretty.


  10. Your fall entrance is full of wonderful textures and touches of fall! What a great idea to use a bushel basket under that fabulous table!!! It looks like it is waiting for you to pick apples!

  11. What a great way to add a little fall to your home...happy October!

  12. Love the burlap framed wall decor

  13. Your entry is so inviting! I especially love those little striped pumpkins. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't make up my mind. It took me most of the day to do my mantel. :)


  14. P.S. I'm now following your blog.

    Have a great week!


  15. Looks lovely as always :0) I"m so excited it's October and I've been catching up on projects all day! Feels good to have paint all over my hands again!

  16. Sounds like you decorate like I do - constantly tweaking until you finally find an arrangement that you love. It looks great - actually, all of them looked great! :)

  17. I bought a couple of topiary's from Goodwill last week that look exactly like that one from Crate and Barrel. Must have been where they were originally from :) I love the burlap sign. I've been debating making one with my blog name on it! Great minds think alike!

  18. Love that vintage bushel lid. I simply can NOT get enough of that color, texture and soul. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, liz

  19. I love your arrangements, very artistic looking. But my favorite is that framed burlap piece, I want to make one now! Thanks for stopping by my blog...
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  20. Love your entryway. I do like the framed burlap with Fern Creek on it a lot in that spot.

  21. Lisa I love all your fall touches in your foyer. I love that apple picking basket! My mother in law tried to send a tall one home with me back in July but we had no room. I wish they would have remembered to bring it out to me last month when they came. Hope your week is going well. Aren't ya loving this weather!?:)

  22. Looks fantastic. Lisa!
    Love that burlap piece... did you stencil it? Awesome!

    I too love Tattered Tiques and need to get out there more often. They ARE such sweet gals. So much fun to see what they have found!

    Hope you are enjoying your new home in TX. Wish I could get down there one day to go to the Round Top sale that everyone talks about!

    Looks like a great stop for treasures.

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. Very nice. I hope you will stop by and link up at my All Things Fall Party!

  24. I love that Fern Creek Cottage sign you used in your last pic! I agree, that looks better there. I love bushel baskets and demijohns too. They fit in with your Fall theme perfectly. That palladian window was a great find!

  25. I miss you too!!! Your home looks so pretty, I can't wait to visit someday soon! The sign is very cool.


  26. Your entryway looks absolutely perfect...I love the simplicity!