Fall at my front door

If only you knew what I've gone through to put this Fall front door together!!
Well I'm about to tell you so you are going to know.

First let's talk pumpkins.
I got so excited when I saw them at the store in September
and I quickly brought home two lovely big ones.
Well.... it was still very hot in Houston and this is what the pumpkins look like now.
wah, wah, wah...
I decided to go with these little ones instead.
We'll probably get a couple of big ones the week before Halloween so the boys
can carve Jack O'Lanterns.
I do love this basket  I found at JoAnne's.
I thought the cranberry red hydrangea would look nice with our red brick house.
I added some purple hydrangea to it that I already had.
I love plum and cranberry together.
Such pretty jewel tones.
Now here is where the sorry gets more dramatic (in my mind).
I started re-potting these topiary and suddenly my feet were hurting.
I look down and ants were all over my feet and they were biting me!
It didn't hurt that bad though, so no biggie, right?
Well, the next day I have these bumps with whiteheads (eeew gross)
all over my feet and they itch sooooo bad!!
It is miserable!
The mums...
Oh the mums....
Another thing I rushed and bought in September.
The flowers were closed when I bought them and I thought they were a deep plum color.
Wouldn't plum and orange look lovely together?
I waited weeks for them to open and they turn out to be a pinky/mauve color! Gack!
They do not like the hot weather and I have been struggling to keep them alive.
BTW: I should add, I do think pink mums are pretty,
I just think plum would have looked better with my house.
I do love the bushel baskets they are in though.
When I lived in Illinois last year I bought quite a lot of them.
They were usually only a couple of dollars.
They add a wonderful rustic touch.
So I'm not totally in love with my front door,
 but if I waited much longer to show it to you it would be Christmas time!
I actually just finished re-potting the topiary tonight.
I hope they will be happier in their larger size pots and fill in more.
I'm thinking it might be pretty to plant some allysum around the base to cover up the bare soil.
So there you have it.
My slightly dramatic story.
Here is a shot that shows more of the house.
Brick houses are just about all you see in my part of Texas.
I think they are lovely.
Just for fun I thought I'd show you my front door from last year when I was living in Illinois.
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  1. Very pretty Lisa! Sorry to hear about your ant bites, the topiares look great!

  2. Very pretty! Beauty is hard work, isn't it. :)

  3. Looks so pretty! It really does. I also love the topiaries. Never thought I could get them to live plus they would freeze in my part of the country.

    I had an experience with red ants once! Yes..ouch is right! Sorrry!

  4. Oh...you moved this year too?! Your Illinois porch is lovely and the brick new house is too. I hope you are adjusting to your new area well. We also moved this year --- not an easy thing to do but we are good. Love your trees in the urns...very pretty fall porch.

  5. Oh I meant to say too how much I love your sweet door hanging. Did you get that little basket at JoAnn's this year? Looks so pretty!

  6. Illinois misses you! No rotting pumpkins here...mine are frosty and shivering! ;)

  7. Lisa I really love those topiares! So horrible about those ants...YUCK! One thing I hate about gardening are bugs! I think your front entrance looks very pretty and inviting!

  8. Looks nice Lisa, Just think you don't have to worry about very bad weather this year. We have had frost already up here. have a great weekend


  9. Lisa, I'm sorry about the ant bites. I get eaten alive by mosquitoes, and the itches go on for days. Your front door looks great and very autumnal. It's quite chilly here in DC.....hope it cools down a bit in Texas. I love the crisp autumn air.

  10. You have a lovely fall front door. It looks very inviting. Speaking of front doors. I need a new one here and I would like to have two for security and I would love for them to be as beautiful as your Illinois doors but I have not found anything like that. The first thing that happened when I moved to Florida before we even got to our house was to step in a hill of fire ants. That was torture. I really feel sympathy for your feet.

  11. OMG! The ant story is incredible! I would have passed out. I hope the bites are gone now.

    I think your front porch looks wonderful. I love the basket of flowers on the door! What a shame about the pumpkins but I didn't get pumpkins this year either as the squirrels keep eating them! The topiaries are gorgeous, what do you have planted in them?

    Hope you are loving Texas!


  12. So pretty and welcoming! Gosh- I hope your bites are feeling better! Who knew ants would bite?

  13. I used fake pumpkins because I don't want kids to smash pumpkins on my porch on Halloween! But also because I don't want them to rot! Sorry yours got all scorched from the Houston heat. The arrangement looked very lovely!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  14. Something about that sad over heated pumpkin that still adds something to your harvest scape, as cooked as it is it still looks great in the mix of it.
    I love fall, and the cooling weather creates energy for me to create as you saw on your visit to my place.

    Try the liming wax treatment it is so easy and full of body when your rubbing a piece down.
    Remember there are no mistakes in creating euro-chic.
    The stool I fell more in love with after I painted the French chest.
    I will soon be adding some stools to my etsy shop.

    Thank you for the beauty you inspire.
    Have a beautiful coming week

  15. Oh boy, pumpkin #1 wasn't looking too good. Sorry to hear about the ants too...how disgusting! I'm glad it all finally came together for you. The whole thing turned out beautiful :)

  16. What a beautiful fall porch! Sorry to hear about the awful ant bites! When we moved to Texas from Minnesota 14 years ago, my 18 month old son walked into an ant hill while wearing his sandals. It was so sad to have him go through the pain and itching-to say nothing of the YUCK of the look of the bites themselves. They usually take awhile to go away and quit itching. Welcome to Texas, right? :) Take care, Meghan

  17. Your porch looks great! I'm never sure whether to plant around topiaries or leave them alone too. They are so pretty! Thanks for joining "The After Party"!


  18. Next year, fake pumpkins ;) I love your color trim around the door. Much better weather in Texas.

  19. Here in Wisconsin the squirrels nibble on the pumpkins! Your Houston porch looks delightful as did your Illinois porch.
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  20. My Pumpkins and mums are doing the same thing!! Yuck...I can't stand the hot weather anymore!! I am ready for some chilly air! I thought I recognized your pretty door basket from Joannes!! ~Deanna

  21. As soon as I saw your house I knew you lived in Texas. My brother used to live in Allen. Love all the brick homes - your porch is really pretty.

  22. Fall is tricky here in Houston..mostly because we don't have it :) Can you believe I haven't even put anything out yet? I think you've inspired me to go to Cornelius and get started..yours is so pretty! And the ants will eat ya alive here year round, so pick up some Benadryl gel to keep in your pantry. It's a livesaver!