Fall Mantel

The house I lived in last year didn't have a fireplace and I really missed
 decorating the mantel for the holidays.
Well last night it occured to me that I hadn't touched our mantel for Fall.
Well, I couldn't allow that situation to remain.

So this morning I was in official Fallify that Mantel mode!
The centerpiece on the mantel is a framed French poster.
This piece is actually going to hang in my master bath soon.

But, I thought the harvest scene was nice for fall so she'll hang out in the family room for awhile.
Don't you just love white cows?
Let's name her Elise. :)
Very excited to have this new demi john.
I found it on Ebay.
Loooove it!!!
The little twiggy pumpkin is from Target (I think).
I've had the little faux rosemary plant for years.
The coffee sack vase sleeve I won in a giveaway from Lemonade Makin' Mama last year.
The large twiggy pumpkin was from Jo Anne's.
Love the brown backs on the magnolia leaves.
The magnolia branches are from a tree in my backyard.
I was on such a mission decorating my mantel that while getting the branches
 I stepped in an ant hill!!
Can you believe it?
If you read my fall front door post, you know that ants recently attacked my feet and left itchy ugly bug bites.
I still have the ugly bites  although the itching is subsiding and I go and walk into an ant hill.
I think it's time to call an exterminator!

Sweet little shoes from Holland I found at a thrift store when I lived in Illinois.
French poster and Dutch shoes?
Just go with it, ok.

It's a little unusual to put together a fall mantel using the colors blue and brown.
But, I think this is my favorite mantelscape I've ever done.

My walls aren't yellow although it looks that way in the photos.
It's actually a very pale taupe.
Levi, my three year old, decided to photo bomb the picture.
He thought it was so funny!
So did I!
His "crazy eyes" crack me up!!

It gave me the idea to actually put clothes on him and do a little photo shoot by the fireplace.
Yes, I matched his clothes with my decor because that's how I roll.
Love my lil' model bunches and bunches and bunches......

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  1. Your mantel looks great and Levi is adorable! Don't you just love Ebay? Take care.


  2. Love the twiggy pumpkins. I have a few on top of my entertainment center. Oh yeah, I should take pics of that, huh? LOL

  3. What a handsome little guy!! Your mantel looks great Lisa!

  4. Levi is such a handsome charmer, Lisa!! I love your new word: fallify....can I copy that? ;)

  5. Levi is adorable and I love the beautiful print on your mantel! Go to Home Depot or Lowes and they have a product specifically for fire ants. You pour it directly on the ant hill and sometimes you need to do it more than once but it should help with those nasty buggers.

  6. It looks great! I love blue and brown together, and the Dutch shoes are very cute, I am always drawn to them at thrift stores. Levi is looking very grown up :)

  7. Love your mantel. That poster is great up there!

  8. Your mantle looks so beautiful all decorated for fall. Your little guy is soooooo darn cute too! Love that glimmer in his eye :o)

  9. HI Lisa
    Well Levi is a show stealer, but I love how the mantel turned out. Happy weekend to you


  10. I agree with all these comments. I want that white mantel for myself. ...Although I am thinking of having the fireplace torn down and taken out of my house. Levi is just too too cute.

  11. Love the fall mantel! Fall fluffing is my fav ; o ) ( I think I just did some alliteration there ; o )

  12. Your mantel is really pretty! I love Elise :) Stay away from those ants this week!!
    xo, Andrea

  13. Love the photo shoot - Levi makes a great model! Your mantel looks great:)

  14. Hi girl! I am absolutely in love with your print! The colors and the sweet cow are perfect. Lovely.

    As a Texan I have to tell you...fire ants + Amdro. You can get the Amdro at Lowes or Home Depot in granules that you sprinkle on the mounds.

  15. Love your mantel~ sharing it at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!