How did they hold up?

Some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile may remember these
patio tables I put together.
I made them when I was living in Las Vegas and they held up really well.

The tables started out as these gold pots I got for a great price.
I then painted them (you can read the details here).
My dad then helped me make wood "lids" to use as the table tops.
Actually my dad didn't help me, he made them for me.
 I stood there and watched and gave him "helpful" instructions.
lol, lol, lol!

They turned out so pretty and you could even remove the top and use them for
storage too.

Alas, after one winter in Illinois this is how they looked. :(
I set them out by the trash when were moving to Texas this summer.
(yes, I've moved a lot the last few years!)
Someone quickly snatched them up.
I had thought about removing the paint and using the pots, but I knew I
just wouldn't have time with the
move so I am glad somebody else is enjoying them.

Here is how the top looked.
As you can see the wood was splitting.
(the underside of the lid/top)
BUT, you could still made tables like this and have them work!
First, find pots that are already the color you like so you don't have to
 paint them.
Second, bring the wood tops into the garage or basement during the winter or
 just plan on having to replace them every so often.
I have found a lovely large turquoise pot that I plan on making into a patio table
 when I get a chance.
In fact my dad is coming for a visit this month......
Hmmmm, I might have to put him to work!
I just realized the whole post referred to two pots, but all the photos
just show one.
So for fun here is a photo that shows both pots/tables.
 (Once again my old patio in Las Vegas if you want to see more click here.)
Interesting story....
I sold the patio (coffee) table on craiglist because it was a little to high to
 comfortably rest my feet on it and
the person who bought it was going to hang it upside down and use it as a pot
rack in her kitchen.
Very creative!


  1. What a wonderful idea..a pot!!
    I would have grabbed those pots too!

  2. Loved your pot tables and someone was super lucky to get the pots. Fabulous idea for the coffee table. Amazing how creative some people are. Hugs, Marty

  3. Whoever grabbed those pots is one lucky duck!! :0) I always loved that projects:)

  4. Did you lightly sand the pots before you painted them? I bet that would have helped the paint stick through the winter.

  5. I did sand them before priming and painting. I think the weather makes a huge difference. They were fine for a year in Las Vegas, but one winter in Illinois was too much for them.

  6. I have a turquoise pot just like the one you left by the curb! I am sure somebody was excited to ransack your trash and find those :)

  7. love the pot rack idea
    I have been looking for something like that to use as another pot rack. have one in the corner of the dining room but want one in the kitchen too. loved your home made tables

  8. oh my! I can't believe you parted with the pots! I've used rustoleum brush-on paint on outdoor pots and they have survived through Canadian winters without a problem. What a shame.
    As for your doors, I like the first door better - a classic French look and I think with the wax, it would look fab!