Attitude of Gratitude series @ Simply Klassic Home

Kristin at Simply Klassic Home is running a series on her blog that starts today and goes all the way through Thanksgiving on the subject of gratitude.
Each day a different blogger will contribute.
I just happen to be one of the contributors. :)
 You'll see my post tomorrow on Nov. 2nd.
 I'm talking about Gratitude in Times of Trouble.
 I am a very private person and keep my blog very light and airy.
 But I actually get pretty personal in this post.
 I also consider my writing skills to be quite poor, so my first instinct was to say "no thank you" when Kristin asked me to contribute.
 But I thought about it non stop and decided I should crawl out of my shell and go for it.
 I am really looking forward to following a long with the whole series everyday.
 I've already read today's contribution and it is fantastic!
If you want to check it out click HERE.


  1. Dear Lisa ~ You are a fine writer, and I love reading your blog!! Look forward to enjoying your contribution over there. Have a great weekend ~ Loi

  2. I think you write very well, Lisa, and your blog is always interesting and fun. Sometimes it's hard to "put it out there" but I think we are in a group of very sweet and supportive ladies. I'm looking forward to reading your post!


  3. I completely understand why you'd want to keep it light {you know I'm SO tempted to do the same, but the Lord keeps giving me words to share}, but just wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading your story of suffering turned to joy today. Feel free to go back to light and pretty things, but just know that your story will ALWAYS matter. xo!

  4. Hey lovely Lisa,

    This series sounds awesome and, how funny, that's the second time this evening that I've heard the blog mentioned....I'm off to check it out - and keep an eye out for your guest post!


  5. Oh it looks so pretty. Love the colored pumpkins and nests. Beautiful room. Hugs, Marty

  6. Since I am a traditionalist when it comes to furniture, I am so glad to see you refinish and not paint! I have told you before, but I love those herb boxes!