Blogger Home Tour: Rustic Farmhouse

This living room had me at "hello".
I'm sure you feel the same too, so I am very excited to share a peek into Rustic Farmhouse.
Melanie is a wife and mother of five who lives in Canada on 35 acres AND she has an apple orchard on the property!
I don't know if I'd like taking care of all those apples, but I sure would like eating them. :)
I think this may be the most dreamy living room I've ever seen!

Here's another view of the the living room.
I love the little office in front of the window.
The wood cupboard is 6'x6' which must hold all kinds of stuff.
But, it still looks wonderful.
How I love pieces that are both pretty and practical.

Melanie made the beautiful white slipcover for this chair.
I adore the chippy blue table.
Can you imagine a better place to sit and read?
Look, she's even left a magazine for us.
I love kitties and you will see some adorable, white, mischievous, kitties @ Rustic Farmhouse.

The wonderful farmhouse kitchen.
It was so hard to choose which photos to show you because this kitchen has so many great features.
I'll bet a lot of yummy apple baked goods are whipped up in this kitchen!

Farmhouse sink.
Go ahead....oooooh ,aaaaah.
Love the butcher block counter tops too.
I believe that is the apple orchard I spy out the window.
What a wonderful view to have while rinsing dishes!

Aren't the bead board walls beautiful.
I think I want every single accessory in this kitchen!

 There are  many, many, gorgeous cottage vignette's on Melanie's blog.
This is one of my favorites.
Ok people, wipe the drool off your chin now.
 Love me a farmhouse table.
I also want the shelving around the room.
I'm a big fan of the airy, white curtains Melanie has used throughout her home.

The big windows letting in lots of light are so nice too.
I think the mismatched chairs are such a charming look.
I'm sure when you have five kids you don't want anything to fussy to worry about.
But that doesn't mean your room can't still be beautiful.

The lovely master bedroom.
How cozy does this bed look?
I just want to snuggle down under the comforter.

 Here is one of Melanie's daughter's bedrooms.
I think it is pink perfection!
If I had a little girl I would want a room just like this for her.
Maybe I'll have a granddaughter one day to spoil.
 The dresser on the side of the bed was a road side find.
Pretty terrific!
Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse of your home Melanie!
There is much, much, more to see!
I know you will enjoy visiting Rustic Farmhouse.


  1. gorgeous! I could and should live there! lol

  2. Wow! What a lovely home. There is nothing more inviting than a simple fArmhouse look. I M off to peruse her blog. Thanks for sharing

  3. What a Beautiful Farmhouse. Love every room.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. OMGOSH! THANK YOU Lisa I just found this! Today is my hubby's AND my youngest girls birthdays so I have been busy! I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you sharing my home on your blog! and I just loved reading your comments! SO sweet!! ~Mel xo

  5. I'm drooling! It is beautiful!


  6. So beautiful and liveable! I love Melanie's white ironstone collection. Especially all the bowls.

  7. An amazing home tour! Thanks so much for sharing. That cupboard is fantastic and I love how the top is styled.


  8. I love Melanie's home. Every single detail is perfection! Yes, I would take it just as it is and bring it here and sit it on my five acres.

    Glad you shared.

  9. Melanie does have a lovely home. I have followed her on Facebook for awhile now, and so glad she started a blog. I am always inspired to keep working on our home when I see her lovely rooms and great finds.

  10. What a treat to tour her beautiful home! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Wow - so many things there to love! I love the farmhouse table, the sink, the view out that kitchen window - all so pretty!!

  12. I am in love with this home! If I were to move right in I wouldn't change a thing! I am off to visit Melanie's blog! Thanks, Lisa!


  13. I was here yesterday and pinned some pictures from this post. OMG! Love that kitchen. Thanks for stopping by today to see my sofa post.

  14. Lisa
    Hi Its beautiful and dreamy!

    Thank you for sharing it with us


  15. Someday . . . when I grow up . . . I want a house just like this. I'm drooling so much I may have some sort of condition! Thank you so much for this home tour. Now I'm off to check out her site. Thanks!

  16. Oh my goodness! I haven't seen this blog before. Thanks so much for sharing. Her home is beautiful. Just the style I love. Thanks so much for introducing her to us. I'm headed over to check it out!

  17. so pretty I had to look again. I see I am not the only one who has a child's chair at the coffee table. I guess she got the idea from me. ;-)

  18. Stunning images and those kitchens are just gorgeous!