Galveston Texas

Our family took a trip to Galveston this weekend.
It's only about an hour and a half drive from Houston.

Since it is November I thought we'd need to bundle up on the beach (hence the jeans).
But I was wrong. It was very warm.
We had no problem spending the whole day at the beach in our swim suits.
Definitely not showing you a picture of that!
It was weird when I got home and found out it was snowing in Utah where my friend Sarah lives.
So strange to think of them building a snowman while we were getting sun burnt!

I've had a hard time adjusting to the humidity in Texas this summer.
Well, that sentence makes it sound like I eventually adjusted to it.
I hated it.

But I have to admit being able to go to the beach in November is pretty dang cool!
So there is always a silver lining.

I took about thirty pictures of pelicans so be happy I'm only showing you one. :)
While on a ferry ride we saw dolphins!
I wish I got a picture, but it happened so fast.
If I would have got my way, we would have kept riding back and forth on the ferry all day long,
 so I could keep looking for dolphins.
Not just the fins and tails, they popped their faces out of the water too!
It was amazing!

Maybe it's gross to show you a picture of a dead fish.
But you don't see a puffer fish every day so I thought it was pretty cool.
We couldn't help thinking of Mrs. Puff from Sponge Bob Square pants.
Thanks for indulging me by looking at my travel photos. :)
I'll be back to decor stuff in my next post!


  1. Lisa, beautiful beach photos. I visited a beach this weekend too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time! I would have taken 30 pictures of the pelicans too ;)

  3. Your boys are so handsome! We have rarely ever been to Galveston. Maybe three times since we have lived here. I hear the pier has reopened so maybe we will go back sometime soon. Glad you had such a nice time!:)

  4. Great photos...looks like fun! Ah, Mrs. Puff...those are my favorite SpongeBob episodes!!!

  5. Such lovely photos Lisa, and how cool that it's pretty close to your home, so you can visit often! I don't blame you about the humidity. Living in that Vegas "dry heat" has made any kind of humidity difficult for me. When Seattle hit the 90's this past summer, I was crabby. :-) However...I still wouldn't change it for anything!

  6. What great photos, Lisa! I'd love to be able to live near the beach and visit there during the winter...gosh, that would be wonderful!

  7. I just love Pelicans and noticed that those in your pic have dark grey bodies which I've never seen before. The ones on this side of the planet are all white which made me wonder if they were babies or a different type?

  8. Lisa
    What a beautiful travel post! I love every photo. They are just lovely. The boys are just too precious!

    Thank you for your sweet words and friendship they mean the world to me. Have a great week!


  9. Thank you for sharing your pictures of Galveston beach. It made me somewhat homesick since I lived in the area for about 10 years before moving back to Missouri. I worked on Galveston island and I could see the beach from my office window. It was so hard to concentrate on work!

    I miss the short winters there and I guess I never noticed how humid it was because Missouri is probably worse! It seems we eventually adjust to our surroundings.

    Anyway, there are many things to see and do there on the island as well as up through the bay area on highway 146 towards Kemah. Enjoy your time in Texas! Especially the mild winters!

  10. We love Galveston. It is so nice to have the beach close by. I know the humidity has to be hard for you. It is pretty extreme in the Houston area. Even in Dallas I always feel like it's a steam bath in the summer and Houston is so much worse.

  11. sweet kids you have! great photos of nature

  12. love the pics they are great thanks for sharing