Salt & Pepper

Am I actually showing you a salt and pepper shaker makeover on my blog?
Uh, yes I am.

For many years I've owned this oak salt and pepper set.
I could have just bought a new set, but I love this pepper grinder.
Both s&p function really well.
So I wanted to keep them.
Right before we moved from Illinois I went on a painting frenzy.
Chalk paint is expensive and I couldn't move it, so I was looking around for things to paint.
Why not my salt and pepper set?
I mean they couldn't look any worse.
The color I used is called graphite.
This is before I applied dark wax.
 I actually don't like the color without the wax.

Once you you use clear then dark wax the color becomes much richer.
I guess I would call it charcoal gray.
I could have painted the set white, but then it would show dirty fingerprints all the time.

Now I'm showing you a close up of my salt shaker.
I feel like such a weirdo right now.

Hey, can't have my pepper grinder feeling left out!
Oh yes and as you can see I distressed the piece a bit after the paint dried.

I keep my salt and pepper set on a vintage butter dish.
It's a really pretty piece I found at a yard sale for $1.00.
I practically ran back to the car after I paid for it to make sure no one would take it from me.

I keep my kosher salt in this cute little jar from Anthropologie.
And now you know more about my salt and pepper than you ever wanted to know!


  1. I LOVE your s&p set now. May I ask where you got the bovine picture from? It's perfect : )
    Happy Thanksgiving ~

  2. Thanks Deanna! I found the cow print last year from either Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I wish I could find another one with a different cow on it. I think it would be so cute to have a set.

  3. Lisa, what a great idea to paint them. I've been wanting a set and have seen a few neat ones while out hunting..but they were never the right color...never even thought to paint them! Thanks to you now I will!!! p.s. love the cow too...i'm on such a weird horse, cow, deer and antler kick one of my friends is threatening to have me checked...LOL

  4. Great little makeover Lisa, such a pretty vignette!!

  5. Not weird at all to share them, they look so much better and it inspires me to remember to look beyond the oak when you come across it. I painted our oak knife block white but the waxes would be nice to give it some depth (and yes, hide the stove splashes.)

  6. I like this! I agree with you, graphite looks much better with the dark wax. Love the cow pic!

  7. I love this - so much better :) I'm totally stealing your butter dish idea - I always have salt and pepper all over my counter. Thanks for the fix!

  8. Hey, the just right salt and pepper shakes are hard to come by. I don't blame you for making them look perfectly new. The vignette is amazing. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Those look amazing. Paint is the best thing ever invented.

  10. They look so great painted - hey, a transformation is a transformation - totally worthy of sharing!

  11. Hey, you never know who has a weird salt and pepper fetish. I'm more interested in your amazing cow print behind it. Why are cows so lovely? They really do stink.

  12. Nothing wrong with pretty salt and pepper shakers. I love how the look all waxed and distressed and I LOVE the silver butter tray. the two make a great mix.

  13. OH MY GOSh... I love!!! Also I need to know where that cow picture is from :) It is so very cute.

  14. I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!