Silver Chalice

I really want one of those vintage silver trophies.
Even a nice reproduction would do.
But so far I haven't been able to find one.
So I got excited when I found this silver plated chalice in an antique shop for $10.00.
Not a trophy, but kind of trophyish looking.
As you can see, I got super duper creative and stuck a pumpkin in it for Fall. ;)
I am looking forward to changing it out for different holidays and seasons.
I'm sure you'll see it some where in my Christmas decorating.
I am SO going up into the attic this weekend and getting the decorations out!
I want to look over what I have and start brain storming decorating ideas.
Have a great weekend folks!!
p.s. If you live in Texas and have a blog, can you leave me a comment letting me know.
I have started a Texas Blogs Pinterest board and I want to make sure your blog is on there!
Thanks :)


  1. Looks just like a trophy. I love it.


  2. I like those old trophies too but your little find is just as great. I want that arched window you have there, too.

  3. Looks like a trophy just the same! My gal pal collects the loving cups and vintage trophies...we can find them fairly reasonable down South once in a while. Thanx for sharing...visit my "royal blog" sometimes....last 2 posts are on Thanksgiving! Tiffany

  4. I am a Texas can add me if you'd like. Love the silver chalice...would like to find a silver trophy myself.

  5. sorry, just realized I'm on there already..thanks!

  6. Well, that was a good find since it does look like a trophy. How would a little mini poinsettia look in there for Christmas?

  7. I think that chalice looks just like a trophy! I have a reproduction trophy from Antique Farmhouse. They offer them every now and then, so keep your eyes open for them! They are really nice. I need to do the same thing as you and start sorting through my decorations to see what I'm going to use or not. I've got my colorscheme sorted out and some ideas swrily around my head too, but may need to pick up a few items as well. Can't wait to see what you do this year!

  8. Lisa that is a great piece! But I too am hunting for a trophy.I was really close recently but it was a wee little one and the price was really high for me so I passed.I keep hunting maybe next garage sale season we will get lucky!Have fun getting your Christmas things out.Today is my daughters birthday no time for it.

  9. Hi, Lisa - It looks like a trophy cup to me :) And you already know I love that transom window.....I've told you that, right?

  10. love your chalice

  11. love your silver chalice

  12. Super pretty window and I have one of the squirrels too - too cute! Take care, Laura

  13. I'm dying to find some old trophies too, but I agree that this is a great substitute while you are on the hunt!

  14. I'm right there with you. I've been looking for a trophy for over two years but haven't found one I'd spend the money on.

    Your find looks alot like a trophy to me, Lets just call it one ok!!

  15. I love this treasure...perfect looking trophy to me!

  16. Lisa, I love that. Trophies are so expensive when you do find them.