Blogger Home Tour: Our Prairie Home

I'm so happy to give you a glimpse of the beautiful home of Laura from Our Prairie Home.
Laura is a mother of six kids and sells hand painted furniture.
She is one busy lady, but still manages to blow me away with all kinds
of wonderful projects on her blog.
Maybe she found a way to get by without sleeping. ;)
I am so in love with Laura's beautiful stairway!!
 Can you believe each of these lovely swags cost only 16 cents a piece!
The snowflakes are from the dollar store and were then embellished, the greenery from her In-laws
 and some pretty ribbon.
Such a big impact, for such a low price.

I love Laura's beautiful mantel.
Sparkly silver and fresh greenery is one of my favorite combinations at Christmas time.
The touches of aqua are just the cherry on top! the chippy aqua door!!!!!
Laura painted it to look this way!

Beautiful salt dough ornaments, which also hang on the garland on the mantel.
Love this tarnished silver tray!

These fabulous stockings are no sew.
Love that!

Laura's kiddos said "no" to bringing the silver and aqua theme into the living room.
They wanted the traditional red and green.
It sounds like my kids! :)
I think this Christmas window/wall art is such a great idea.
It's simply Christmas trees cut out of scrapbook paper.
So cute!

I know this isn't Christmas, but I think Laura had one of the prettiest Fall tables in blogland, so I just had to show you in case you missed it!

I knew you'd want to see some of Laura's house when it's not decked out for Christmas too.
She painted this adorable table and the really cool "Brown Cow" sign too.

The credenza and armoire were also painted by Laura.
Her home is full of vintage treasures and hand painted furniture.

The Christmas decorating I've shown you is only a very small sampling.
During the month of November and December Laura completed approximately 2.5 million craft projects and managed to put together a darling Candy Shop themed birthday party for her daughter!
You will want to visit Our Prairie Home and take a look around for yourself!!


  1. What a beautiful tour. I don't knoe how she does it. But talent just flows out of that girl!!

  2. your home is just lovely.....I enjoyed the tour so much. I particularly loved the grapevine wreath the pic with the beautiful stockings. Did you make or buy those? I would love some but haven't seen any in so long..... Happy HOlidays!

  3. AndeM1, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour! It's not my home though, it belongs to Laura from the blog Our Prairie Home. Head over to her place to ask her about the grapevine trees. :)

  4. Beautiful. She is one talented lady.

  5. Oh, this is so wonderful! I want to replicate your house!! Seriously, did you feature the no-sew stockings in a past post? Love them!

  6. 1675iheySiHer home is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us Lisa!

  7. Wow! I love the silver and blue. Gorgeous!!
    And that mantel...amazing.

  8. Beautiful hardly cuts it - but beautiful it is!!

  9. I don't know how she does it. She amazes me every time. She is so full of talent!

  10. Thank you for sharing her beautiful home!I am off to visit her blog!

  11. That is one talented lady! I LOVE her home - it's just full of eye candy. I really love how she gives tips on using cheap stuff to make beautiful things - love the 16 cent swags on the stairs! Thanks for showing the fall pic, too - that's beautiful. I'm with you - when does she sleep?? LOL!

  12. Oh how I loved this tour. Laura's home is so, so pretty.

  13. Val, head on over to Laura's blog: Our Prairie Home for a tutorial on the no-sew stockings. This is a tour of her home. :)

  14. Lisa,
    Actually I did that and thought I was levaing a comment there --oops!
    I'll head on back and try again!
    Thanks, Val

  15. Laura's style is awesome, just like her.


  16. Thank you so much for sharing her lovely home. It is full of great ideas and I love how casual and family friendly it is. I'm off to check out her blog now!

  17. Pretty darn amazing! I love Laura's gorgeous home and her decorating and painting of furniture is off the hook! Merry Christamas to you and thank you for sharing.

  18. Thank you to visit my blog and for your kind words I love your Christmas decorations and I wish you an Happy New Year.