Easy Peasy NOEL Banner

Yes you, can make a banner without a fancy Cricut or Silhouette machine!
Come along and I'll show you how. :)

 Here are the supplies you'll need:
Jumbo letter pad, scrap book paper (patterned and white), scissors, pencil, glue and ribbon or twine.

First I cut a triangle template and used it to cut the bottom off of all my scrapbook paper.
The template helps so all your cuts are the same.
The jumbo letters are like post it notes. They are sticky at the top so they are easy to reposition.
I found mine in the office/school supply section of the grocery store, near the pens, and poster boards.

Stick your letter on white paper and trace it.
I decided I wanted my letters to have little points, so I made a triangle template and added them on.

Here's one letter ready to be cut out.
The next step is painting the edges, but I'll talk about that in a minute.

I didn't feel like searching for my exacto knife to cut out the letters.
To make cutting the center of the O easier I split it down the middle.

After I glued the letters on my scrapbook paper I thought they looked a little blah and decided to paint the edges.
Obviously it would be much easier to paint them before you glue them on!
I took a small paint brush, dipped in in paint on a paper plate, then dabbed most of the painted off.
I then  pounced the brush around the edges of the letters.

Make sure you don't cut off the white part at the top of your page!
Fold it back, put glue on both sides and slip your ribbon, twine, or string inside and press to shut.
If your paper doesn't have white at the top, make a template so all your folds are the same size.
I used white raffia for a ribbon and I taped it to my fireplace mantel and then positioned my letter pages  to arrange them the way I wanted.
Make your ribbon extra long because you can always cut it down, but you can't make it longer!

I wanted to show you close ups of some of the pretty details on the scrapbook paper I used.
They don't show up real well in the larger photos, but look lovely in person.

Ta da! All done.
Now that wasn't difficult, was it?
I whipped this puppy out in no time at all. :)

I just used scotch tape to attach my raffia to the mantel and covered it up with pine branch garland.
Let me know if you make one!


  1. Love the charm this added to your mantle! So pretty and easy too!Thank you for sharing!

  2. Well done! your whole mantle looks gorgeous and the banner is a nice added touch.

  3. So pretty! Nice tutorial for those of us without a CriCut :( Love the colors you picked. I am anew follower!

  4. I love your banner. It added such a great touch.

    Have a great Sunday.

  5. Adorable. Very shabby chiccy. Fun and looks easy. I think I'll try. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Love this banner - thanks for the tutorial!

  7. That is a great idea!! I think I might do that sometime. And it could be done for any holiday!