Mantel Redo & Our Tree

I know, I know, I'm a crazy lady.
I totally redid my Christmas mantel.
I just wasn't happy with it before.
 I'm in my family room alot and every time I looked at it I felt a little down.
Then I was working on decorating the buffet in my dining room and I came up with a display that I loved.
So I moved it to the mantel.
(but I want to say thank you for all the sweet comments on my previous mantel)

This metal deer used to be a copper color, but one night I couldn't sleep so I grabbed some Q-tips and Rub-N-Buff and got to work.
 The silver looks much better!
The fumes knocked me right out and put me to sleep. :)
Just kidding. I was fine, but that stuff is stinky!

Last year when my dad saw that I used a vintage sled in my Christmas decorating he picked up this little tabletop sleigh and sent it to me. So sweet!
I decided to paint the metal parts gray and dry brush the wood parts with white paint.
Now it is more "me".
My sparkly NOEL is sitting on top of the sleigh.

I decided to jump on the wreath on a blackboard bandwagon.
Why wouldn't I? It is super cute!
If you want to know how I made the wreath click here.
The wreath is pretty small so all I could fit inside was "joy".

There are a lot of holly trees in our neighborhood so I took a few clippings and put them in a little collection of small white pitchers.
We used to have a huge holly tree in my backyard when I was growing up in Washington state.
I always loved using clippings from the tree at Christmas time.

The baskets at the base of the fireplace hold my little guys toys.
Do you see the peek of bright yellow? It is his construction hat. :)

Ok, now here is the other reason I decided to redo my mantel.
We went and got our tree on Sunday, but the first chance we had to decorate it was last night.
My plan was to use matte gold ornaments to match my fancy mantel, but instead I just let kids do whatever they wanted and they used all the fun red ornaments.

I loved it!
This morning I just redistributed the 20 ornaments hanging from the bottom branch
 (from my 3 year old)
 I also added some white paper ribbon.
I'm using our tree topper in my breakfast room and quite frankly I like the tree better without one.

I put my tree in the same galvanized bucket I used last year.
I got it from Lowe's and there is a tree stand inside.

I placed a vintage window next to the tree for a cute cottage look.
Can you believe I found this big window at an antique mall in Illinois for only $12.00!

Last year I bought a bunch of Swedish style ornaments from Target's after Christmas clearance sale.
The little Swedish covered bridge is a thrift store find.

I am always pinning pretty Christmas wrapping, but I never do them.
So I decided to try my hand at a couple of packages.
This simple brown paper is from Target, but not with the Christmas paper, just in thier regular gift wrap section.
I used gingham ribbon, some sprigs of evergreen and a pretty tag from Michael's scrapbooking section.
 They have little books of cute tags.

Target has this great faux bois wrapping paper with their Christmas paper this year.
I am a huge fan of faux bois!
I used raffia ribbon, more evergreen and an initial playing card.

I found this gingham paper at the Dollar Tree (again not w/ the Christmas paper).
I used burlap ribbon, evergreen and another Michael's tag.

I have a lot more wrapping to do so they won't all be this pretty.
I also bought fun Santa, snowman, and deer paper for the kids presents.
But it is in the same brown and red tones, so it will coordinate nicely.
I am so glad that I changed out my mantel!
The cottage look is much more "me".
Two of my favorite Christmas trees I've seen this year are:
Kelly's from The Essence Of Home
Emily's from The Wicker House.
Click the links to see thier gorgeous trees.
My tree has a similar look and the red feels so festive and makes me feel happy.
I know the kids really love it too and that is the most important thing to me!
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  1. Oh I love it, It really is so pretty and I love the cottage/primitive look. How fun to let the kids do the tree, they always do the best. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love it. That's so funny you couldn't rest til it was perfect. I like how it goes with your tree decor. Very pretty.

  3. Oh I just love how cute your tree looks in the galavanized tub with the cheerful red and white ornaments on it! I was reading your blog and admiring everything and then to my surprise you paid my tree a compliment! You are so sweet for saying that. I love how you incorporated some of the Swedish ornaments in your decor too. The little dolls you found last year are precious. I also like how you used a chalkboard/wreath above your mantel.

  4. What a sweet corner you've created and I love your little guys toys in the basket!

  5. Love the new the's a so Christmas-y perfect!!! :)

  6. Lisa everything looks so festive and lovely! This year I went with the bucket as a stand as well. It is so much better because it keeps the cats and dog form drinking the water and makes needle clean up easier.

  7. The second time a winner huh! Your new mantel display is very pretty. I love the chalkboard with the wreath on it and the sled is a wonderful touch.

  8. What a cute room! I love the tree. I did a very neutral room and tree this year, but I'm already thinking about next year and going with red for a nice change :)

  9. Your mantle looks great! Love it!
    And the tree with red is cool too

  10. I love the little sled's new look! And all the clippings! And the galvanized bucket...genius!

    - Dana

  11. Well I loved your mantle before and it looks even prettier now!Love your tree too! You got a great deal on that window which mall did you find that at?I wonder if it is the one I am renting space in?

  12. Thank you Lisa for your beautiful visit, and wow! I would have painted that sled gray as well, it now looks like a beautiful Nordic piece adding the right kind of rightness to your Joyeux Noël


  13. everything is looking so festive! I love the bucket idea instead of a stand/tree skirt. and the window is the perfect touch :)

  14. AWE! Thanks Lisa! You are so sweet to add a link to my xmas tree. I have to say most of the tree's I have seen on blog land are so neutral. I grew up with red on a tree so thats what christmas looks like to me.
    I liked your pretty mantel before but I love it even more now. The green wreath next to the black chalkboard is super cute.
    Happy Holidays!

  15. The mantel looks fantastic with the tree. I am really struggling to pull together some of my vignettes this year (shouldn't it get easier over time???). I love the touches of red as I always think red looks so festive.

  16. I know exactly how you feel. I haven't been happy with any of the Christmas mantles I've done so far. So I haven't posted any. Hopefully I'll like one soon. I keep adding and taking down stuff. I'm certain I'm over thinking it.

  17. Me again Lisa!:) Thanx for linking up to the mantle party. Hope your weekend is going well. Cant wait for teh cold spell headed our way.

  18. I love the gift wrap with the gingham ribbon - definitely Pinterest worthy!

  19. Hi Lisa, your mantle looks wonderful. I love the unexpected items always on a mantle, but I can't always get the look I want. Looks great!

    Merry Christmas,

  20. Your mantel is just gorgeous. In fact, I love the whole room! It is so beautiful and inviting, not too fussy. I hope that you enjoy your holidays!

    Take care,


  21. Now I have to go to Target and look for that Faux Bois it! (and your mantel of course!)

  22. What a beautiful mantel! I love the red holly in the white pitchers--so pretty!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this at our Home for the Holidays link party. I love it. I actually like this mantel better than your previous one. It is so playful and I love the holly and the little sled. Your children did such a lovely job on the tree. Love it all!

  24. Lisa! Thanks so much for linking up with Danielle for our Home for the Holidays party and thanks for following along on my blog. I always love coming over and seeing what you're up to! Hope you can come over tomorrow and link up with me for the Christmas trees feature! Love what you did with your tree, mantel and space! Beautiful!

  25. i love it all everything is so beautiful
    I felt nostalgic when you mentioned the big holly tree in the back yard

  26. THis bears repeating...your space is amazing! Thanks so much for linking up over on my blog today! Love seeing all you do! Pretty awesome!

  27. Just found your blog today-stumbled on it, and have spent the last hour just adoring your home, and YOU! What a lovely person you are, and your sons are such gentlemen. You must be so proud of them, and I know they so appreciate the lovely home that you, and your husband, are providing for them. It will pay off!
    LOVED your Swedish-inspired living room (what a hoot it's your very own "Wocave!"). And, I love how you are not afraid to edit your rooms. It really does make a difference, knowing what to keep, what to jettison! Although, there are story book cottages that can shine with tons of antique decor, it's usually not the case for most of us!
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
    "I'll be back!"