My Christmas Dining Room 2012

For some strange reason I gravitate to using a lot of brown in my dining room at Christmas time.
I like it, but I've never really loved it.
In November I ordered a brown striped runner for my Christmase table and I like it, but then I realized
 "I'm doing it again".
So I tried to pull a lot of white into the room to give it more of the cottage look that I love.

I decided to take everything off the buffet while I took photos of the tablescape.
I found the stuff on the buffet was too distracting.
Then when I was editing the photos it turns out that the lamps I placed on the floor
 show up in almost single every photo!
But I'm sick today, so you understand why I didn't want to retake all the pictures.
I figured it would give you a laugh.

My dishes and chargers I've had for many years and they were both from Walmart.
Pretty fancy, eh. ;)

These cute trees are from Target. I wish they had left the burlap pots plain.
Maybe I'll re pot them next year.
I've had these two metal bird lanterns for awhile and I've never found a spot for them in my house.
They were brown and I just painted them white.

I got the deer from TJ Maxx after Christmas last year.
He stands in front of an old wood box I filled with grapevine balls and evergreen.
The balls used to be gold, but one year I used them outside when decorating for Christmas and they were really dingy looking afterwards.
So they got a fresh coat of white paint and I think they look a little bit like snowballs.

The runner is more dish towel by the yard from Quilters Studio.
(I used a red striped one in my breakfast room)
I painted some paper mache pears white, they are from Michael's dollar section.

I'm in the process of refinishing my buffet so I kept it really simple.
The top is sanded down and almost ready to be stained.
The bottom will be painted white.
 I can't wait for it to be finished, but I know it's going to take me awhile.

Here's the buffet and dining table together.
I have two more areas I want to decorate for Christmas, but I'm running out of steam, so we'll see.
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  1. I love your Christmas dining room, especially the runner. I need to check out that fabric!

  2. Looks great Lisa! i am a big fan of the table runner as well. i like the natural brown tones with the white... so pretty.

  3. Love the nuetral colours and pretty tablescape, Lisa. The deer is really cute too.

  4. I love the "snowballs", Lisa. So pretty painted white! Love all the white you have going there with your painted lanterns and accessories teamed up with the more rugged box and table runner. Beautiful!

  5. So pretty Lisa love the touches of white!Hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. Your dining room looks great! I always gravitate towards neutrals too :)

  7. I am so going to raid your house and gather up all your adorable deer you have scattered around. I love them all so much!

    Your living room looks amazing, I'm loving the tiny trees.

  8. Hi Lisa, I have a little white dear, just love how sweet they are.
    Thank you for taking the time to visit my place that inspires flea market French brocante. Hope to see you and more of you through the holidays with all you inspire.
    By the way I have to tell you I just love your dinning table it's just such a rich beautiful impact to the dinning room.

  9. Love your tablescapes! Simple and elegant. Love the brown and white. Genius!!

  10. Your table has a wonderful cottage look to it. I love the deer you found! I think it's my favorite. I like the soft neutral colors you're using too. White and brown are classic and never seem dull when sweetened up with cottage charm. Hope you feel better soon. No fun to be sick during the holidays!

  11. Hey Lisa, it's so very charming. And love the deer. I realized after I had done my decorating this year, I kind of ended up with a deer theme, although totally unplanned. :) And I love your jingle bell wreaths in the earlier post. xo

  12. Lisa it is just beautiful! And I was so busy looking at the lovely stuff on your table that I never even noticed the lamps on the floor! I love your style - and that FABRIC!!! - I'm headed over there to bookmark that site for future ordering! My mind is already spinning with fun stuff to mak with that!

  13. It looks great!

    I know what you mean about sometimes going in a direction that you don't mean to go. I've done it over and over...and honestly, I think blogs distract me like that.

    I'm going to look for your recipe success on Pinterest. The cauliflower soup I made tonight was wonderful.

  14. Lisa I love what you have created for your Holiday Dining table and Buffet.

    I have the same silver deers however have not found them amongst the decor boxes! That is how organized I am!

    2012 Artists Series,

  15. all of it is beautiful!!

  16. Simple, elegant and cozy! The deer is terrific. How funny about the lamps - I didn't even notice them!

  17. Serene and lovely and achieved on a small budget - I enjoy wondering what you will come up with next!

  18. So pretty. I love the two trees and that cute deer. Hope you feel better soon.

  19. Looks great! I didn't even see the tops of the lamps until you mentioned it! I don't blame you for not editing or retaking. I like your old wooden box and the deer.

  20. I came over to see your deer! And yes, I love your colors. I tend to go brown in winter too. I guess I like a cabin feel. I have to fight it too, but I think I'm just going to go with it for a little while. Everything on your table looks so fresh. White paint is amazing. Love the look of it all together.

  21. Oh so pretty. I love the soft browna nd all the white, so understated and elegant. Hugs, marty

  22. Your dining room is gorgeous. Love the burlap pots! So pretty!

  23. Love the tree in the bucket. If I laid my head in your beautiful bedroom I would have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head!

  24. Lisa, we should meet for lunch or shopping. I live in Houston too. Love your styling of ur 2 tablescapes.