My Christmas Entryway

There are a lot of areas that are a part of the entry way to our house so you are about to see mucho photos. You've been warned!
This vignette is my's a winter wonderland!

I have quite a few of these jingle bell wreaths (in different colors).
You'll notice them in my Christmas decorating over the years.
I like them because they are easy, they don't get squashed and they are festive.
They really do jingle!
This year I added a little greenery to the top of this one and it's holding up nicely.

The shutters behind the wreath started out as unfinished shutters I found at Goodwill for $1.99.
I almost donated them back quite few times because they were just sitting in my garage.
This month inspiration struck.
I stained them (quickly and poorly).
Then dry brushed them with white chalk paint and then sanded them down.
There was quite a bit of bleed through from the stain so the white was very creamy, so I then dry brushed on some more white.
 The really look like old shutters and make a nice backdrop.

Thanks to Kelly for posting about the faux paper whites from Target.
Of course they don't smell good like the real ones, but they are very pretty and I  don't
have to water them.
I plan on keeping them out all winter.

I filled my crown pitcher with some sparkly things and greenery I snipped of a branch at the park that had broken off a pine tree.

I brought one of my rosemary plants in from the patio and put it in my faux bois pot.

This area is in my hallway, so technically it's not the entry way, but you see it shortly after entering the house.
My three year has accidentally knocked over the shutters while coming down the stairs.
Hopefully it was a one time occurrence.

This area is to the left of my front door.
I struggled and struggled figuring out what to do here.
It finally came together and I think it's bright and cheerful.

The sweater tree was marked down to $4.99 at Target last week.
I don't think I could make one for that price.
I  do hope to make my own cone trees next year covering each one with something different.
I have all kinds of ideas on my Christmas Pinterest board.

I told you I would end up using my silver chalice at Christmas time! :)

There a niche that you see when you enter our house.

This little tree fits here perfectly.

I love these little deer from Target.
 (I sure have brought up Target a lot in this post!)
Look closely at the legs, they are a different fabric. So cute!

To the right of my door.
This would be a great place to drop my keys, except I never do because my three year old would run off with them and I'd never see them again.

The wonderful burlap print is from My Adobe Cottage on Etsy.
I bought the numbers unfinished at the craft store and the same time I was staining the shutters I also stained and dry brushed these.
Whew, that was a lot of pictures.
Thanks for sticking around!

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  1. Love the little niche with the tree in it. So adorable.

  2. Beautiful! LOVE how you aged those shutters too!

  3. They are all beautiful. Love the Fern Creek burlap framed piece.

  4. Hi Lisa, love all your decorations just beautiful. Sandy

  5. Your shutters look AMAZING! And I bet that rosemary smells divine when you walk past!

    - Dana

  6. Your entry is lovely and how great that you can fit a few nice pieces of furniture there. Love the shutters with all the greenery. I have lots of bells on our living room tree but not a bell wreath. I am going to keep that in mind when bells go on sale after Christmas.

  7. Fantastic job on those shutters, Lisa! I love the fragrance of paperwhites, but I know many who cannot stand their scent. These faux ones are lovely....very realistic looking.

  8. Everything is so pretty...and so creative! I loved every detail, and I definitely think you'll be using those shutters all through the coming year. You've inspired us again!!!

  9. Love everything! I spied some Target goodies that we share. (Thanks for the mention btw!) I have that same cute little burlap tree you have too. Love the white sweater tree! $4.99 is great. Hmmmm.....trip to Target in the near future??? LOL! Love the burlap framed print with the numbers you painted too. So cute!

  10. I love your foyer all decked out! The shutters are fabulous, and i love the framed burlap print.


  11. Lisa, everything looks great. Do you like having that niche? I have 4 of them! Too many.

  12. love your entryway and your decorations they are beautiful, i just did a post that featured diy sweater trees, you might like them.,

  13. always inspiring to drop by and read and take in your pictures.

  14. I love every detail! I'll have to check out where you got the framed burlap-I love it!!

  15. My favorite is the last picture. Gorgeous. Less is more!

  16. I love the Target stuff. They are like 5 mins away and it seems I never get there. I will have to check them out. Love your entry way. So happy you visited me. Have a wonderful day.

  17. You are SO good at vignettes! I miss living closer to you, so I could swap skills - I would sew you something and you would create my Christmas-scape. :)

  18. Lovely lovely lovely! So beautiful I could move right in!

  19. Every little thing is just perfect!
    I love your faux old shutter, great job!

  20. Beautiful vinettes, love all the special pieces in each one,especially the chalice cup!

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  22. Lisa, your home looks stunning! You have settled in so well! Have a blessed holiday! xo