Painted Frames

I love those chunky cottage style frames I've seen on blogs, but I never seem to find any in the stores.
And the ones that I've seen online have been really expensive.

Then I came across these cheap frames at Hobby Lobby.
They are unfinished and don't even come with glass in them, but I liked the width of the frame.
I decided I coud transform them into cottage style frames with some paint.

The first step was painting the frames black.

Next I brushed on white paint making sure there were still areas where the black paint shows.
Finally I waxed and buffed them.
Luckily I have extra glass that fits the frames.
Although I left it out for these photos because I didn't want to deal with the glare.

These prints are going to go in my bathroom and I was trying to mimic the finish on a sign I have in there.
 (I'll be showing it to you in a future post.)

I'm not quite finished with the bathroom yet, so I thought I'd show you the completed frames in a vignette in my dining room.
I found both of the botanical lavender prints on Ebay.
I look forward to showing you you my completed bathroom soon!

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European Highchair Makeover

Oooh boy, I do love me some Duck Egg blue chalk paint!
It made a huuuuge difference in this chair.

One of my splurges when Levi came along was getting a European style highchair.
The chair sits up higher so I can pull it right up to the table and it holds up to 130 lbs.,
 so he can use it for along time.
No annoying booster seat to deal with.
I got my chair from One Step Ahead.

But the chair had become so grody looking.
I just cringed everytime I looked at it.
The finish had started coming off which made it look like it was dirty all the time.

Enter duck egg blue!
Levi was so excited to see his special chair was getting painted!

I sanded bits of the chair down after I painted it because I love that chippy, shabby, look.
I used a couple of coats of poly after painting because this chair gets scrubbed hard ALOT!

My little man just loves his "new" chair and mommy does too!

This was one of those projects where you ask yourself...
"why didn't I do this along time ago?"

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Happy Earth Day!

With Earth day coming up this Sunday I thought I would show you a fun way to decorate using trash.

My family loves Cracker Barrel, but it's 25 minutes away so we don't get there very often.
During my older son's spring break we made the trip for some good eats! ;)
What's this have to do with Earth Day you may be asking?
When my little guys pancakes arrived the syrup came in this very pretty little glass bottle.
I am SO taking this home, I announced to the table.
I just soaked it in hot water to remove the tag and then used a little Goo Gone to take the rest off.
Now I have a cute little etched glass vase.
Perfect for holding some of the first blooms of spring.

This isn't the first time I've shown vases made from garbage on my blog.
This is one I made covering an empty tomato paste can with newsprint
 and adding a little stamped tag.

I added a tag and tied a ribbon on this empty chili sauce jar.

Once again another tomato paste can.
This time I wrapped it in brown paper that I had stamped.
If you'd like to see this old post along with even more "trash vases" click here.

In another old post of mine I used Mod Podge to adhere labels from The Graphics Fairy.
I made this one using an empty chili sauce bottle.

This was a rice vinegar bottle made to look like an old apothecary bottle.

An empty maple syrup jar is made "oh so pretty" with a purple floral label.

And finally an empty boysenberry syrup bottle.
If you'd like to see more the original post is here.

Try making some with your kids, grand kids, or grab a neighbor kid!

Happy Earth Day!

Kitchen Table Make Over

I finished this table makeover in the Fall, but for some reason I never got around to blogging about it.
When the lilacs started blooming suddenly I knew how I wanted to style the table
and *boom* 120 pictures later my blog post is complete at last.:)

Here is the before shot.
I bought the table off of craigslist.

At some point the original owner painted the top white, but it wasn't painted very well
and many craft projects had been done on the table so it was in rough shape.

I started by stripping the paint off the tabletop.

I then sanded it down.

I also stripped part of the paint off the legs and stained these area's gray.

I then re-painted all the legs a nice clean white, but let bits of gray show through.

I've always loved this table from The Lettered Cottage and it was the inspiration for my table.

I stained the table gray then white washed on top.
I then just kept playing with it.
A bit more gray, a bit more white, and so on.

Finally I put 2-3 coats of poly on top.
I used a low grit sandpaper after each layer of poly had dried.
It makes for a buttery smooth top.
I can scrub dried spaghetti sauce off the table without any damage. :)

Just for you a spring vignette.
Let me tell you, it is wonderful living in the Midwest in the spring!
Lilacs and other flowering bushes and trees are in bloom everywhere.
It is so beautiful here!

Now I just need to finish up some chairs to go with the table.
We've been using a crazy mis-match of chairs.

I just found these cute white plates at the thrift store.
I really like the little "pebbles" around the edge.

Now that I've finally got around to showing you my table I have a confession to make.
I sold this table to a friend and have bought a new one off of craigslist!
Yes, I am crazy!! Just ask my husband....
I look forward to showing it to you when it is complete.
(whenever that is)

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If only I had a magic carpet......

When I got the new Pottery Barn catalog and saw the fabulous Ellsworth Entertaining Buffet,
It was love at first sight!
I am madly in love with the fabulous chippy paint!
But, at $999 it's not coming over to my house.

Then I found this piece on craigslist for only $10.
Ten dollars people!!!
But it would have been a two hour round trip for me to get I didn't. :(
But look how similar in shape the two pieces are!
I would love to use chalk paint on it and then go to town with some sandpaper.
Wouldn't it be pretty painted Duck Egg Blue?

If only I had a magic carpet I'd zoom right over and pick up this bad boy and get to paintin'

Speaking of Pottery Barn.....
Are you as in love with this room as I am?
I just keep looking at it over and over again.
It is so dreamy! 

Container Herb Gardens

I've always had an herb garden where ever we live.
Sometimes it's in pots and other times it's been in the ground.
When we moved to this house in June I decided to put my herbs in woven baskets that hang
 off our deck rail.

I love pansy's so I mixed them in with the herbs.
If you grow them organically you can eat pansy petals, but we didn't do that.

These pictures were all taken last summer.
I just never got around to posting them on my blog.

Ruffled Pansy and Tri-Color Sage

One thing I loved about having my herbs growing on the deck is it's only steps away from the kitchen, so it encouraged me to use them in my cooking.
One of my favorite dinners last summer was Grilled Rosemary Ranch Chicken.

Opal basil flowers

The disadvantage of growing the herbs on the deck rails is they got a lot of direct sun which means they dried out a lot.
I had to water them constantly.
I'm kind of a lazy gardener, so I don't like my plants to demand to much upkeep.

I haven't decided if I'm going to use these same baskets for my herbs this year or try something else.
BTW: These hanging baskets are from Lowe's.

Pansy with Rosemary

The above photos were all taken shortly after I planted the herbs.
They filled in a lot more as the summer progressed and the pansy's eventually died out.

I never took any more close ups of the baskets, but you can see how much they filled in.
These photos were taken in September.
Levi was doing a silly dance. :)

Levi is smelling some marjoram flowers.
You can see how the thyme has filled in and is flowing over the side of the basket.

The tall plant in the back with white flowers is garlic chives.
My basil was attacked by aphids and I had to get rid of it.
The rosemary, thyme and sage all did great!