Texas bound....


"I'm leaving on a jet plane don't know when I'll be back again"
Does anyone else remember that song?

Good bye, beautiful Illinois.
Hello Texas, looking forward to getting to know you.
A special good bye to my sweet friend Heidi.

Would you like a tour of our new (empty) home?
I'll try to post pictures of our new house in a couple of days.

We're moving to Texas!

This morning I noticed I haven't posted yet in the month of June.
Wow, that is totally unlike me!
But, I have been super duper busy.
As I mentioned in the title we are moving to Texas this month.
My hubby got a new job and it all happened incredibly quickly.
My husband has been to Texas quite a few times for work and he loves it there.
It is so fun to see my husband so excited about this move.
I have never been to Texas, but it is someplace that I have always thought I would like and someplace I've wanted to visit for years and years.

I will be leaving on a house hunting trip soon and I am looking forward to checking out the great state of Texas for myself.
We will be living in the Houston area.
We have only lived in Illinois a year and it is wonderful here, so for me it is hard to leave and moving so soon is not very fun, but I'm excited for the adventure God has in store for our family.
I will check back in when I get a chance.

(the photos are of a cute little vintage cheese box I found at a flea market last summer)