My blog address has changed.

My new blog address is
You should be redirected automatically, but evidently this can take up to three days.
I'm excited to finally have my blog address match the name of my blog.
When I started my blog three years I knew exactly zero about blogging, in fact I'm pretty sure it was a God thing that I started my blog.
Otherwise why would I have asked my friend Sarah to help me set up a blog when I barely knew what a blog was?

Entry way and other news....

While unpacking boxes I went ahead and just start setting up vignettes in my entry way.
I probably won't keep the area's like this forever, but I thought I'd show you what I've done so far.

This area is beside our front door.
I found the demijohn at a thrift store in Illinois for $9.00.
I was so happy when I found it!
I hope to find a big one some day (at a bargain price).
The basket underneath holds the flip flops that we wear to our neighborhood pool.
For some reason the Houston area has been getting tons and tons of rain so we haven't been able to go swimming as much as we would like to.

When you walk into my house you see a staircase.
This vignette is against the staircase wall.
I know I won't keep it this way forever because the fern print is part of a set of two and I'll want to hang them together eventually.
But this is what I threw together for now.
It is nice to have a few pretty area's in the home amidst all the chaos.
We are almost finished unpacking, but it is so difficult to figure out where to put things and how to arrange the furniture.
I'll figure it out eventually, but it takes some time to play with it and get it right.

On a different subject....
I have never mentioned followers on my blog.
Never done a giveaway where you had to be a follower.
I figure if you like my blog and want to follow...great!
If it's not for you, that's fine too.
We don't all have the same tastes and goodness knows there are plenty of blogs out there.
But I have reached 1000 followers and I have to admit I'm pretty happy about it. ;)
Once upon a time I thought I'd never get there.
Now some of you may be discouraged with your followers number, especially when some "newbie" comes on the scene and instantly has meeeellions of follows. :)
Well, I started this blog way back in 2008, so it took me awhile.
So don't get discouraged.
I am always trying to improve my blog the best I can, with the resources and time that I have.
So anyhoo....
I just want to take the time to say: if you read my blog...Thank You!
If you follow my blog....Thank You-Thank You!
And if you take the time to leave me a comment or email...Thank You-Thank You-Thank You!
I appreciate you love and support SO MUCH!!

House Tour

As promised a tour of our new home in Texas.
It took awhile for us to get Internet, but we finally do...yah-yuh!
(does anybody watch The Regular Show w/ their kids?)
Our home has a pretty brick front.
We are renting again, if we had bought the home I would paint the trim a different color, but I can live with it the way it is.

We have a gorgeous crape myrtle tree with white flowers in the front yard.

I love the living rooms bay window and the moulding on the wall.
We have actually made this our dining room.
We have a really big table and needed a larger room for it.

There's a pretty arch that leads into the dining room (we are using as a living room).
Lovely picture frame moulding on the wall.
I have got to do something about the light fixture...besides bump my head on it!

The kitchen is a bit on the old side, but at least it's nice and neutral.

Our breakfast room has a pretty light.

Another pretty arch leads into the family room.
It has lots of natural light.

I am so happy to have a fireplace again.
Let the mantel decorating begin!!!

Powder room with a pedestal sink.

More pretty arches, this time leading into the upstairs game room.

The game room has such pretty windows.

The boys bathroom.

The lighting is terrible in this photo, but this is the master bedroom.
I looove the gorgeous windows, crown moulding and picture frame moulding.

Master bathroom

Jacuzzi tub...hollar!

The carpet in the bedrooms is so nice and soft.
All the houses I've lived in have had cream colored carpet and have been SO hard to keep clean.
I love that this carpet is more of a tan color.

My favorite thing in the house are the wide plank, rustic, laminate floors in many of the rooms and on the stairs.
Beautiful and so easy to keep clean.
The whole house is painted a light taupe/dark beige color.

I've already started decorating.
I'll show you more soon. :)