Happy Labor day!!

This is one of my favorite rooms ever, via.
I know I haven't been around that much this summer.
This move has been so overwhelming.
I just have lists and lists of stuff to get done.
Registering my son Grant at his new school was a real bear with lots of problems.
He started on Monday and is doing very well and has already made friends.
Thank you Lord for watching over him!
I also have been working on lots of DIY, but haven't finished one project yet.
I'm all over the place and that's just the way I roll.
Almost finished with my farmhouse table and I am ex-cit-ed to show you!
I also have a bunch of projects I finished in Illinois, but never got a chance to show you yet.
So in September I should have a lot of goodies to share here on the ol' blog.
Stay tuned.
Have a fan-tabulous weekend friends!!!

San Antonio

A coupe of weekends ago our family took a trip to San Antonio.
I thought I'd share a few photos with you.
Okay, it's more than a few, but I took over 130 so trust me you're being let off easy. ;)

The hotel we stayed in was so beautiful!
It had a Spanish Old World style that I really love!

I thought these chairs in the lobby were really cool!
You know what else they had in the lobby?
Fruit water in lovely glass dispensers.
Pineapple water in one and watermelon in the other.
It was so nice and refreshing after walking around in very humid weather.

Isn't this urn just gorgeous!
They were in the courtyard of the hotel.

There were also several beautiful fountains in the courtyard.

I love these beautiful wood doors.
I hope to have a dark wood front door someday.

The carpet in the hall was pretty cool!
Our three year old, Levi, insisted on rolling the largest bag to our room.
We looked like unfit parents having their little one take care of a bag almost as big as he is.
But we figure it's better than him throwing a fit!

At the end of the hall were these pretty glass and metal doors.

There was even an old home on the hotel property.

It belonged to one of San Antonio's founding German families.

There were peacocks strutting around the property.
I was like a little kid when I saw them.
Peacocks are one of my favorite animals.
Levi loved them too.

I have been wanting to visit San Antonio for years and years.
This was my first time getting to visit.
I was so excited!
Would the famous river walk live up to all the hype?

It was much, much, prettier than I even expected it to be.

Of course we took one of the river boat cruises.
We also walked up and down many times.
(probably too many times if you ask my boys!)

Quatrefoil is so popular in design right now, so I had to snap a picture of this
part of the walkway to show you.

The Arneson River Theater.
On the river boat tour you learn all about the history and attractions along the river.
It was really interesting and helpful.

Beautiful architectural features!

I can't wait to come back again!

Of course we had to visit the Alamo while in San Antonio!

It was so beautiful!
The inside is really amazing, but they don't let you take photos inside.

Thanks for coming along to visit :)

Segreto Secrets

I try to be good about leaving comments on my favorite blogs, but there are certain blogger's that so overwhelm me with their incredible talent that I don't comment because I feel intimidated.
Now I realize that is pretty silly, but true. Am I the only one?
One of the blogs that I LOVE is Segreto Secrets.
I was a lurker, but finally left a comment.
Well much to my surprise, Leslie e-mailed me and let me know about a book she published and wondered if I'd like a copy.
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Leslie, is the owner of Segreto Finishes a premier decorative painting and plastering company in Houston Texas.
Leslie had no idea I was about to move to the Houston area when she contacted me.
I am so excited at the prospect of getting to see some of Leslie and her teams work in person.
Segreto Finishes does decorative painting and plastering on walls, ceilings, furniture and cabinets.
Their work is amazing!

Do you remember when I showed you the Pink Ribbon House in Texas?
The one that I titled "My Dream Home".
I thought it was one of the most beautiful houses I had ever seen.
Well Leslie and her team worked on many of the rooms in that house.
No wonder I liked it so much!

If you are a fan of design books, you will love Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.
It is a huge book full of page after page of jaw dropping beautiful homes.
It even has a book mark in it so you can save your favorite page and come back to it.
Leslie has published the book herself and I love to support businesses run by women!

I visit a lot of design blogs and read a lot of design magazines.
I watch design shows on television.
But, I feel confidant in stating this bathroom is my all time favorite ever, ever, ever!!!

And the corner of this room is so beautiful it literally makes my stomach ache!
I love everything about it!
This is my ideal.
I want my whole house to look just like this!

Some people think neutrals are boring, but when they are done right they are anything but!
Look at all the fabulous texture; from the linen, the aged wood, the stone, metal, and plaster walls.
Leslie says in her book that she "aspires to create the perfect backdrop that enables fabric, art, and furniture to blend and establish a particular mood"
I think we all can agree that she successfully accomplishes this.
Everything just blends together seamlessly.
Nothing is standing out and yet the whole room is a masterpiece.

I wanted to end with this kitchen photo because I also started with a kitchen photo.
Two very different kitchens.
One very formal and elegant, this one Old World style rustic.
But both are equally fabulous.
 I think a lot of this is because of the way Leslie and her team work with designers so all the finishes work so well together.
I'm sure you are loving these beautiful photos as much as me.
If you want to see more:
You can purchase Leslie's book  HERE.
or from Amazon HERE

Illinois Home Tour

Today Stacey from A Sort Of Fairytale is showing my home as part of her home tour series.
Back when Stacey asked me I had no idea I'd be moving this summer.
I chose to participate in the month of August a long time ago.
Well we just  moved into our home in Texas on July 2nd. So it is definitely not tour worthy yet!
So the photos are of our old home in Illinois.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stacey and her adorable daughter Maggie when I lived in Illinois.
I want to thank her for including me in her home tour series.
If you've never been to Stacey's blog before you are in for a real treat!