Do you love sales as much as I do?

Good golly I love a good sale!
I stumbled across some great bargains and just some things I think are really pretty while on line this morning.
I thought I'd share them with you.

I am madly, deeply, in love with the Lisbon Chandelier from Pottery Barn.
(it's also in the top photo)
If I didn't already have a husband I'd ask it to marry me.
Yes, I love it that much! ;)

I fell in love with the Alessandra Floral gray bedding the moment I saw it.
The color and pattern are divine.
If I didn't already have newish bedding I would so buy it.

The porcelain blue is on sale too and also gorgeous!

I would love to have two of the white Tuscan Ceramic Accent Tables for my patio.
On sale at Pottery Barn for $99.99.
But I know they would end up broken.

I had to show you the Havana Pillar Candle Holder from Pottery Barn!
You could totally DIY this!
Find a skinny cabinet door from Habitat for Humanity or a salvage shop.
Paint it, distress it, and apply dark wax.
Then find a candle holder from a thrift shop or garage sale and attach it.
Easy Peasy and much less than $74.99.

Now so far all the sale items I've shown you from Pottery Barn were still expensive but these two pillow covers are bargains!
The Bridgeport Stripe Pillow Cover is only $6.99.
 The Middleton Plaid Boudoir Pillow Cover is only $5.99!


Don't they both look so pretty here?
They would also look great in a boys bedroom.

World Market is having a huge sale right now.
This Luxe Chair Form is $140.00. (w/o slipcover)
If you are one of those lucky ladies that know how to sew you could make a slip cover out of drop cloths and this chair would be an adorable bargain!

Also from World Market.
The Bleached Stripe Seagrass Jute Rug is only $74.99, for a 6x9 rug!!!!
That is an amazing deal!

I had to show you the Deconstructed Rose Pillow Cover from West Elm.
On sale for $24.99, it is so pretty and romantic!
 These Alphabet Paper Weights also from West Elm are on sale for $3.99 each.
It would be so cute to buy several and spell something.
For example you could use epoxy and attach them to a piece of wood, spell out EAT and put it in your kitchen or WASH for the laundry room, READ for a bookcase etc etc

I have not seen any of these things in person so I can't speak to the quality of any of these items.
None of these stores know I exist I just thought it would be fun to do some virtual shopping together. :)


I love the blog Vignette Design!
If you look at her header you'll see a beautiful cement suitcase planter filled with succulents.
A couple of years ago I found two of these little wicker cement planters at Tuesday Morning and they reminded me a bit of Delores gorgeous planter.
You can read about her planter here.

I have always wanted to fill mine with succulents and I finally got around to planting one of the pots.
My grocery store had some succulents for only $1.00 and that got me started.
I found two more I liked from Home Depot.


It's always fun to use the macro setting on the camera. :)


Macro lets you get those wonderful close ups where you can see all the texture.
Its the little tulip icon on your camera.
If you haven't tried it, give it a go.
Its really fun and easy.

I think it's nice when planting succulents to get a good variety of textures and colors.
Please don't ask me the name of any of these though because I don't have any idea.

My favorite right now is the one with tiny pink flowers blooming on it.

Pretty cool, huh?


I didn't use special soil or anything and so far it is thriving.
Hopefully it stays happy.
It is so hot and humid in Texas and it seems the succulents like it that way.
(me on the other hand.....not so much)
One of these days I'll get around to filling the second pot.


I haven't had time to do much with my patio, but I did get this indoor/outdoor rug from a few months ago.
It was about $30.00 with free shipping.
Our patio has a bunch of paint splatters on it (not done by us) so the rug helps cover some of them up.
I painted the table with chalk paint last summer and the rain made the top all chippy.
It's not what I planned, but I love it!
Two little updates: 
I still haven't figured out how to get the weird spam blog off of my Blogger Reading List.
I'll let you know if I ever figure it out.
Normally if you want to stop following a blog you can click the little wheel next to where it says Manage Blogs In Google Reader, then click "settings" to the right of the blogs name you want to remove and follow instructions from there.
This strange spam blogs name doesn't show up on my list!
 But I see the posting along with all the other postings of the blogs I follow.
Weird right?!
Someone left me a comment wanting to know if I was going to put  my blog roll back on my blog.
I never took it off, it just disappeared one day!
Maybe when I switched from blogspot to .com?
I do plan on putting it back when I get a chance.
I'm still feeling very overwhelmed since the move.
Trying to keep up with blogging the best that I can because I love it.
I started bible class today and it was like a breath of fresh air washing over me.
Wonderful :)
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Blogger's Home Tour: The Pineapple Room

I love being able to snoop inside of a beautiful home and I'm guessing that you do too!
So I thought you might enjoy touring some very creative blogger's beautiful homes.
The first blog I am thrilled to show you is The Pineapple Room.
Welcome to Amy's home in sunny Florida.
The beautiful front entry welcomes you inside.
But, it is so beautiful I just want to sit out here awhile with a glass of lemonade.
Well she has made that possible by placing this gorgeous bench on her porch!
It looks like it was made out of an antique headboard.
I love the giant chalkboard too.
My favorite room in Amy's house is her living room.
The stone fireplace is amazing!
I love all the white and the rustic coffee table is perfect.
Can you believe Amy found this incredible piece of furniture at the thrift store?
It is set off so nicely with the pillars.
I would like the shell prints to come home with me. ;)
I had to show you a peek inside.
The shelves are full of wonderful vignettes.
The dining room is oh so pretty with a sparkly chandelier and giant blackboard.
Gorgeous master bedroom!
She found the amazing light fixture at a thrift store for $12.95!
Say what????
Isn't the piece above the bed wonderful?
This room belongs to her elementary school age daughter.
I know plenty of "big girls" who would like to move right in!
Adorable sign above the window.
I looove the ruffled bed skirt.
Amy's daughter requested a room that was white, soft, and ruffle-ey and she got it!
Are you drooling now?
Yes, she has this amazing house of glass windows on her property.
I knew you'd want a peek inside.
It is 2.die.4!!
Her very talented husband made this checkerboard patio and the benches made of shutters.

He also made these cement mushrooms. Yes, you read that right, he made them!
They were placed around this tree to form a fairy ring.
I adore it!

I know you enjoyed the tour, if you want to see more head over to:
The Pineapple Room
Amy changes things up alot, as blogger's are known to do, so there is plenty of creativity and beauty to discover.

Faux Vintage Bread Board

I just love vintage bread boards like you see in this Pottery Barn photo.
But I don't own one.
The first reason is, they are very expensive.
Secondly, they are huge.
I'm not quite sure where I'd put it.
So what's a girl to do?

 I decided to make a smaller version of a vintage bread board using a pizza peel.
You can find these at Target and Homegoods for between $10-$20.
Very reasonable.
 The light color wasn't going to work for the look that I was going for.
I started by sanding off the protective finish so that I could stain the wood.
 I then banged the wood up pretty good to give it an aged look.!!
 The stain I used is steel wool soaked in vinegar overnight.
I'm going to be talking about this in detail in a future post, so I hope you don't mind if I don't go into great detail now.
One thing I have found using this stain is the wood has a dull look to it after it drys.
 Using Annie Sloan clear wax gives the wood a much richer look.
 I am loving it now!
Of course I won't be using this for food,  just as an accent piece in the kitchen.
  I had a fun little photo shoot in my kitchen trying out different vignettes using my
new faux vintage bread board!
(wow, that's a mouthful!)
 Wait until you hear the funny background story about the blue bottle.
That's an upcoming post too.
Sorry to leave you hangin' ;)
So what do you think?
Are you going to run out and make one for yourself?
 It is so easy and affordable.
I think you should make one!
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Autumn in my living room

I thought it would be fun to pull my faux bois vase out of my stash for Fall decorating and that became the kick off for a whole Fall vignette.
See that brown plaid pillow on the couch?
One side of the pillow is cream with brown flowers and the other side is plaid.
I have two of them, but after searching and searching and searching, I could only find one.
Well guess what?
As soon as I got done taking all these photos and editing them...
Boom, I found the other pillow!
And I wasn't even looking for it.

The dish cloth on the table is from Ikea.
I just got it last week for only 99 cents.

This twiggy pumpkin is from JoAnne's.
Real pumpkins aren't in the stores yet.
A pumpkin made out of natural materials is a nice substitute.

This cute little squirrel is also from JoAnne's.
My three year old loves him!

I was trimming my crepe myrtle tree last weekend and when a branch stops flowering the flowers turn into green fruits.
The fruits then turn brown.
I think they look like berries.
Perfect (and free) for my Fall decor.

I brought my big ol' jug in from my dining room.
I found it at a thrift store in Illinois for less than $10.00!
It fits perfectly inside a vintage bushel basket.
I think it has the look of a demi john.

My living room is actually supposed to be the dining room in this house.
(I switched the living room and dining room because my big table wouldn't fit in this room)
There in unfortunately no room for end tables on the sides of the couch.
So one of the things I use is this little plant stand.
I set my ivy plant inside an old vintage box and placed it on a plant stand.

Here is a close up of the cool graphic on my crusty old box.
A rustic crate makes me think of farms and what do you visit in the Fall?
The pumpkin patch at your local farm!
(if you're lucky)
Therefore, crusty box=fall decor.

I took my Paris map print off my fireplace mantel and brought it into the living room.
I thought the brown tones would be nice for Fall.
Once it was up though I realized the scale wasn't right for the wall.
I've already taken it down.
I used those hang strips so there were no pesky nail holes in the wall.
Gotta love that!

I have linen curtains for the living room that I bought last year.
I just haven't had a chance to hang them yet.
It sure takes a long time to turn a house into a home when you've moved.

I hope you all enjoyed my Fall living room tour!

Now I have a "business" question for you.
Some how a blog has appeared on my reading list that I never followed and I can't figure out how to remove it.
When I checked Blogger Help the only instructions they give for removing a blog from your reading list involve using the follower gadget.
Well there is no follower gadget on this blog.
Just to clarify, I read my blogs on my Blogger dashboard reading list.
Any suggestions?

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