Blogger Home Tour: Honeycomb Creative Co.

My internet was out all week...oh the horrors!
I was practically Amish! (wink)
When it was finally fixed I started gorging myself on blog updates.
I missed you guys!
I am so thrilled to feature another blogger's home tour!
Welcome to Courtney's home from Honeycomb Creative Co.
When I first started reading Courtney's blog she was engaged to be married and planning on how she would be decorating the home she would be sharing with her husband after the wedding.
She is now an old married lady a newlywed,
who I believe just celebrated her first anniversary this summer.
It has been so fun watching her decorate their new home.
This young lady really knows what style she likes and her house is so cohesive and beautiful.
Very different from when I was a young bride and didn't have a clue how to decorate my home.
This is the bedroom (thank you Captain Obvious)
Isn't it gorgeous?
From the color on the wall, to all of the white, to the rustic gray bench, I love all of it!
A little closer look at the awesome bench.
The gray ties in nicely with her ruffly throw at the end of the bed.
Courtney recently put together this pretty area on the side of her bed.
She made a frame out of a ceiling medallion, added some silhouettes, and a really lovely vignette on the bedside table.
Isn't this gorgeous vintage style bathroom so wonderful!
 I spy a ruffly shower curtain....swoon!
Courtney has the most wonderful photography on her blog.
She is such a talented lady.
She also puts together wonderful  vignettes.
I would never think to put together a vignette like this in the bathroom.
Even her linen closet is pretty!
Courtney, please tell us this was just staged for your blog and it isn't always so tidy. :)
I had to show you a close up because it's so pretty.
The living room has such a lovely gallery wall.
 I also love the vintage door leaning against the wall.
 Courtney changes the vignette's on her coffee table with the seasons.
This vignette is my favorite.
I have been collecting finials so I can totally copy this look.
Right now she has some beautiful mercury glass pumpkins on the table for fall.
Courtney recently got two beautiful new chairs for the living room.
I want them!
There is that gorgeous door again.
Such a pretty breakfast room off the kitchen.
Who wouldn't enjoy having their meals in this bright and cheery spot.
I just had to show you a close up!
You should head over to Honeycomb Creative Co. right now because she is showing  a
 beautiful church bench she recently found.
I really loooove it!
I'm sure you enjoyed touring Courtney's beautiful cottage style home.
Thanks so much Courtney!

Fall Mantel

The house I lived in last year didn't have a fireplace and I really missed
 decorating the mantel for the holidays.
Well last night it occured to me that I hadn't touched our mantel for Fall.
Well, I couldn't allow that situation to remain.

So this morning I was in official Fallify that Mantel mode!
The centerpiece on the mantel is a framed French poster.
This piece is actually going to hang in my master bath soon.

But, I thought the harvest scene was nice for fall so she'll hang out in the family room for awhile.
Don't you just love white cows?
Let's name her Elise. :)
Very excited to have this new demi john.
I found it on Ebay.
Loooove it!!!
The little twiggy pumpkin is from Target (I think).
I've had the little faux rosemary plant for years.
The coffee sack vase sleeve I won in a giveaway from Lemonade Makin' Mama last year.
The large twiggy pumpkin was from Jo Anne's.
Love the brown backs on the magnolia leaves.
The magnolia branches are from a tree in my backyard.
I was on such a mission decorating my mantel that while getting the branches
 I stepped in an ant hill!!
Can you believe it?
If you read my fall front door post, you know that ants recently attacked my feet and left itchy ugly bug bites.
I still have the ugly bites  although the itching is subsiding and I go and walk into an ant hill.
I think it's time to call an exterminator!

Sweet little shoes from Holland I found at a thrift store when I lived in Illinois.
French poster and Dutch shoes?
Just go with it, ok.

It's a little unusual to put together a fall mantel using the colors blue and brown.
But, I think this is my favorite mantelscape I've ever done.

My walls aren't yellow although it looks that way in the photos.
It's actually a very pale taupe.
Levi, my three year old, decided to photo bomb the picture.
He thought it was so funny!
So did I!
His "crazy eyes" crack me up!!

It gave me the idea to actually put clothes on him and do a little photo shoot by the fireplace.
Yes, I matched his clothes with my decor because that's how I roll.
Love my lil' model bunches and bunches and bunches......

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Fall at my front door

If only you knew what I've gone through to put this Fall front door together!!
Well I'm about to tell you so you are going to know.

First let's talk pumpkins.
I got so excited when I saw them at the store in September
and I quickly brought home two lovely big ones.
Well.... it was still very hot in Houston and this is what the pumpkins look like now.
wah, wah, wah...
I decided to go with these little ones instead.
We'll probably get a couple of big ones the week before Halloween so the boys
can carve Jack O'Lanterns.
I do love this basket  I found at JoAnne's.
I thought the cranberry red hydrangea would look nice with our red brick house.
I added some purple hydrangea to it that I already had.
I love plum and cranberry together.
Such pretty jewel tones.
Now here is where the sorry gets more dramatic (in my mind).
I started re-potting these topiary and suddenly my feet were hurting.
I look down and ants were all over my feet and they were biting me!
It didn't hurt that bad though, so no biggie, right?
Well, the next day I have these bumps with whiteheads (eeew gross)
all over my feet and they itch sooooo bad!!
It is miserable!
The mums...
Oh the mums....
Another thing I rushed and bought in September.
The flowers were closed when I bought them and I thought they were a deep plum color.
Wouldn't plum and orange look lovely together?
I waited weeks for them to open and they turn out to be a pinky/mauve color! Gack!
They do not like the hot weather and I have been struggling to keep them alive.
BTW: I should add, I do think pink mums are pretty,
I just think plum would have looked better with my house.
I do love the bushel baskets they are in though.
When I lived in Illinois last year I bought quite a lot of them.
They were usually only a couple of dollars.
They add a wonderful rustic touch.
So I'm not totally in love with my front door,
 but if I waited much longer to show it to you it would be Christmas time!
I actually just finished re-potting the topiary tonight.
I hope they will be happier in their larger size pots and fill in more.
I'm thinking it might be pretty to plant some allysum around the base to cover up the bare soil.
So there you have it.
My slightly dramatic story.
Here is a shot that shows more of the house.
Brick houses are just about all you see in my part of Texas.
I think they are lovely.
Just for fun I thought I'd show you my front door from last year when I was living in Illinois.
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Which do you like?

I am painting a French style buffet with Chalk paint.
The colors I'm using are French Linen and Pure White.
I've tried two different looks on the doors and I can't decide which I like better.
So please help a girl out and let me know what you think. :) 
Door #1
Gray with white trim and some distressing.
Door #2
Applied some dry brushed white on the door.
Does it give it a cool textured look?
Does it just look messy?
I keep staring and staring at it and I can't decide!!
What do you think?
Edited to add: I will be using clear and dark wax on the piece when it's finished, so the white won't be as stark as it is now.

I also wanted to mention that the framed burlap piece in my Fall Entryways post is from the Etsy shop
 My Adobe Cottage.
Many people wanted to know if I had made it so I wanted to give props to the person who did.
It was a custom piece I ordered from the shop and I then framed it myself.
I ordered it way back in 2010 and it still looks great!

How did they hold up?

Some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile may remember these
patio tables I put together.
I made them when I was living in Las Vegas and they held up really well.

The tables started out as these gold pots I got for a great price.
I then painted them (you can read the details here).
My dad then helped me make wood "lids" to use as the table tops.
Actually my dad didn't help me, he made them for me.
 I stood there and watched and gave him "helpful" instructions.
lol, lol, lol!

They turned out so pretty and you could even remove the top and use them for
storage too.

Alas, after one winter in Illinois this is how they looked. :(
I set them out by the trash when were moving to Texas this summer.
(yes, I've moved a lot the last few years!)
Someone quickly snatched them up.
I had thought about removing the paint and using the pots, but I knew I
just wouldn't have time with the
move so I am glad somebody else is enjoying them.

Here is how the top looked.
As you can see the wood was splitting.
(the underside of the lid/top)
BUT, you could still made tables like this and have them work!
First, find pots that are already the color you like so you don't have to
 paint them.
Second, bring the wood tops into the garage or basement during the winter or
 just plan on having to replace them every so often.
I have found a lovely large turquoise pot that I plan on making into a patio table
 when I get a chance.
In fact my dad is coming for a visit this month......
Hmmmm, I might have to put him to work!
I just realized the whole post referred to two pots, but all the photos
just show one.
So for fun here is a photo that shows both pots/tables.
 (Once again my old patio in Las Vegas if you want to see more click here.)
Interesting story....
I sold the patio (coffee) table on craiglist because it was a little to high to
 comfortably rest my feet on it and
the person who bought it was going to hang it upside down and use it as a pot
rack in her kitchen.
Very creative!

Autumn in my entry way

Now that October is here it's time to bring on the pumpkins!
I thought I would add some pumpkins to the areas in my entry way to give them a festive Fall look.
Besides pumpkins I  also brought out this vintage bushel basket lid I got from Tattered Tiques when I was living in Illinois.
I really miss shopping there, and seeing the sweet ladies who work there, and especially shopping there with my dear friend Heidi.
My demi john is always on this table it got to stay since it has such great Fall color and texture.


I placed a large vintage bushel basket underneath the table.

This really was used to hold apples so that really screams "fall" to me.

I wasn't quite happy with this table so I tried taking the topiary away and adding another pumpkin.
Still not quite happy so I changed it up even more which I'll show you in a minute.

After you enter my house there is a little hall with a staircase on one side and my dining room on the other side.
Luckily this furniture piece is fairly narrow so it fits perfectly here.

I never got a chance to show you what I bought from Shop the Shed last spring.
It was this gorgeous arch window covered with chippy cream paint.
It looks like it came off the top of a door.
It is a great piece and I love it on this cabinet because it is short enough that people won't knock it over when walking down the stairs.

The faux olive topiary is from Crate and Barrel, but I changed out the pot it came in.
I tried growing a real olive topiary last year with visions of the gorgeous olive topiary trees you see in
 so much Swedish decor, alas it didn't make it.

The little cement bird is also from Tattered Tiques.
It's hard to tell in the photo, but there is a lot of texture in this vignette with the cement, rustic pot,

 vintage window and the pumpkin even has little bumps on it.

I swapped out the large brown pot you saw in the first full photo of this area and tried out my

faux demi john.
Hmm, I think I like the pot better.

As much as I liked the bushel basket lid I felt it was to small for this space.
When an item isn't in scale it throws off the whole display.

I replaced it with this framed burlap piece.
The scale is better and I think the brown tones and the rustic texture of the burlap help the piece work

in my Fall vignette.

It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right!
It finally seems like it is cooling down a tiny bit here in Houston so I can finally start working on

getting my front door display ready for fall.


Have a happy week my friends!!

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