Falling For Antlers

Well I didn't plan on posting back to back living room posts,  but the BROWSE button has disappeared off of mine and others blogs so I can't upload photos for a new blog post.
I already had these pictures uploaded, intended for a future post.
I'm sure it will get fixed eventually.
 When the the antler craze first hit I'll admit that at first I thought it was yucky.
Deer antlers?....creepy!
Then I saw this from In The Fun Lane
Oooh, I am liking this!

I also like this also from In The Fun Lane
What an amazing coffee table vignette!


Then I saw another antler vignette I really liked at Lemonade Makin' Mama!


Lemonade Makin' Mama's simple, natural tablescape is gorgeous!

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The highlighted links will take you directly to the posts with these photos. :)

So when I found some antlers at an antique mall I decided to jump right onto the antler bandwagon!
I was kind of bummed to spend money since so many bloggers are getting them for free, but then I saw how much some websites were charging and decided $15 bucks was a steal!

I needed something to replace the Christmas decor in the living room, but I still wanted it
to have a winter look.
I think this does the trick.

I like the texture that the antler has.
I'm a big fan of texture, especially in a more neutral room.

I filled my vintage crate with old books and paperbacks that I've ripped the covers off of.
I then added a Pottery Barn lantern given to me by a dear friend and a wicker vase filled with a plant.

Then I just plopped the antler on top!
I spent a lot of time at the store looking through all the antlers picking out just the right one.

I found these ikat pillows at Marshall's!
I was so excited when  found them.
They are similar to some very expensive ikat fabric that Ballard designs used to sell that I just adored.
I am the knock off queen!

I love changing out pillows and accessories in my living room.
I already have an idea's brewing for spring.

If you'd like to know about the wall art check out this post.

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  1. I love how you added these to your room! I have to say I felt the same way about those too LOL! Over the summer I was at a garage sale that had a set of antlers for 5.00.The real thing.I know how much they sell for so I scooped them up.I did not want to keep them for myself so I put them in my booth.Then I found another set I scooped them up too at the same price.But that pair I decided to keep.But I am trying to figure out how to style them.I have them on my mantle right now.Not sure if I am liking the way it looks or not.I will share photos soon.
    I have heard about the problem with downloading photos.I am not having that issue.I hope they figure out what the problem is soon! I have noticed not as many posts from the blogs I follow and I am wondering if that is the reason why!

  2. Your living room looks so pretty. I really like the coffee table vignette, simple and elegant. I havn't done the antler thing, but I like the look of yours. Hugs, marty

  3. I love the look! It really does make a statement, but I have to admit - they still creep me out just a bit!


  4. Lovely vignettes. I do not have any antlers around my home but have seen some on blogs, Pottery Barn and magazines.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I love antlers! I think many people are creeped out because they think an animal had to die in order to have them when that simply isn't the case. I have a bunch of antlers that we've found on hikes in the woods and even our backyard when we lived in the Northwest. Deer,elk,moose all naturally shed them every year and the new ones grow back in 3-4 months.

    Your vignette is gorgeous! I've always wanted one of those Pottery Barn lanterns!

  6. Hi, Lisa - That antler looks awesome in your living room. I love the texture it adds. Fabulous form and a beautiful patina from nature. Hope you are enjoying the new year.
    Warm wishes,

  7. Still having problem also with the browse button. I wondered if it had to do with google and picasa? Use to be free for blogger now I am paying, was uploading using pictures off of my computer now maybe they want everything in picasa? Who knows but that is what I have to do now..upload to picasa first.. ugh hope they fix it also.. Love the antlers. There is a big pile in my dads shop..hmn wonder if I can snag a couple.. Have a great Sunday.

  8. There are a lot of antlers for sale in the antique barn where I sell. I have not yet brought any into my own home - but they are a neat look!

  9. I love antlers too and the fact the the animal "sheds" them naturally, makes it even better!

  10. I love your living room and it looks perfect for winter. The antlers are pretty...they sort of look like drift wood. I admit, they have creeped me out a bit, too.

    Your pillows are gorgeous. That's the nice thing about having a neutral sofa, you can change the mood with pillows.

    Have a great week!


  11. I like antlers too! My step father in law (that's a mouthfull) lives in Iowa and finds them on his land all the time.

    I really like the particular one you bought, it's different than most that I've seen and $15 was worth it!

    Mine are in my "winter" master bedroom right now but thinking about bringing them into the living room...

    Oh, as far as the browse button, that happened to me and I found a good work around....if you use picasa for editing....I just publish my edited photos right to my picasa album and then use the unique URL....I think I will do this all the time because I've eliminated a step from my old process.

    Hope you are gaving a great weekend.

  12. I love that antler and I would totally pay $15 for it - that is a steal. So far all of mine have been free but I've had to wait a long long time to have them. I still want a real dear head on my wall someday!

  13. Love your cushions and how they match the wall art. I'm not an antlers person, but must admit your vignette is gorgeous! Great job!

  14. Love it! Those pillows are so pretty in there! I've already got spring ideas floating around too - gotta try to be patient and get through winter first ;) Your blog always inspires me :)

  15. Lisa, I love antlers too, and have them all over my house! (My dad has given my lots that he's found on hikes.) Your coffee table vignette looks great-the crate is really fun, and the antlers look perfect there :)

  16. I've really come to love the look of antlers too. Your living room looks beautiful... and I love the pillows. They look fresh and perfect for the new year.

  17. I love your antler. This whole area is beautiful, Lisa. Loving the direction you are taking your room.

  18. Newest follower of yours and I'm in Houston, too! Love your living room. What kind of rug do you have on your floor? Is it soft underfoot or rough? Thank you in advance! Tamra

  19. Hi Tamra,
    Are you enjoying this little cold spell in Houston? I am! It's a nice change. :)
    My rug is sisal/jute. I have them in both my living room and family room and we walk around barefoot all the time. While not exactly soft, it doesn't bother any of us. It's not rough or scratchy.

  20. Lol... I can get you antleers about any time... but you have to put up with the stink! My dogs bring up parts of deer from the woods... p----u----

    Okay, one of my New Years resolutions is taking the time to leave more notes for my blogging friends! I always read posts in a reader and it makes it hard to leave a comment or two. But I do not miss a post! Love seeing the things you share and your lovely home. I wish I had more time to blog, but I work part time at our local library. I wanted to share with you my new blog, just opened this week.... http://www.brookekroeger.blogspot.com.... it will be for my vingage and digital work... including printables you might enjoy. I also have my home and garden site, http://www.creativecountrymom.blogspot.com. This week I am doing a look back to my spring garden.

    Hope to be able to connect more in this new year. I am spending less time on Facebook and gave up twitter and everything else. A girl needs time to create, decorate and GARDEN ya know!

    God bless....Brooke

  21. Love, love, love all your new finds. The extra large antler is wonderful. $15 is a great price for it too! Love your new pillows too. They are definitely the right accent for your room. They do look like Ballard's pillows. I spy a clear glass bottle on the floor that I like too. I'd like to have one of those. I've seen some around here for over $100 though! Doggone it.

  22. Hi Lisa! In this house we LOVE antlers! My hubby is a hunter! Your antler looks fabulous, and you did get a great price! I saw on Twigg studios a tutorial for making faux antlers. They actually look amazingly real!

    Your room is so lovely! Love how you filled the crate, too!

    Have a lovely week, and thanks for linking up to Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

  23. Those antlers fit perfectly with your decor!

  24. I love how your antlers look! Beautiful living room!

  25. Hello! Just catching up on some reading. Love your antlers - I keep meaning to ask one of our friends if he has any lying around that he doesn't realize he should want :) The ikat pillows are fantastic - as is your cross pillow. Your room looks really nice.

  26. Wow, i am in LOVE with this room and the vignette! Will you please come redecorate my living room?

  27. Your display looks wonderful in that crate! Such a lovely room!