Winter Mantel

My winter mantel for 2012 2013!
I was too lazy to style the whole firepace so you'll just be seeing the mantel today.
Here is how my mantel looked when I first started working on it.
I decided the mirror was just way to small.
So I borrowed a mirror from my dining room.
At first I thought it was too big, but after living with it for a week I think it's fine.
Then I saw a quote on Pinterest saying that there should be 7" from your mantel to your mirror.
Oh well....
I found this cement urn at Marshall's last weekend for only $7.99. Such a steal!
I really love it! It reminds me of the pretty finials Pottery Barn sells.
The basket I've had for ages. I filled it with artichokes I found at the thrift store for 25 cents a piece!!
I added a few magnolia leaves from my back yard.
The other side of my mantel has my demi john I found on Ebay.
Along with an urn from Pottery Barn filled with lavender I found at a different thrift store for only $2.00. So if you're looking for cheap faux plants don't forget to check your local thrift store. :)
The mirror is from Kirkland Home. I really like the white wash on the wood.
I think the mantel has a modern French Country look to it, but in nice soft colors.
I'm so looking forward to when the real lavender is in bloom!
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  1. Lisa, I actually like your first one better, especially the lavendar laying down. That mirror is GORGEOUS and gives it a more French look IMHO. They're both beautiful, and who cares about the 7" rule on Pinterest anyway?! As long as you like it, that's what matters. If you'd like to have some homemade bread EASY, please follow me, too.

  2. You and me too, I am missing my garden, It is suppose to be in the 50s this week and melt all the snow. I am ready for spring!

    Okay, one of my New Years resolutions is taking the time to leave more notes for my blogging friends! I always read posts in a reader and it makes it hard to leave a comment or two. But I do not miss a post! Love seeing the things you share and your lovely home. I wish I had more time to blog, but I work part time at our local library. I wanted to share with you my new blog, just opened this week.... it will be for my vingage and digital work... including printables you might enjoy. I also have my home and garden site, This week I am doing a look back to my spring garden.

    Hope to be able to connect more in this new year. I am spending less time on Facebook and gave up twitter and everything else. A girl needs time to create, decorate and GARDEN ya know!

    God bless....Brooke

  3. I think the mantel arrangement looks great and that is an awesome mirror. The 7" might be for the typical large rectangular mirror. I also really like the antler you picked up and have displayed in the living room. My nephews and bil's are hunters and I keep asking for sheds but none yet.

  4. Is your mirror made of driftwood? I really like it. I am starting to decorate my mantel with some Valentine ideas.....

    Have a lovely week.

  5. Hey you were able to upload photos :-)
    I like the bigger mirror too! I have never heard about that rule.So mine is way too big I guess LOL1 Oh well I don't follow rules I just do what I like :-)

  6. Hey Lisa. Your mantel looks beautiful. I have been working on mine as well. Simple is my theme for winter...actually it's my theme pretty often.

    Have a great evening.

  7. Lisa your mantle looks so pretty!! I love your urn from pottery barn.


  8. Lisa I LOVE that mirror, your mantel looks fabulous!!

  9. Love it. And you're right, the mirror looks great - not too big at all. Thanks for sharing, liz

  10. This looks just perfect and yes, it does have a very French feel to it. The mirror is gorgeous. I am in a mantel slump. Winter is hard. Right now it's bare! lol!


  11. I love the soft and muted colours - it has a definite French feel - always a winner in my book. x Sharon PS Happy New Year!

  12. The round one is perfect up there. I bought a mirror a few weeks ago for my mantel and it just didn't do what I thought it would do. It just reflected the ceiling. Boo.

  13. Other mirror way too small , The new mirror two thumbs that urn too.

  14. Awesome. I love the look - and whadaya mean about 7 inches between mantel and mirror? Phhht. It looks great like it is - I love stuff just sitting on a shelf/mantel :)

  15. Love how you styled your mantel. I like the larger mirror too. I wouldn't worry about the rules of the mirror, just do what you like. I propped my mirrors up on my mantel when I used them. I love things propped on a mantel. It's more casual that way. I always enjoy seeing what you do in your home.

  16. You are a natural at mantle styling! Gorgeous colours!

  17. Thanks for your sweet comment today. I like so many of the things you have on your mantel, and that fact that they were bargains shows me you think like me! I love to treasure hunt!

  18. Love it! The round mirror looks like the perfect proportion for your mantel. And who cares about the 7" rule? I lean stuff all the time and it looks great :)

  19. It's gorgeous, and I love all of it. The mirror works great, so where did you put the darling smaller mirror, cause if you don't have a place for it...

  20. Your mantle vignette is so the mirror!!!!

  21. Your mantle is just perfect Lisa!

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