Vintage Style Rocking Horse Make-Over

I have to admit this is my favorite kind of makeover to do.
Something quick and easy that I can whip out in a day before I get bored with it.
Big projects make a bigger impact, but are
Little projects are just FUN!

I found this little rocking horse at the thrift store and thought the colors were horrible and the paint job was awful and had potential.

I started by painting the whole thing white.
Next I painted the saddle, mane, hooves, and the rocker French linen.
It's still looking pretty sad at this point, but at least it was neutral.
The horrible plastic tail is not staying so I didn't worry about getting paint on it.

I sanded a lot of the french linen paint off which softened it and gave it more of a vintage look.
I was hoping only the white underneath would show when I started sanding, but there
 are bits of red showing too.
It doesn't bother me. It actually adds to the vintage style.

I replaced the plastic tail with yarn.
There was a little wooden plug "back there" that I pulled out and then the tail came right off.
I tied some yarn in a knot and pushed it "up there".
 I still need to to add a dot of hot glue.
I couldn't help laughing to myself as I was performing surgery.
If someone called me on the phone and asked me what I was doing all kinds of horses *** jokes would be sure to come to mind.

Ok, back to my G rated blog. :)
I added a coat of wax to the horse.
 I had then planned on using dark wax for more antiquing, but I've decided
 I really don't like dark wax. Gasp!
It seems to add a green tone to things.

Here is the look my hallway is sportin' at the moment.
I get jealous of the people who use photo shop and all the cool actions.
So I tried to get fancy with a texture in Picmonkey. :)
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  1. So charming, Lisa. Small but with huge impact!! Looks great with your painted transom :)

  2. That's really cute. I love the colors you chose to paint it in. A great improvement over how you found it.

  3. Oh how cute Lisa! I love finding those little rocking horses. I am working on one now that I found the other day. It looked a lot like yours did before getting that pretty make-over. Enjoy your day, Gail

  4. Very cute fix up. Love that you saw potential in that sweet little horse.

  5. This looks great, Lisa! The yarn tail really adds a lot of charm! And you are funny! ;-)

    Just started to learn a bit about Picmonkey, it's fun!


  6. Very cute! Your hall has a very welcoming look.

  7. What a great find and a beautiful transformation!

  8. so cute! I'm sure so many people would have walked right by that little guy without seeing the potential! :)

  9. Oh my gosh, I love that! I have to confess I would have walked right past it. You saw the potential and made it wonderful! That's a fun project.

  10. This is simply adorable, Lisa! You did a great job! I love his yarn tail. :)

  11. I love how he turned out! He's a keeper :)

  12. Hi Lisa,
    I'm so glad that you rescued that poor little horsey. He now looks perfect and in the perfect spot.


  13. Your rocking horse is adorable. Great transformation. But I couldn't help but noticing a WONDERFUL window in your vignette! So charming!
    Mary Alice

  14. Your rocking horse is adorable!! Great vignette.


  15. Good job! The horse looks so sweet! All the vignette is lovely...with that old window!
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina

  16. I love the new subtle look. Very nordic.

  17. Oh I agree this is so cute!! I really like the colors you picked.

  18. I'm with you on the short projects! The horse turned out lovely :)

  19. I read your blog often and was so surprised to see your rocking horse as I've done one almost the same! I originally did it for my craft stall, but I've ended up keeping it as I love it so much. Here's a link if you're interested

  20. I love this little horsey. You did such a great job with it.

  21. Oh, he turned out so cute!! (I had to laugh at your 'surgery'! :)

  22. Oh my gosh Lisa I just love your little rocking horse!! Thanx for partying at my place.

  23. Oh my! It is so amazing. I think you really did a good job with your rocking horse. It looks so much better. And I really love the transformation.