Thrift Store Easter Basket Transformation

I think I mentioned to you recently how much I love to whip up a thrift store transformation.
Well here is what I did this week!

I found this Easter basket/crate at a new Goodwill in town for only $2.99.
I thought the bunnies were cute and Easter is a good time for cute, so worth taking home.

I should have primed this first because the wood it was made of was red and after one coat of white paint it was heavily bleeding through.
I put a second coat of white on and there was still a pinkish tone.
I was impatient to finish though so I decided to cover the pinkish hue a bit by using a lot 
of dark wax on the piece.

I liked the sides of the piece because they remind me of a vintage fruit picking basket.
I also like the wire holding the bunnies and carrot because it's a nod to industrial style.

I have some flowers I haven't had time to plant yet and decided to swap out the Easter eggs for
 a few photos.

Another shot of the side.

Are you guys getting tired of my living room? 
At least I change out the pillows each time you visit! lol

I have more Easter decorating planned, as well as a giveaway I am really excited to share with you.
But my computer is going in the shop so we'll see what I can do.
I may be back next week or it may not be until April.

Have a great week-end!

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  1. How adorable! your basket makeover looks amazing. I love both the egg look and the flower look. which one will you be keeping?

  2. That is so cute! It looks so much better with your touch. Btw, I really love that France Postes pillow on your sofa? Is it new? Where did you get it?

  3. What a great find Lisa!LOVE how you transformed it too!


  4. Hey girl!
    I am so on board with anything that comes my way that I can make new use out of, even if its just a simple paint finish taking it from out dated to Nordic French wow!
    It looks a million times better all white, but what doesn't look better white :))

    Love the back ground of a partial sitting room look of your sofa and the French Restoration Hardware pillow.
    I feel like we got together and planned out our post together and pretty much did the same thing, did you not feel like that as well ? :))

    If you noticed on my sofa is the same R /H pillow just different words.
    Keep inspiring us with found objects that inspire us so.

    Beautiful weekend to you with all it has to inspire you soulfully.


  5. That's adorable...great with the eggs or flowers!

  6. Your basket is so cute. What a great find and I love the white paint!

  7. You've done it again! What a lovely transformation! :) And, no, I do NOT get tired of your living room. It's gorgeous!! :)

  8. I love your remake. Love the eggs in it especially :) Great job!

  9. So cute! And very visionary of you to see it's potential. Pinkish tone? At least it's for Easter - so no worries. Eggs? Flowers? Love 'em both! Nice job!

  10. Love your basket redo ! Very cute !

  11. That looks so adorable!!


  12. That is so cute! What a great way to makeover a basket. I totally understand the wanting to get it finished - I'd have done the same thing.
    And I love your living room - I have been wanting a pillow like that for a long time

  13. Wow-you did a great makeover job on that-so cute! :)

  14. Great job! I like the paint job you did, it's perfect. I also like the sides of the crate! I'm having a link party on my blog and I'd love for you to join!

  15. You did an amazing job on the transformation!!! Love it with the eggs in it!!! stopping by from the Frugal Friday hop. Tina

  16. That is the sweetest basket! I love it with the eggs and with the flowers. It turned out really good. Can't beat that price either! That is exactly my kind of project. It looks lovely on your coffee table. Love seeing your living room!

  17. your projects are always so cute! love it :)

  18. Oh I never tire of looking at your beautiful room! Sweet little makeover!

  19. great transformation! I love that it's a more subtle nod to Easter decor, and not as 'cutsie'.

  20. Wow, the power of paint...your basket makeover turned out great, Lisa! I love it with the flowers since I love flowers everywhere and with everything :)

  21. Amazing what white paint can do, you did a beautiful job!

  22. I think that bunny basket turned out cute! It looks so nice in your living room.

  23. love the basket transformation!