Frame makeover and more

I am still very slowly working on my family room.mily room
I've found some really cute gray frames for the room that I thought I'd share with you.
The frame in this picture is my favorite, but it didn't start out looking this way.

I found it on clearance (as you can see).
I really liked the rustic wood, the crown, and the cool shape of the cut out.
But the red doesn't go with my decor and the "Believe" is kind of random.
Believe what?

I started by painting over the red with French Linen chalk paint, but it was looking really blah.

So I dry brushed on a bit of white and used a french script rubber stamp here and there.
I ordered the stamp from a friend several years ago and unfortunately do not remember the name of the company I got it from.
I believe you can find similar ones on Amazon.
You can also Google "French Script Rubber Stamp".

Here it is complete on my mantel. I love it now!

I found this frame at World Market. I really like the gray wash over the wood!
I took these photos of my boys at the beach this fall. I then had Costco print them out in a sepia tone.

Can you believe I haven't changed my mantel decor since my Winter Mantel post?
I can't.
Time to change it up for Spring! 

Finally, I  found this cute little frame at Tuesday Morning.
The perfect size for arranging in vignette's. 
Some of you may have noticed a beach bathroom post pop up and then disappear yesterday.
I posted it on accident and had to delete it because I wasn't finished yet.
I will get it posted next week.
I am having the worst luck with this post!
First I took a bunch of photos of the bathroom and after I down loaded them realized I forgot to hang one of the pieces of art, so I had to start over. 
Then when the post was 90 % complete I accidentally published it when I meant to set it for a future date, so I had to delete it and now will have to start over.
Finally last night every.single.thing. I'd hung on the walls fell OFF!
I used Command Strips, which I use all the time, but they didn't like the bathroom walls.
I didn't follow all the instructions like I should have, but I usually don't and it hasn't been a problem.
Until now!
So I'm taking a little break from that room! :)


  1. What a difference! Absolutely gorgeous. And don't worry about just now fixing your winter mantle...we had snow on the ground here this morning! I saw something that said "nice winter we're having this Spring"...made me laugh. ;) Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

  2. I love the transformation of that frame! It's a perfect match to your room now. That was a great idea. I also like how you had one printed in sepia. I love those kinds of pictures. You poor thing regarding your bathroom. Your luck sounds about as bad as mine right now. I have a new post ready to publish as soon as I can download 2 more pics. For some reason, it won't let me! Don't know what the problem is. So, no new post until that's fixed. Boo hoo!

  3. I can't believe the way you transformed the Believe frame! It's beautiful with the french script on there. You are doing great collecting some unique but suited for each other frames.

    I had a laugh just a little about everything falling off the wall. Sorry. I love Command strips and it has happened here too.

  4. Lisa, it sounds like you had a rough time with that post and deserve a break-lol! Your frame turned out amazing and looks perfect with your other decor! :)

  5. I hope noting broke when it fell off the wall! I have been wrestling with posts lately, too. Mostly editing pictures, having them load into my post upside down or not in order. Grrrrr!

    I love the frame you painted! Did you go over the background with French Linen and then gray? You wrote that you went over it with white...just not sure. The pictures of your boys are so cute!

    I'm in the middle of hanging floating shelves that I want to do like a gallery. I really wanted to paint some of my own cheap frames but whenever I'm in Homegoods of TJ I see the neatest frames for such a good deal! So, no painting frames for me yet! ;-D


  6. Great frame redo here! I prob. would have just left it go - but not you! You had vision.

  7. Pretty frame transformations! I would love to find one of those stamps! Great detail.Sorry you are having issues with your blog post.I can sort of relate with my blog going a bit haywire.Glad it is back :-)

  8. You did an amazing job on that frame! It looks great with all of the others. Great job!


  9. Lisa that is an amazing makeover. I love it so much more now.

  10. Your article is very interesting Beautifull photos and great blog to read thank you

  11. Great finds, TJ Max does have so many great items that you can find on the cheap. I miss TJ Max! I am in Bavaria currently, but there are great fleas and antiques here!

    -Brittany Ruth

  12. Love your frame transformations. I probably wouldn't have thought to do that, duh.

    I've had the same thing happen with those strips, they just don't work like they do on TV!


  13. Perfect! The room is pulling together so well :) I love how you saw beyond what was there to make it your own :)

  14. Great finds! I love the frame painted.


  15. How clever of you! It turned out wonderful. I love it!

  16. I love what you did with the frame! I didn't know they had stamps like that. Good tip! Have you ever tried Quakehold for securing items to the wall? It's a museum quality putty and it's not supposed to damage the walls. Lots of people use it on the backs of frames to keep them level. I think you'd still have to use command strips with it though. It's on my list to get this weekend. I have some frames that keep slipping to one side or the other and it's driving me crazy. :)

  17. Great transformation, I like the final look and the french script is divine. Renata