Kitchen Vignettes+ Giveaway Winner

I'll admit it...the whole reason for this post is to show you this cow tray I picked up at Target today.
So cute! It was love at first sight!

My birthday was at the end of March and I got to go antique shopping alone (no kids).
It was fantastic! I picked up this demi john while shopping.

I have another tray from Target in my kitchen.
I keep it above my stove to add a little interest to the all white back splash.
It is made out of some type of hard plastic so it is easy to clean if it gets greasy from my cooking.

I have wanted a crown crock for several years and was thrilled when I found it in Illinois last spring.
 It was only $12.00. Quite a bargain!
 Perfect for holding all of my wooden cooking utensils.
 I love the bit of green from the rolling pin.
 I also got it in Illinois while shopping with my friend Heidi.
 It was half off at a thrift store that had a lot of antiques.

One of my favorite prints I own is this little fern.
I've never found a good place to hang it so I keep it in the kitchen where I can enjoy it everyday.
 A fisherman's float may be a strange thing to keep in the kitchen, but keeping it up on a high counter away from little hands is a good way to keep it from getting broken.

I've shown you this vignette before when I shared  how I painted my salt and pepper set.

I got this brilliant idea from Kelly.
I hated all the ugly cords from all of us charging our phones, so they are now corralled in a basket.
I found a nice narrow one in my stash so it doesn't take up a lot of counter space.

I recently found these dish towels that are the perfect size to keep in a chicken wire basket.
I really like to keep my dish towels out.
It makes it easy to grab one and frees up drawer space.

Deep dark corners on counter tops don't get used so it's the perfect spot to put together a little vignette.
Placing everything on a tray helps it from looking cluttered.

My kitchen is very basic and a bit dated (you can see it here).
 I like to keep a vignette on my island to help me focus on something pretty.

I love to burn candles in the kitchen.
Once again the high counters keep dangerous flames away from little hands and the candles
also cover up strong odors.

The winner of the Eco Naturals Soap giveaway is:
Emily from The Wicker House!
shoot me an email darlin' :)


  1. I love all of your pretty vignettes! That cow tray you found is darling. Thanks so much for the shout out too. I'm so glad to know something I did inspired someone else! Your basket looks perfect for it. Happy (belated) birthday too! It seems Spring is a popular season for birthdays.

  2. Everything looks so pretty! Kitchen posts really are my favorite. Now I have to say, my Target never has all that good stuff. I miss the Target I had in Edmond. The tray is fun! Love the one over your stove too.

  3. Lisa
    I love love seeing what you have done in your beautiful home! Always so rich and inspiring full of vision that we too can create. Thank you for such a lovely post!

    Blessings and hugs

  4. Cute cute vignettes and I love that new tray. Hmmmm, may need to go to Tarjay!

  5. I saw that tray at Target last week and thought it was so cute...helpful, too, since I'm not good at knowing my cuts of meat. I love all your vignettes. My things tend to be scattered all along my counters, I need to group them up like you have. Love how you made your island so pretty to look at and I always love seeing fresh fruit and veggies out!


  6. Lovely post! I love the crown crock. Beautiful kitchen.

  7. I have been looking for PLAIN white kitchen towels, for the same reason of wanting to leave them out in a basket. where did you find yours?

  8. I think I got them from Walmart. They were called Bar Keepers towels (or something like that). I think they came in packs of six.

  9. Yeah Me!! I'm so excited. I'll e-mail you my info.
    I love all the pictures from around your kitchen. And I especially love that green rolling pin. Cute find!

  10. Target!?! How did I miss that tray on my last trip there? I know where I'm going tomorrow! :D And happy belated birthday, too! I hope your birthday was wonderful

  11. You are the vignette Queen, your kitchen looks beautiful!! I'm gonna have to borrow that cord basket idea!!

  12. Great minds think alike. I picked up the cow platter today too! Almost squealed outloud when I first saw it. Now if only those pig shaped metal napkin holders were cows instead!!!!!

    I love all your pretty touches in your kitchen. My kitchen is bare in comparison but I like it that way so I guess I can't complain - too much!

  13. Those trays are too cute! I have that same fern picture (and actually 2 others that them!) Your kitchen looks great :)

  14. everything is so beautiful. you do such a great job

  15. About climbing stairs all day, I think you look great but since you are saying that your behind is getting too "Kim" just put a positive spin on going up the stairs by reminding yourself what a good work out you are getting! (smiley face)

  16. very beautiful...I love Kellys idea too!

  17. I love that cow platter. Just saw it at Target but didn't need another platter. But displaying it is such a good idea. May have to get it.