Makeover Potential

I spotted this cabinet from Bobo Intriguing Objects on Pinterest and fell in love!
Such a beautiful mix of white paint and the wood trim!
The cheap frugal part of me wanted to see what kind of DIY options were out there.

I spotted this gun cabinet for $60.00 on Craigslist.
This is Texas after all.... ;)

Now use your "imagination"!
(some of you are totally saying this in Spongebob's voice)

1) Add crown moulding to the top of the cabinet.
2) Sand down the trim around the glass down to the bare wood.
3)Paint the rest white.
4) Voila!

Were you able to picture it?
I am not actually buying the gun cabinet and doing this project though.
This is just the kind of weird stuff I like to think about in my spare time.


  1. Yep, I can totally see it and now will be keeping an eye out for one too!:) Can't wait to see your when it is done.

  2. Gosh! Are you SURE you don't want to do that? That's a great imagination you have. I can totally see it!

  3. The Spongebob comment cracked me up! And yes, I was totally saying it in his voice. :) One thing's for'll always be able to find a gun cabinet for sale here in Texas! Ha! You sure do have a good imagination!

  4. My husband better keep a close eye on his gun cabinet! Jus sayin...cuz that it my kind of beautiful.

  5. I can totally see this. it's going to be great!

  6. LOVE your inspiration photo Lisa and I can totally see the transformation!!

  7. It's doing the crown moulding part that would stop me... (not so good w/ 'building' and mitered corners) and feel I can't be asking any more of hubby for a long time... :( But yep - it would work just fine!

  8. That would be an awesome project! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. So glad you enjoyed the salad!

  9. You are too cute! This cabinet would look wonderful done like the one in your image. I like the two tone look a looks old and it would blend anywhere perfectly.


  10. Great find Lisa! Can't wait to see the transformation :-)

  11. You should go for it! I can totally picture it! :)

  12. I can see it!! Come on Lisa, buy the cabient!!!!

  13. Creative genius! I luv how u think.