My Boys Beach Bathroom

I think it's fun to have a theme in a kids bathroom, but my kids are 9 1/2 years apart so it doesn't work to have something going on that is too babyish.
The bathroom is also used by overnight guests.
So a light beach theme works well for this room.

My teenage son is very embarrassed by the "salty kisses" part of this sign.
He'll get over it. ;)
I found it at TJ Maxx.

The sign was missing one of the star fish so they marked the price down for me.
I actually prefer a cleaner look, so took the other star fish off as well.
I used a knife to scrape the glue residue off.
It  took off a little paint, but the sign already has a rustic look so it didn't bother me.

I originally bought blue towels for the bathroom, but it was a bit of blue overload so I got fresh white towels, which always look great in a bathroom.
The little green stool was given to me by my friend Heidi.
She said I could strip it or paint it, but I like the little pop of sage green.
My four year old uses it when he brushes his teeth.

We have a really old fence in our backyard. The wind has started knocking down some of the boards.
I'm so happy when that happens! I just pop up a new board and hoard keep the old ones for projects.

I love the weathered gray patina of the wood.
I simply stenciled "Seaside" on this one.

Luckily there is lots of counter space in the boys bathroom so I have room for a little accessorizing and
 I don't have to worry about the boys knocking things over and breaking them.

I found this little star fish plant stand marked down at Marshall's.
It was starting to fall apart so I simply took of the legs.
Instant wall art!

A little collection of glass bottles sits in the corner.
The color reminds me of sea glass.

We are renting this house so I couldn't make any big changes to the room.
If this were my house I would change out the faucet, the mirror, and add  handles to the cabinets, 
but instead I focus my energies elsewhere.

The art work above the toilet is a little small for this spot.
Eventually I have some more signs I'd like to make for the room and this piece will go in another spot.
The shell planter is filled with a succulent and so far it's doing really well.

The "Every Day I Love You" print  is from the Etsy shop  Kiki & Company.
It is hard to tell, but there is a wood grain pattern in the background. It is really cute!
The frame is from Aaron Brothers, although I've seen this style at Michael's and other stores as well.

My favorite thing in the room is the shower curtain.
I found it at Lowe's. It was really cheap, about $20.00.
The shower curtains are not sold with the other curtains at Lowe's, you need to go over to the 
bathroom section.
I was worried my teenager would think it was too feminine, but he likes it.

There's a little window in the shower where I've placed an old beach sign I've had for years and 
a piece of driftwood.

The bath mats are from Target.
I bought them last year and they are holding up really well.

I made up a little collage of some of the fun accessories in the room.
All the accessories are from TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or Marshall's.
I can never keep those stores straight and they are all owned by the same company so a lot of times you can find the same stuff from store to store.

I love having all the products my teenager uses in this cute basket from Target.
It is nice having them out where he can easily grab things in the morning instead of having to open and close drawers and cabinet doors over and over.
If company is coming over I can simply place the basket under the sink.

He's probably be embarrassed that I'm telling you this, but he doesn't read my blog so....
He kept forgetting to clean his ears after his showers so I put the Q-tips in a little bucket and now they are right there for him to use and he no longer forgets!

So there you have it! My sweet boys beachy bathroom. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Lisa,
    How have I missed your blog. I am a new follower. So sweet. Love your blog.

  2. Everything looks great. I'm thinking y'all can make a quick run down to Galveston and take pictures of the boys on the beach. Then put it on the counter. ;)

  3. Love how you turned the plant stand into wall art! I love the starfish soap dish and the little sea horse hanging from the glass bottle. :)Great theme!

  4. Your bathroom looks great Lisa! LOVE that sweet beach sign.And your star table turned into a sign and your cool fence sign,beautiful beach glass it all looks amazing!

  5. Cute and simple bathroom. Soothing colors and sweet quotes.

  6. just have the cutest ideas..the signs you made and changed, and the bench you took apart to hang that super cute starfish (that's my favorite!). I like baskets on the counter, too. My daughter has loads of stuff and even though she leaves it all over the counter, it's easy for me to stash back in the basket.

    I think your teenage son should be really happy with this bathroom, it's perfect for any age! Wonderful job!


  7. Love the beachy theme for the bathroom. Great idea for boys of any age.
    Mary Alice

  8. Very creative,I love your beach themed bathroom.

  9. Your kids bathroom is so fresh and summery! I really like it. Did you know that I do the same thing in my own bathroom with the basket of essentials? I get tired of reaching for them (one by one) from under the cabinet, so I just pull them all out in a basket and then stuff them back under the cabinet when I'm done. So much easier! It actaully came out of necessity when I was having back problems. I just kept doing it afterwards because it made more sense.

  10. I love your beachy bathroom. my favorites in the room are the green stool, your seaside sign and the piece of driftwood in the window. Very Cute!

  11. You did a beautiful job Lisa, love the colors,the glass bottles and shower curtain you used. I also love the theme, I am currently working on a coastal beach them for my kids bath also, such a fun theme to work with! Have a great week!


  12. Such a beautiful room. I love the way you took care with all the details.

  13. So lovely Lisa! I love all the little accents and that wall art from a plant stand is so great! No one else is gonna have one just like that!

  14. So when I visit, is this my bathroom? Cause I might have to steal that shower curtain, and have Jill Flory make pillows out of it. Very charming, Lisa :)

  15. Lisa your beachy bath has so many cute items. I adore the new sign and the old one too over the door!

  16. What a lovely bathroom! I love the little glass seahorse and your fence wood "seaside" sign. I have some old fence wood that I'm saving to use for a sign... just not sure what I want it to say! I love how this room turned out. :)

  17. Love your beachy bathroom! Such cute details (plant stand turned wall art-so creative!)

  18. I love the beachy look too! Your bathroom looks so good...perfect for your boys. I recently painted one of my bathrooms and am having the hardest time picking out a shower curtain of all things. I ordered one from Restoration Hardware, but then decide that the color was too much like the wall color. I guess i should figure something out...there hasn't been a curtain up in there for about a year :)

  19. Lovely coastal touches! Perfect for kiddos and guests :)

  20. I love all the fun little touches! The signs are so cute :)

  21. Lisa, is the shower curtain green or blue? I found one at Lowe's and the color is Aqua but yours looks blue.

    Thanks, Lisa

  22. I just love the whole look, so relaxing. Thanks for sharing with us.