Sunflower Tablescape

I keep looking for pretty spring flowers at the florists, but I haven't found any I like.
And by florist I mean the floral department at the grocery store.
I did find some happy sunflowers though and decided to bring them home.
Most days it feels like summer, here in Houston, so I thought I'd set up a little summery
 tablescape in my breakfast room.

Things have been pretty busy here the last two weeks, but in a good way.
My older son Grant was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society.
I am so proud of him!
Not sure where he gets his smarts from.
What is really great is the kids are never just chosen just for their grades, but also for their character.
Good grades are great, but being a good kid is so much more important.

For the ceremony and for his 8th grade dance, Grant needed dress clothes, which he did not have.
He needed everything.
Shirt, tie, pants, belt, socks, and shoes. Everything.
And at the rate he's growing his new duds probably won't even fit him for very long.

But he sure did look handsome for the induction ceremony and dance.
The pictures make me cry.
I really don't want him to grow up because that means some day he'll move out.

My four year, Levi, started gymnastics.
Since I'm braggin' on my kids I'll tell you, most kids at his gym start at yellow level, 
but he went straight to blue.
This kid is strong!
He started riding his bike without training wheels at three and half, while an eight year old neighbor boy was still using training wheels.
And he doesn't wobble around he rides

When he's at the playground he grabs the bar and flips himself backward.
When he jumps on our bed he does a somersault in the air.
He hoists himself up on things all the time.
I figured I'd better put him in gymnastics so he could learn the do all this crazy stuff the safe way.
His classes are an hour long and he loves it and doesn't want to leave when they're done.
I thought it would be a nice quiet time for me to sit and read a book, but I like watching him too much.
It brings me such joy to see him shine.

So that's what's been going on at the ol' Fern Creek Cottage the last couple of weeks.
Grant is out of school in about 5 weeks and then summer, glorious summer, begins!
I love it when my kids are out of school!
We have such fun together.

Which is not to say they don't drive me crazy too, because they do.
But at least we have the sweet freedom of summer.

BTW: I set up my comment section so I can now reply to you.
So if you have a question I will probably answer it in the comments,
 especially if you are not hooked up to an email account.
So check back if you've asked me something. :)

Have a great week!

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  1. Sunflowers are my favorite!! Love the chalkboard with the flowers, and your chairs..congrats on your son!

  2. Thanks for bringing a little sunshine into our dreary Illinois day..rain rain go away!

  3. The sunflowers are beautiful! We have been rainy for days! I need some sunflowers to brighten things up a bit! Life to the full! Melissa

  4. I love your sunflowers and the chalkboard too. Time flies when it comes to our kids. We did gymnastics with our youngest son from the time he was 4. He was on a gymnastics team for several years. That was so much fun!

    Come by to see the print I just put over my mantel. You'll crack up at how our minds are thinking alike. :)

  5. florist is in a grocery store too! Your flowers are so happy. I love the name Levi. Four year old boys are BUSY!!!! Gym is a good outlet. We got our boys a trampoline for them at that age. Safe nets and all. Used it all the time but we didn't move it with us. Have a fun week.

  6. Sunflowers are always so pretty, they make me smile... Have a lovely day.

  7. Beautiful!! (I'm still in love with that table.. will posting mine soon!)

  8. Very pretty flowers/tablescape!! Sounds like your boys make you proud! Have a great week!

  9. Congrats on your son! I LOVE the napkins and your green glasses! Where did you find such cuteness??

    1. Thanks Dorie! The green glasses are from Pier 1, but they are about 10 years old, so I'm not sure if they still carry them. I got the napkins from Target last year.

  10. The sunflowers are so pretty and I love that chalkboard! Congrats to your sons! It's such a nice reflection on you when your kids show good character. (good work, mom!) You're a smart mama to enroll your younger son in gymnastics so he can learn the "safe" way to tumble. :) When my kids were smaller and in soccer, I also thought I'd just bring a book to their practices, but I was much more interested in watching them too. :)

  11. How did you get that beautiful finish on your table? Btw, great stories about your boys!

    1. I've been getting asked this question a lot. I promise I'll do a full tutorial this summer. :)

    2. Can't wait for that! Could you also share where the chairs came from? :D

    3. I got the chairs from Kirkland's. They were way less there than I've seen them at other stores.

  12. Your pretty blooms look so cheery! Love the story about your little guy - he'll be in the olympics before you know it! xo

  13. I love the look of sunflowers during the warm months. I don't think of them just for Fall. The white chippy style urn is the perfect container for them.

  14. Lisa ... I loved reading about your boys, and can see why you're so proud. Enjoy every single minute (as you know) time flies by so quickly! Beautiful post and beautiful photographs.

  15. Beautiful sunflowers...and the packet of sunflower seeds at the table setting is such a great addition to the sunflower theme.

    I found your blog from Pinterest. I see that you pinned my blog on your Texas Bloggers board. I started following that board so I can find more Texas bloggers.

    Please accept an invitation to revisit my blog anytime.


  16. Brag girl..I don't blame you.

    The sunflowers on your table are beautiful, sunny, and happy. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love the sunflowers next to the black chalkboard. Picture #7 is my fav. I'm looking forward to having my boys at home for the summer too.

  18. Your sunflowers are pure sunshine, Lisa! They look great in that pottery jug. Very Provencal. Congrats to Grant!! And Levi, too :)

  19. Love your vignette-the sunflowers are so cheery! Congrats on your boys-you should be proud! :)

  20. Sounds like you have super sweet boys too! I can't wait for Summer Vaca!!!

  21. There is nothing wrong with bragging about your awesome kids.... that's partly what blogs are for! :)