Two Kubu Chairs

Some of you may remember that about a month ago I bought a Kubu chair from
 World market for my family room.
They sold me the floor model, but I was really hoping they would get more.
I wanted two Kubu chairs so they could flank my buffet turned TV stand.
Since they were on sale when I got the first one they gave me a rain check in case they got more in.
There rain check consists of them putting your name and phone number on a list.
To be honest I didn't think they would ever call me.
But they did!

So I now have two of my beloved Kubu chairs!
I still have the plastic on the cushions because they are pure white and they would get grubby 
so quickly in my house.
I need to find someone local  who can make me washable slipcovers for the cushions.
I also have some chunky frames I need to hang on the wall that will be filled with vintage botanicals.

My boys got me these lovely Pink Oriental Lilies for Mother's day.
They smell heavenly!
I took these photos yesterday and another flower has opened today.
So nice!

I've been getting some questions about how comfortable the Kubo chairs are so I thought 
I would address that here.
We don't sit in these chairs very often.
They are for extra seating when we have a group over.
They are definitely not "kick back and relax" chairs, but they are not horribly uncomfortable either.
They sit a little bit high so if you are short your feet may dangle.
I am about 5' 7 1/2" and the seat is a little high even for me.
I personally wouldn't  recommend them for everyday seating.

p.s. Pillows are old ones I got from Restoration Hardware. They are meant for the patio.

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  1. I love them! I still haven't been by my World Market to see if they have any at my location yet. It's not close to my house. So glad that you were able to get another one so you have a matching set. I've seen them used at a dining table before too. So, you have lots of options with those. Your boys sure did pick out some pretty lilies for you! They look pretty in your room.

  2. Love the chairs, they are wonderful. I need to get by World Market soon, I havn't been for several years, just too far away. I love how yours look next to the entertainment center. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your family room is really coming together. I love the chairs and all of the texture they add. Very pretty lilies from your sweet boys!

  4. Oh...I love them. I thought world market didn't have them any more because I don't see them on their website when I've looked. I think you are lucky you were able to get the second. Love the way they look in the room.

  5. The chairs look great flanking your TV. Love that shapely TV cabinet too.

  6. Love your chairs Lisa!They are the perfect anchor for your tv.And I am very envious of that beautiful stand you have! LOVE it!What lovely flowers from your boys too!

  7. I really like these chairs and believe it or not, I've never been to a World Market, not sure where there is one around here. I like them next to your cabinet since the really comfy furniture needs to be facing the TV!! Have you thought about using Scotch Guard on the cushions?

    Love the lilies!!


  8. Love these chairs. I want something similar in our dining room.

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I like the Kubu chairs by the TV stand they look great together. The flowers from the boys are so sweet.

  10. Very nice! I have the same chairs flanking the ends of my kitchen table. They are pretty comfy for that use. I like your pillows too!

  11. Lisa, I love those chairs, have eyed them many times at WM !!!

  12. What great chairs! They are definitely your style and go great with the vibe of your room! Can't wait to see your prints up on the wall. :)

  13. wow love the way they pull that wall together! Great their colour!

  14. Very nice! It does indeed all come together nicely.


  15. Lisa, those look amazing there. We all need chairs that are there for company. Those are so stylish. Your room is really coming together. :)

  16. I love the look! I am only 5'1" so those chairs would not suit me at all. I absolutely love your buffet turned TV stand!

  17. Thanks for the input. These are gorgeous in your house.. I'm thinking of getting them for my new back porch!!

  18. Hi Lisa
    I just saw these are they gorgeous!! They llok perfect in your home. Have a wonderful week

    to you

  19. Lisa, they many not be that comfy, but they are wonderfully decorative chairs!!! Love the finish on the wicker! I wonder how well they would hold up under a porch!

  20. I just love the texture of those chairs! I was wondering as well how they would hold up on a porch because I'm seriously pining for them!! Thanks for the review!

  21. Oh, I LOVE these chairs! And they look perfect next to your 'tv stand'!!

  22. Beautiful them flanking each side of the tv!!! How lucky that they actually called you too :o)

  23. Lisa, you really breathed new life into your darling table by painting it and glazing it! I love the glaze and wrote it down to hunt out at Lowes! Thanks for your inspiration!!! xo