A late summer tablescape

I know a lot of bloggers are getting out all their cozy Fall decor.
But is is still super hot and humid here in Houston.

It just doesn't feel right to decorate for Fall when it is over 90 degrees.
What I wouldn't give for a cool, overcast day!

Anyhoo...I thought it would be fun to set up a romantic tablescape under the magnolia tree in my back yard.
Setting up a table no one is going to eat at...
Non bloggers must find it so weird. ;)

My kids were playing video games this morning while I was running around in my night gown trying to snap pictures as quick as I could before the full sun caused to much glare.

Not weird, right?

The chairs are Ikea's Tarno folding chair.
When i bought them they were black and brown.
I sprayed them with white primer and have been trying to decide whether to paint them white or
duck egg blue.
The primer has actually held up really well and I've never gotten around to painting them.

Crepe myrtles grow everywhere where I live and they look pretty in photos so I decided to use them.
Free is always good!
But they make really lousy cut flowers.
All the flowers start dropping off almost immediately.

The lantern is from Hobby Lobby from a couple of years ago.

The berries are from my front yard.
I used some simple white string tied around a linen napkin.
Cute and once again free!

I think I've ran out of things to talk about so I hope you enjoy just looking at the pictures now.

Have a great week my lovelies!

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  1. Very pretty....and I think Robin's blue would be beautiful for the chairs!

  2. What a beautiful table setting! I love the crepe myrtle flowers in that wicker container. I never thought to bring them inside like that. Love the bistro chairs you found at ikea too. I didn't know they sold them there. Hope you sat out there and enjoyed your table before coming back inside.

  3. Hey, Lisa - I'm laughing because I set up tables just for the blog too....Tom is always rolling his eyes :) Looking gorgeous there! I'll come over, and we can have Chinese delivered!

  4. Lisa,
    Oh the little table vignette is so pretty. I love those chairs and I think a duck egg blue would be so pretty. Yep!! the neutral white and cream girl is saying blue for the chairs!!!! I think they are pretty white but the blue would be beautiful.
    We finally got out of the 90's here in Chicago and are in the 60's and 70's. It has been beautiful finally. Hope you get to cool off soon.

  5. Very pretty, Lisa! I love the lantern. I know what you mean about the crepe myrtles...they definitely don't do well as a cut flower. :) Hopefully we'll get below the 90's soon. :)

  6. Very lovely Lisa! Love your little vignette in the garden! Lantern is so cute, and everything looks so nice and cosy. Enjoy the weekend in your lovey garden!

  7. So pretty...and probably better that no-one is going to sit there and eat...they would probably just mess it all up anyway :) x Sharon

  8. Lovely! So NOT weird to set up a table on one will eat at! I get it, i get it! It's so nice to hang out with bloggers now and then who GET everything we do! And they don't get a glazed look in their eyes anytime you mention something halfway related to a blog!

  9. Your table looks beautiful in your yard.Love your pretty dishes,flowers and those chair.....LOVE those chairs!
    I am starting to decorate for fall sharing lots this week.

  10. Really pretty! I do love my crepe myrtles but you are right about cutting them. They start to fall apart immediately. There's nothing prettier in the yard though. :)

    We have high of 94 this week so it's cooling a little. How about you?

  11. This is so pretty, Lisa! I've always wished we had crepe myrtle up here in the Midwest, it's lovely. I had to laugh about you running around in your nightgown. That's me every morning watering and weeding before it gets too hot!

    I love your dishes...who makes them if you don't mind.

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  12. Love your vignette, Lisa!
    So pretty and your flowers and berries
    are so pretty too. I have not switched
    over my flowers to mums yet either.
    My pots are ready for the change out but
    just have not had a chance to go buy anything
    new to put in them!

    Would love to know how you like living down south
    versus living in Illinois. I am always tempted
    to pack things up and head south for warmer weather!

    Hope this finds you enjoying your week,

  13. Lisa, I had to laugh! The things we do to get a good pic! :)
    Love your whole table-looks gorgeous!

  14. LOL! Not weird at all! I love that your embracing your climate and making it look oh so pretty. Your table looks so inviting maybe you and hubby should have a date night in the backyard tonight!

  15. What a beautiful tablescape you've created, Lisa! I love your folding chairs, and the basket that the flowers are in is just gorgeous. I'm guilty of the same thing, taking photos of a table setting, and not even sitting down to eat:)

  16. It looks beautiful, Lisa, even if you don't get to sit there and enjoy it. : ) I am sure it is hotter by you than me here in Ohio, but still too humid to really "Fall like".

  17. Such a sweet romantic spot for two! (To look at!!!) Gorgeous.

  18. Absolutely beautiful setting! I love your blog!!! new follower via Bloglovin :)

    Thanks so much for visiting me, don't know how I never found your blog until now. Oh and btw where did you get your gorgeous dishes? I so need new dishes and I adore yours.

    Happy Saturday!

  19. Looks AMAZING!!! I would much rather be in the warmth at this table than cold in fall decor. LOVE IT!

  20. Such a beautiful area and gorgeous photos! You can have some of our weather cause it's cold and wet here. I'd love it bit more warmth before the cold sets in for a while.