Botanical Prints in my Entry Way

I haven't hung these botanical prints on the wall yet because I'm in the process of moving a bunch of furniture around in my house, so while they are in the entry way right now....they may not stay there!

About a year and a half ago I bought these two identical butterfly prints from TJ Maxx.
They had been marked down to $5.00 a piece.
The butterfly's had to fly away though because....

I didn't buy them for the print, I bought them because I loved the finish on the frames!
They are black, but with lots of texture.
They remind me of something you'd see in a Restoration Hardware catalog.

I bought these gorgeous botanical rose book pages from the Etsy shop called Naturalist Collection.
I've purchased a lot of vintage botanical pages from this shop.
 Their prices are very reasonable and I've been happy with everything I've received.
I wrapped the backing of the picture in linen and placed the book page in the middle.

I tore the edges of the book page for a unique look.

I adore black and white vintage botanical's.
They make my heart sing!

I decided to back up and let you see my entry way that is tucked behind my front door.
We do not exit and enter our house through our garage like most people, we actually use the front door and so I get to see my new prints many times throughout the day.
They make me really happy!

In fact I really want to jump up and down every time I see them, not just because I like them, but because it feels so good to get a long put off project complete!
I am on a roll lately trying to finish up my graveyard projects.
I need the get some of the old ones complete so I can dream up new ones...right?
I'm also dreaming up projects for Fall and ya know, Christmas is right around the corner.

Want to see my adorable kiddo's?

Levi started preschool this week and could not have been more excited and happy.
He had a great day!

Grant on the other hand...not so excited to go back to school and had a bit of a rough first day.
He started last week and things are much better now.

Mommy is enjoying the peace and quiet. :)

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  1. Wow I LOVE THESE! They look great! My next stop is visiting that etsy shop!

    Also, your kids are too cute!!! :) Big milestones!

  2. The prints are beautiful! Love the frames...

  3. Luvly prints! LUV the frames. :-)

    Adorable kids!!! First day of school... what milestones.
    My baby started school last Thursday. 1st day of his BA degree. YIKES where has time gone. He's now 20... I remember his first day of Kindergarten....
    Hugs, Gee

  4. love the way you arranged everything....

  5. I can see why those prints make you happy! And we use our front door all the time too :)

  6. I love the pictures you made!! I can see why you bought those butterfly pics now. The frames really do look great. I love the prints you put in them. I never knew you could buy prints like that from Etsy! I'll have to check out that site. Your boys are so cute posing for the camera on the first day of school.

  7. Those are so pretty! I think that was pretty smart to buy those prints for the frames.

    Hope your kids are happy in school. Sometimes it is a rocky start.

  8. Are you saying $5.00 a piece or $500.00?! That's what it looks like! I do love them! I've always loved botanicals. And...your boys are as cute as ever!! :)


  9. LOVE the botanicals!! Lisa your boys are so handsome!

  10. So nice that you get to enjoy those pretty prints every time you enter your home! And you've got a couple of great looking kids! xo

  11. Lovely prints Lisa, I would keep them there so they can put a smile on your face every time you leave the house. LOL.

    Your boys are getting so big! Hope they are excited about school!

  12. I am seriously crushing on botanicals right now! I spent a great deal of time this summer pressing a collection of herbariums for my hall!
    I love the black in your entry! What a great deal! I need to remember to look there more often!
    Can't believe how fast kids grow!

  13. Lisa-
    Your botanical prints are beautiful - love the ripped edges and linen backing. It is nice to have the kids back in school. I have projects going on but I need to stop and clean instead. Your foyer is very nice - perfect table for that spot, too.

  14. I need to start shopping at TJMAXX!
    And.... your little son is adorable!!!!!! I'm pretty sure you will be beating teenage girls off the older one. He is good looking.

  15. Great price on the butterfly prints from TJMaxx! Your botanical prints are so pretty. I have only one.. that comes from a Paris flea market. I absolutely adore the soft, muted color of pressed flowers. The frames are gorgeous and the prints look great in the foyer! I have a couple frames that I've repainted with A. Sloan Graphite. I sanded them down a little and they look similar to the ones you have here.

  16. Great deal! Love the soft look in the foyer.
    Your kids are adorable.

  17. Great!!! Thank you for the pics!!!!

  18. Your prints are SO pretty! (I had those same butterfly prints-loved the frames, too :)
    That is the cutest idea for pics of your adorable kids!!

  19. Those frames are beautiful! I just love how you've arranged everything. :)

  20. Lisa those frames work perfectly with your prints.And BTW love the torn edges! What sweet photos of your boys!A high schooler....oh boy! My daughter will be there next year...holding on to middle school for one more year!

  21. Your prints look perfect! Hope school is still going well. I have my boys in 9th and 10th - both at a new school. They both really like it - but the youngest likes school so he is just having so much fun. My oldest likes that Noah is in his lunch, and probably has been hanging out with the Freshmen too much! Oh well, as long as he is comfortable he will ease in.

  22. Gorgeous and what a great find in the frames.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  23. Your botanicals are beautiful, and I love the frames! Great idea to buy a wonderful frame for the frame itself if it's so cheap.
    Mary Alice

  24. Beautiful frames and prints.
    Those boys are so precious... and handsome!