Fall Vignette

A couple of years ago I won this beautiful printed burlap from The Poor Sophisticate.
She has a tutorial on her blog here, if you would like to make one.
This year I wanted to do something special to display it in my home, so I mounted it on some 
worn fence boards.

After cutting the boards to size (this photo is of a larger piece I'll show you later) I glued two boards together and clamped them using tape.
Once you have two pairs glued together, then you will glue your two pairs together.
Obviously there are better other ways to go about fastening your boards together, but I wanted to just use stuff I had on hand and make it quickly.

The glue expanded a little too much and was poking out, as you can see.

So I painted it and it blends right in and you don't even notice it.

I used some tiny nails to fasten the burlap to my boards.
I love these happy baby sunflowers. 
I picked them from the side of the road. We have tons of them around.
The little bud vase is from Ikea.

This cute little cow pillow is from the Etsy shop Scarecrow Cabin.
Look at her eyes. Doesn't she look sweet?

A sweet Fall vignette!

A week later the flowers died and so I played around with my vignette and came up with this look.

I miss the flowers. :(

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  1. Lisa,
    My flowers are still hanging on but fall is in the air. Love your vignette.

  2. So pretty, Lisa! I adore the framed burlap Fern Creek Cottage! Great idea!


  3. What a neat idea with the burlap, I love the worn fence wood. And I really like that last picture with that fabulous white table, Great fall Vignette.

  4. What a great way to display such a pretty item. I love it.

  5. Oh this is perfect. I love the little cow pillow, adorable, and the burlap prints are such a fabulous look too. Great vignette. Hugs, marty

  6. Very pretty! Love the burlap print on the boards! Ingenious!

  7. Love the burlap mounted on the board.....the little cow pillow is so fabulous too!
    Beautiful vignette :o)

  8. What a great idea to display the burlap piece that way. I love your vignette. I actually like the one with the topiary better! I'm a topiary lover anyway. You could probably keep rotating fall foliage from your yard in that vase though if you wanted to.

  9. Both are beautiful. :) The cow does look so friendly - her eyes are sweet.

  10. Love....love this Lisa! Oh that glue does expand doesn't it.But it sure holds great!Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  11. I have missed your projects and gorgeous blog, sweet friend! Loving this project and will file it away for when Autumn comes my way! Thanks for the tutorial, I can't wait to give it a go! Enjoy your week ahead, Lisa ~ xx

  12. I love the burlap prints on the fence boards... I might have to borrow that idea! We happen to have lots of old fence boards :) Sweet fall vignette! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Lisa, I love both vignettes! The flowers are bright and cheery, but the topiary is classic! Love the 'sign' that you made, too :)

  14. I love your clean style - it's so very calming. I always pick flowers from ditches and empty lots, they're the best!

  15. So, so pretty Lisa. The fence boards with the burlap is such a cool piece of art! You're so creative.