Aging and Stenciling a Shutter

Once upon a time.... I found a shutter at a garage sale for one dollar.
It was actually part of a closet door.
I knew it was perfect for a makeover and was so excited at what a great bargain I scored!

The shutter had a very poor stain job when I bought it.
Last Christmas I wanted to use it as a background piece for some of my photos so I quickly slapped on some white paint.
I did a really sloppy job hoping it made the piece look old and vintage.

This is how it looked.
I was never happy with it and have been mulling over what to do with the piece ever since.

I decided to try an experiment.
First I painted the shutter solid white, using Pure White chalk paint.
After the white paint dried I applied furniture wax to the piece.
Once the wax dried, I painted French Linen chalk paint on top and let that dry.

Finally I used sand paper to take a lot of the gray paint off, showing the white paint underneath.
In the past when I have tried to layer chalk paint colors and then used sand paper, my sanding would end up going all the way down to the wood and the under layer of paint wouldn't show through.
But using the wax in between coats did the trick and gave the piece the look I was going for.

Finally I thought it would be fun the stencil the top and bottom of the shutter so that it could stand as a piece of art all on it's own.
I used the French Linen color for the stencil.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
But let me warn you it was a lot of work standing off all the gray paint!
My wrist was sore for days!

With the layers of paint I think the shutter truly mimics a vintage shutter.

My oleander bush needed a huge trimming so I decided to bring some of the flowers inside and filled up my olive basket.
The olive baskets are pretty big and normally it would cost a fortune to fill it with flowers.
But Oleander bushes grow like weeds so you can trim them very heavily and they will grow back.
It was fun to have my pot overflowing with flowers for one day.

I wish the lighting on these photos was a little better, but we were actually having a rare cooler day (which I loved!) and the room was darker than it normally is.
I find when I try to lighten photos on Picmonkey to much they get kind of grainy.

The ikat pillow is one of a pair that normally sit on my kubu chairs in the family room.
One of these days I'll photograph them for you, but first I need to hang some
 botanical prints on the walls.

There is always a never ending list of stuff to do around my home
 and I'm sure it is the same at your place too!

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  1. Lisa,
    Wow what a great transformation. So pretty. Love this.

  2. I love shutters, I love how you have transformed it into a piece of art!!
    I would love for you to come link up to my Furniture and Paint Party going on NOW...
    HOpe to see you there

    start at home

  3. Love what you did with the shutter.. and even though it was a lot of hard work it did end up looking beautiful.. i love it! take care, Maryann

  4. It looks so great too! Love the mix of grey and white. Your stencil choice is sweet!

  5. Love how you did the shutters. I have some that I'm getting ready to do and I will use your method. Love the patina it created.


  6. The shutter came out great. It looks like it has weathered naturally. Great job! Love it with the chair and olive pail! Great vignette!

  7. It looks naturally aged. You did a great job!

  8. Lisa...this looks so beautiful. I nearly screamed when I saw it because I have the same doors sitting in my garage! I've often thought of doing something with them...I just don't have the space here. I love how you came up with your paint/wax technique, I just don't have that experience. Anyway, it turned out great, the stencil, too, and looks so good paired with the chair and the olive bucket with flowers. I've always wanted an olive bucket but don't care for the faux flowers, what else can you do?!

    Glad you're having cooler weather!


  9. Lisa your shutter makeover is simple wonderful. It truly looks aged over time and I love the addition of the stencil - such a great idea.

  10. Your hard work paid off - the shutter is lovely! I love that olive bucket as well.

  11. $1 ? wow, what a bargain....looks great!!!

  12. LOVE how the shutter turned out! It was worth all the work, and time.
    You have displayed it beautifully!

  13. It turned out great, Lisa! I love the vignette you did with the chair and olive bucket. Now I'll have to take the old closet doors out of our neighbor's construction trash pile and copy you :)

  14. Your hard work paid's beautiful!
    Thanks for the how to!

  15. Your shutter looks vintage and gorgeous! Great job :)

  16. It turned out beautiful Lisa! You have inspired me, I have had an old shutter out in my garage for a few years now, and have never done anything with it. Maybe I will have to give it a paint job this winter! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Thank you for linking up to my furniture and paint party, I am featuring you tonight!

  18. So beautiful It looks perfect

  19. Love, love your shutter. I had several and my hubby thought we were done with them.