My Fall Living Room

Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile may have noticed that my couch
 is in a different room.
When we moved into our house last year the dining room was too small for our table and so we made the dining room our living room and the living room was our dining room.
Did you get that?
We recently sold our huge dining room set and now I finally get to use the living room as it is intended!
I am really enjoying not having my furniture being so crammed into a tiny space.

Last year Joyce from Quilted Nest did the prettiest display using  golden rod in a vintage watering can.
I wanted to do a similar display, but never got around to it.
So this year I was determined to carry out my idea.

These happy yellow flowers grow all over the place where I live and I was determined to get some
 to bring home.
I tried to find a fairly empty street so people wouldn't see me collecting the flowers.
Not that I was doing anything wrong, but I just felt weird. 
The construction workers across the street were giving me some funny looks as I dashed around clipping flowers as quick as I could before cars drove by and saw me.

I switched out my pastel summer pillow for some brown Fall pillows.
Burlap and plaid are nice and cozy for Fall.
Well actually burlap is actually kinda itchy, but you know what I mean.

I made a little vignette on the side table using demi johns for their color and texture and a little reproduction vintage can used as a vase.

More wildflowers that I found on my little adventure.
They are holding up so well.
 I never put water in the can and the flowers are drying out and still look great weeks later.
I really need to go out and look for more to put around my house.

I brought my bee skep into the room. 
I love it and  always like to use it in my Fall decorating.
What is missing from my Fall living room?
I confess, I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, before pumpkins were in the stores.

For the coffee table vignette, I used a bushel basket lid as a tray and placed my vintage watering can full of wildflowers on top.
 I like that the flowers are nice and messy looking. 
The rustic look is wonderful in the Fall.
I also placed some antique books and a rope ball on the table.
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love your simple vignette, Lisa! It's my favorite time of year when all of my Black-eyed Susans are in bloom!

  2. It looks beautiful, Lisa! I love your vintage watering can. I've wanted a bee skep for a long time, and I finally found one on clearance at Hob Lob for $1.60! I literally guarded it with my life all the way to the register. Ha!

  3. So pretty - I love how calm this room is. Everything works beautifully together.

  4. Love it! So pretty and restful... I would love to find a bee skep that large! I've been eyeing some yellow flowers by the sides of the roads here in NC, but have yet to find a safe place to pull over and snag some. So glad someone else thinks of pulling over for pretty flowers too!

  5. Adorable! I love your flowers! I know what you mean about having furniture from a previous house that is now to big for your rooms in your current house - I have the same situation.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  6. Love the Fall touches you added in your living room! The old watering can being used to hold wildflowers is wonderful! It all goes so well together. This is such a fun time of year to see the leaves change color and bring in things that add warmth to your home.

  7. Your room looks very pretty. I love the flowers. I did a little road side picking myself this past summer and your right, it feels weird!

  8. Great idea to use wildflowers! Free and so pretty =).

  9. Lisa, the room is amazing! I wouldn't be embarrassed one little bit about clipping flowers outside. I've gone out and clipped sunflowers many times. I love the vignette on the table with the watering can and also the basket lid. Really neat!

  10. LIsa, Isn't fall a fun time to decorate! I never thought of using a watering can to fill with fall blooms. It looks so pretty on your coffee table. LOVELY room!!!

  11. Your room looks beautiful...very inspiring!

  12. Your vignette is so simple and pretty. I love the rustic look for fall!

    I found your site through Centsational Girl. I would love if you would come check out my blog!

  13. I love your living room and especially the vintage reproduction can. You could always put in a small votive glass jar in the can with water for the flowers or future flowers and that way the can doesn't get rusted/water stained etc.

  14. Lisa,
    This is so pretty I just love how inviting and soft the room looks. The flowers just pop in the watering can.

  15. Beautiful, but being a Texan I thought picking wildflowers was a no-no. Ladybird Johnson legacy, etc. Still lovely. Thatbsaid love you blog, Cindy.

    1. These really are more weeds than wildflowers and the lot is going to built on soon so the wild flowers/weeds won't be there anymore anyway. But I understand where you're coming from. Some wild flowers should not be picked!

  16. Lisa, your living room looks simply beautiful with the soft fall touches you added. Love it!!

  17. The yellow flowers look so pretty with the grey and natural colors in the room ... I love it :)

  18. Beautiful fall over here Lisa.
    No matter what room you are using for what, you have created comfort, beauty and a calm that one wants to take in daily.
    Love the black eyed Susan's and the bee keeps hive skep!
    It adds the right kind of French to a room to love.

    Thank you for your fall share,
    And best thank you beautiful for taking the time to visit my kitchen.
    Lots of holiday inspiration to you.

  19. Yay, Joyce! She comes up with some neat ideas...she has a talent!

    And so do you! I love seeing all of your Pinterest stuff.

    Your "new" living room looks so inviting!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the zinc watering can.

  21. Looks like a place I'd be with a few good magazines and some sweet tea!
    Keeping it thrifty

  22. Okay, so I am STILL waiting on RH to bring back those pillows! LOL...IF you ever get tired of it and want to get rid of it...I am here! the goldenrods! Happy Tuesday! XO -Kennesha from Restoraiton House Interiors

  23. Just catching up to my reading...yes I am a bit behind.Oh your room looks amazing Lisa! I would love to switch rooms but this house is a bit tricky!