Tray Makeover

I have been hunting for months and months for the perfect tray.
I still haven't found it, but I found one to use in the meantime.
I use trays in so many rooms in my house and so having one more isn't a problem.

Here is the before photo.
I found this woven tray at Hobby Lobby.
I liked the low sides, but didn't like the dark brown color.
Well, it's not that I don't like the brown, it just doesn't go with my decor.

So I layered on coats of gray and white.
In the past I've had a lot of trouble painting baskets.
It is difficult to get into all the grooves.
This time I used an old bristle brush and pounced the paint on until it got in every nook and cranny.
Then I used smooth brush strokes to even it out.

I decided to put together a new Fall look for my living room.
I found some awesome woven pumpkins at Kirkland's.
The mini green pumpkins are from Walmart. I re-painted the stems of the green pumpkins.
Finally I filled my Pottery barn urn with some maple leaves.
Last year the maple leaves did not change color until December!
I guess it is just too warm in Houston.

How about a few shots of the room?
Ok, here you go!

I have never found a good spot for my subway art in this house.
I've just propped it up in the living room because I need to put it somewhere and I don't want it getting damaged.

The molding in our living room is really beautiful, but it makes it difficult to hang any art behind the couch.
So for now, I am not.
Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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  1. I really like how you painted that woven tray! I prefer the lighter color too. I like how you brought in branches with leaves for your urn too. The subway art is wonderful! I wonder if you could hang it in the center above your sofa and then flank it with a candle sconce on each side of it inside the other molding boxes? Just a suggestion, but I don't truly know if the scale would work from the photos.

  2. Lisa,
    I love the tray very pretty. I saw on pinterest I think that someone with a wall very similar to yours put old frames in white with grey and white pictures of their family. She also took the letters from Hobby Lobby that said Family Is ... and put that above and then around all the framed pictures she took different words and painted them white and hung them. Like cherish, love etc. It was so adorable that would work perfect on your wall. Just an idea. Have a great week end.

  3. What a pretty room! I like your subway art propped up against the wall, it has a nice casual look and adds a bit of interest to that corner - I say leave it right there! X Sharon

  4. Lisa - Your tray turned out really nice. Love that pumpkin! Your room is a beautiful place to be.

    I am your newest follower.


  5. Your tray turned out perfect!! The wonders of paint. I love the pumpkin too!! Your living room looks so pretty.


  6. Trays are the best! A table isn't fully done without a tray these days. I like the way you leaned the subway art. That type of molding does make hanging harder. Whatever you use has to fit in those spaces. Leave it like it goes with your serene look and feel.

  7. Love the new look of your tray, and love those pumpkins! Your vignette looks great!

  8. it is beautiful I love how brave you are to tackle projects like painting a woven basket

  9. Your room is beautiful Lisa and I love your tray with your fall vignette! Hmmm well I love your walls even without art.It think if you added anything on the wall it would look too busy with your beautiful trim.Just my opinion.But do what makes you happy.It doesn't matter what I or anyone else really thinks right!You have a beautiful home and amazing style!

  10. I love baskets and have a couple in gray with a bit of whitewashing myself although I bought them that way. Now I know I can do it myself.

  11. Your tray looks perfect! I love your walls even with nothing but if you did want to add something, maybe a large piece (or mirror) in the centre panel and then 2 stacked pieces on each side (even plates would be cute). :)

  12. Hi Lisa! I love paint, too!! It fixes almost anything! What if you hung a set or series of 6 or 9 framed prints behind the sofa inside the molding? This etsy seller is awesome:

  13. I love how a few coats of paint fixed your problem. Isn't paint amazing!

  14. Amazing how much a little paint can change something so drastically! Love it lady! Hope your week has been great! XO -Kennesha

  15. Your tray looks great and I love the way you've decorated that space! So Simple but at the same time So Cozy! You always inspire us!

  16. Your tray looks great in your room now. Love how you've decorated. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x