My Christmas Mantel 2013

Even though I'd had a general idea of what I wanted my Christmas mantel to look like this year for quite awhile, for some reason it has taken me a long time to put it together.
But after a lot of fussing it is finally complete!
One of the reasons it took me some time is I had several small projects to complete for the look to come together.

Project #1: I bought two black lanterns from Ikea and spray painted them red.
I think I may use them on my breakfast room table next year.
I love the bright punch of red.

Project #2: I needed some tall candles for the lanterns, but all I had were some short white candles from the dollar store that I had used last Christmas.
They were in great shape and I hate to waste things, but I needed them to be taller.
So I wrapped the bottom of one candle with ribbon, pinning the back.
Then I stacked the candles and placed them in the lantern.
Easy peasy!

The lanterns are propped up on blocks so the greenery is nice and full.
I have had these reindeer for many years and they appear in a different spot
in the house every Christmas.
I plopped a few red ornaments on top of the greenery for more pops of red.

Something I was very excited to use this year are stocking made from grain sacks!!!!
Jill from Sew A Fine Seam made them for me and I love them!
They are my favorite thing!

Project #3: I wanted a large piece of art for the mantle, but didn't want to spend a lot of dough.
I simply went to Picmonkey and typed Merry Christmas over and over and
changed the font to red ink.
I had it printed at Costco for about five bucks.
 I placed it in a frame I've had for years.
To make the piece a little taller I placed it on top of some stacked books.
I ripped the covers off of some old paper backs and wrapped them in ribbon.

I love bright pops of red and white at Christmas time.
I didn't want anything too elegant or formal on the mantel because Christmas is for my kids and I wanted my mantel to have a bright, playful feel to it for them.

In front of the fireplace is a large nutcracker I've owned for 15 years.
I got him at Costco and I don't think I'll ever get rid of him!
I also filled a Kubu basket with gifts and a stuffed moose.

You can see a little peek of my tree to the side, but it isn't quite ready yet.
I am attempting a woodland themed tree this year which is requiring a lot of projects, but I am having so much fun Christmas crafting that I don't mind.

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  1. I love the simple mantel. It is casual and fun. Love the PicMonkey Merry Christmas art. Great idea!!! Red looks great at Christmas - especially with the neutrals in your home. Love that you are using your own resources, like stacking the candles, instead of running out and buying a bunch of stuff.
    Enjoy the season....

  2. Pretty mantel. I love the simple clean lines of it. Where did you get the white wooden reindeer? I love them!

    1. I'm so sorry Kara, but I can't remember where I got them from. I've had them many years.

  3. Your mantel is perfect Lisa! I adore the pops of red too, but you know me and my love of red. Painting the lanterns and stacking candles is pure genius if you ask me.

  4. Where to begin - I love the overall red and white theme! So fresh and pretty! The simple word art - love! And, those stockings are perfection!

  5. Lisa,
    It is so pretty. I love the red and white.

  6. Lisa, love it so much! So classic and festive!

  7. Beautiful Lisa!!! Off to see what I have missed! Happy Holidays!!! Jen-City Farmhouse

  8. That is beautiful Lisa! So bright and cheery, love the nutcracker! Merry Christmas!

  9. Hi Lisa,
    Your mantle is so cheery and well worth the wait! the double decker candles are genius!!

  10. What a great idea to stack the smaller candles and disguise the joint with ribbon. Your mantel looks lovely and the Merry Christmas diy art is really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the red also...I have to admit my craft room is never with out red spray paint..Love the decor...

  12. Beautiful mantle. The red really is festive. Smart idea how you printed the Merry Christmas at Costco. Now following your awesome blog. Prim holiday blessings to you :)